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1inch clone script is a go-to solution that presents additional supplementary features of a decentralized exchange. Creating a dex clone script like 1inch is always a profitable way for your business. 1inch exchange clone development provides instant ownership and huge revenue in return.

You can create your own exchange like one of the well-functioned and famous existing decentralized exchanges like 1inch. Radindev is experienced in developing and deploying effortless crypto exchanges to the market. Book our free demo of 1inch exchange clone script now and get in touch with our expert consultant.

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laptop and mobile mockup of 1inch clone script

1inch exchange clone software development

Step 01

Analyze the market and choose the best plan

Step 02

Design an attractive logo and stunning UI/UX design that is simple to understand and use

Step 03

API integration, wallet integration, setting essential protocols

Step 04

Adding affiliate programs and customized essential features

Step 05

Test the platform in a beta test net and solve bugs and apply required changes

Step 06

Deploy your 1inch clone script to the market and start advertisments

1inch clone script development is the technical process of creating a decentralized crypto exchange. The clone 1inch script is a mirror of the 1inch script. It is fully decentralized and ready to market. 1inch exchange clone development is the process of recreation of an effortless decentralized crypto exchange script. Different APIs and protocols are integrated into your platform to develop an exchange like 1inch.

1inch clone is built over the Binance smart chain that charges lower fees compared to the other defi exchange platforms. We develop defi aggregator based on smart contracts in the Binance smart chain. 1inch exchange clone software development is aimed to facilitate trading and find the best trading rates. Through a 1inch exchange clone software, liquidity providers function better to offer the best transaction rates.

Cloning a dex like 1inch exchange clone script, idex clone script, pancakeswap clone script, etc is an affordable solution. It’s available for the market instantly and can be customized according to your requirements.  Radindev development team follows the process we mentioned above to develop and deploy a hassle-free well-functioned defi clone script for your crypto business.

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Our developed 1inch exchange clone script features

Support for multiple languages

100% customization

Various crypto wallets are supported

Liquidity, orders, and lending pools

Unlimited token integration

Absence of KYC

Advanced exchange algorithms

Versatile trading

Efficient transactions

Accurate transaction status ledger

No Fees apart from Network Fees

improved liquidity

How much does it cost to develop 1inch clone script?

How much does 1inch exchange clone script development cost? The development process of a 1inch clone containing the used technology, the developed features, the development time, etc determined the cost of creating and launching a crypto exchange script to the market.

In the development process of a 1inch clone, multiple factors are the most effective ones. In each level of the development process, the quality of the process influenced the final cost. But the important fact about the 1inch exchange clone development is its budget-friendly cost. It is affordable, especially for small businesses and startups. Book our free demo of 1inch clone script by clicking the button below.

Additionally, some changes you may apply to the 1inch exchange clone script affect the price of development. Ask for a quote to get informed of the details. We also recommend visiting our binance clone script.

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The cost of 1inch clone script development

White Label 1inch Clone Software

1inch clone script is a fully decentralized pre-made crypto exchange. It is developed based on the operational system of the 1inch exchange script. Our 1inch exchange clone script is a replica of the 1inch exchange which is one of the well-functioned decentralized exchanges. It is enriched with various features of a facilitated cryptocurrency exchange.

1inch clone software is built over the Binance smart chain. It charges lower fees compare to other DEXs that attract more users to your exchange. 1inch exchange clone software is highly customizable and developed based on your business requirements. Before creating a crypto clone exchange like 1inch, search for the market potential and consider the users’ expectations. You can ask for any essential features to apply on your exchange. 

White label cryptocurrency exchange development is instantly based on your business needs. It will be ready to be deployed to the crypto sphere within a few days. Additionally, another popular trend exchange clone is Sushiswap clone script which is the fastest solution to create a dex clone is with the lowest chance of failure.

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Features of white label 1inch clone script

High liquidity

1inch exchange clone platform offers high liquidity and also offers rates of multi-decentralized exchanges on one single board. 

Rights over funds

1inch doesn’t hold any funds of the users and due to the similar functionality of 1inch clone with 1inch, the whole funds are stored in the user’s ERC-20 wallet.

Trading with flexibility

Clone 1inch gives the power of deciding to all customers in order to select how to sell and buy their tokens in 1inch exchange clone script.

Low risk

In 1inch clone script, no reserves are hold, so this will reduce the chance of being hacked in this platform.

No need for KYC

KYC stands for know your client is a verification method for your users to launch into the 1inch exchange clone software.

Why go for 1inch Clone script development?

Market-Making Bot

Significant Features of Our Market-Making Bot Software

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For all trading pairs 24/7 support
Setting up and integrating Bots
Creation of liquidity
Saving time and money
Technical support for Bots
Setting prices and gain on the spread
Simulation of active trades in the order book
Potentially raising your trading volume
Supplying investors with algorithms of order types

1inch clone app

A dex clone app that enables users to find the best trading rates on their phones. It is one of the easiest accessible kind of platforms.  We offer to develop a dex clone app along with your crypto exchange website to increase the number of your users. It makes easy access to the exchange anywhere in any required time. 1inch clone app is a pre-made decentralized application where users can trade their digital assets. It functions similarly to the 1inch exchange script containing all the features and principles of the original exchange. So if you’re interested in developing a dex clone app like 1inch, get our free demo of the 1inch exchange clone app.

1inch clone application development is safe and fast. It obeys the high-end secured principles of decentralized exchanges to provide a hassle-free exchange. There are other crypto app development solutions that our expert development team provides, like Binance app clone. Visit our development solutions and get our free demo.

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white label 1inch exchange clone software

Features of 1inch Clone App

Advanced UI/UX

Priority: High
Effect: Access to information
For your 1inch clone development use a user-friendly interface to increase the rate of your users’ engagement. an easy to understand and simple-to-use interface is the first key point to attract users to your platform. We at the Radindev development team try to design the best UI/Ux design with facilitated features.

Aggregator protocol

Priority: High
Effect: More security

Users can split the price of every single trade through several decentralized exchanges to make competitive prices. this helps sellers and buyers to earn great revenue the moment it sells off.

push notifications & alert

Priority: Medium
Effect: More security
Push-up notifications in a 1inch exchange script is a graphical element to attract users’ attention to the latest news. It is the best way to engage the users with the activities of the platform. It is a good encouragement for traders to collaborate with other activities.

multilingual support

Priority: High
Effect: More security

Users do better in their own languages. considering this fact, a multi-lingual exchange development is a proper idea to gain more users from different nationalities. We can create a multi-lingual 1inch exchange clone script like our pancakeswap clone script.

Limit order protocol

Priority: High
Effect: More security
The limit order is a protocol that is based on a centralized database. While the admin is making a limit order, the users can settle a spectacular target price. Users can also set terms of trade by limiting order protocols in clone 1inch exchange script.

Crypto Widget

Priority: High
Effect: More security

Crypto widget is the functional part of 1inch clone software that enables users to be aware of their cryptocurrency assets. It provides special activities with no need to log in. By applying a crypto widget to your exchange, the users don’t miss any opportunities.

Wallets supported by 1inch exchange clone software

wallet conect

How does 1inch exchange Clone script work?

wallet connections
Basic settings
Advanced settings
The advanced settings enable Chi Gas tokens that can decrease the fee by a considerable amount. The Chi Gas token can reduce %57 of the fee in 1inch. But in order to start the process, users need to gain 5Chi to start proceeding with it.
Swap is the ultimate outcome of the 1inch exchange clone software platform. The tokens can be swapped as per to users’ wish. The swapping is available between different domains on different chains.


1inch exchange clone software is a replica of the 1inch exchange script and allows a high degree of UI/UX customization based on the business needs.

1inch clone app is a ready-to-use app that is well-designed and has a variety of features like notifications, invites to friends, a crypto wallet, multilingual support, and many more. This app is robust, scalable, secure, and easily compatible with different devices.

Developing the 1inch clone script will almost take 7 days, but it may vary based on the changes you want to apply on the platform. To know the exact allocated time you can request a quote or contact us via the white label crypto exchange software platform page.

1Inch allows users to use liquidity pools in other exchanges to maximize their investment returns. If there is one thing that motivates investors, it is the possibility of earning more with the funds they have invested in any project.

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