Binance Clone Script

Crypto exchange like binance helps you to earn more revenue without investing more.

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binance website clone script
binance clone script

What is Binance Clone Script?

In recent days, Binance is known as one of the most profitable business models in the cryptocurrency market. Many startups are interested in starting their own crypto exchange similar to Binance because of the active users and ways to earn money. When it comes to the development process, many entrepreneurs fail to produce quality output. This is due to a lack of knowledge and a lack of choosing the best method for their exchange trading. To overcome these issues, here we came up with the best solution – Binance Clone Script! This premium clone script will reduce the complexities of your development process and help you create your dream cryptocurrency exchange like Binance with the lowest cost in a short period of time.

Another exchange like Coinbase is also very popular among users. This is why we develop a Coinbase Clone Script for you to start a successful business.

Why Choose RadinDev to Develop and Launch an Efficient Binance Clone Script?

We don’t just develop a cryptocurrency exchange website for you, Radindev seeks to provide a complete and distinct service to its customers. Our goal is to grow your business in the Internet and cryptocurrency world. In our view, providing services to customers is a long-term, appropriate and beneficial process for both parties. For this reason, we always try to provide the best possible services to our customers.

From the example of our services, in addition to the development of centralized and decentralized exchanges, we can also mention the development of NFTs such as opensea clone script.

Benefits Of Our Binance Clone Script

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Ready to Launch

Fully Customizable

Saves Time & Money

No Technical Assistance

Binance Clone Script Price

Price has always been one of the decisive and influential factors in our decisions and choices. If two products with the same appearance quality have different prices, the product with the lower price is always chosen. This is also true in software development and blockchain development. We have always sought to identify the factors that affect the product’s price and, if necessary, remove some features to control the cost. In general, Binance Clone Script Price starts from $5000 and reaches up to $50000 depending on required features.

Items such as dedicated UI / UX, different types of ordering, programming language, centralized or decentralized, KYC, etc. have the most impact.

Also, Binance clone script nulled is available for free download on the GitHub website, which may also contain malicious code. but Radin will provide you with very fast and scalable software with security features.

Features of Our Binance Clone Web That Will Make Your Trade Easier

WordPress SEO Features

Types of Orders Supported (OTC, OCO, Stop Limit)

Single Page Application pages

High-Frequency Trading

Unlimited Internal Pages

Possibility to Change Fees at The Moment

Open/Close Markets According to Your Strategy

Reporting System According to Your Needs

Supporting Multiple Users at Synchronous & Asynchronous

The Possibility of Getting Fees On Various Actions

Add-ons of Binance Clone Software

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IEO Launchpad

Binance Launchpad is often called the “launchpad” for blockchain projects, helping these projects raise capital and help projects access the crypto ecosystem.

Margin Trading

Margin trading uses a borrowing system where the trader will artificially inflate his capital to take a larger position than if he had done so with his original capital.

Futures Trading

When trading futures contracts, users are not actually buying or selling the cryptocurrencies, but simply taking advantage of the rise or fall in prices to make money.

Liquid Swap

Liquid Swap is an automated market making platform, similar to pancakeswap Clone. Users can trade coins on Liquid swap with minimal slippage, or provide their liquidity in exchange for a share of the fee.

P2P Trading

Binance clone offers a P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange that allows users to trade crypto directly with each other, on their own terms, in virtually any country.

Market Making Bot

They are automated trading programs specifically designed to perform crypto-related trading activities on behalf of investors and can help you save time and money.

Market-Making Bot

Significant Features of Our Market-Making Bot Software

For all trading pairs 24/7 support

Potentially raising your trading volume

Setting up and integrating Bots

Creation of liquidity

Supplying investors with algorithms of order types

Technical support for Bots

Simulation of active trades in the order book

Setting prices and gain on the spread

binance- market making bot

Types of Orders Of Binance Clone Script

White Label Binance Clone Software

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As I mentioned earlier, the Binance Clone has some outstanding trading features that are key factors to impress the cryptocurrency audience. With the customization option, you can add or remove features based on your business needs. So, use this bug-free clone script to create your own cryptocurrency exchange similar to Binance in an affordable way and become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

White Label Binance Clone Script is a ready-made, secure, customizable, and multi-tested clone script software that imitates the existing main Binance exchange. Binance Exchange Script is created without infringing the copyright of the original software and includes all the main and added customizable features of the exchange.

Another example of an outstanding website clone script is our Kucoin Clone Script, which is valued by many entrepreneurs because of its special and unique design. In the following, we see the features of our white label Binance Clone.

Referral options

Liquidity API

Escrow System

Multi Launguage

Multi Crypto Wallet

3rd party wallet conectivity


Multi Coin Support

Real-time trading view chart

DEX trading

Full source-code access

Dunamic token adding tool

Our Binance Wallet Development Features

Ability to add Tokens

The Possibility of adding tokens, particularly ETH-based tokens.

Nodejs & Oracle

To facilitate Crypto-Secure Data Management.


Data Encryption

Inaccessibility to user’s security information.


It allows you to pack your microservices and simplify management of those.

We Build Your Own Crypto Wallets

In order, to use cryptocurrency, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency wallet that we build you with all you need to launch your cryptocurrency wallet.

Web3.0 wallet

It Lets You Access a Given Cryptocurrency’s Network.

Blockchain Technology

Our wallet supports 20 various blockchain networks.

The platform allows you to set up two-factor authentication (2FA), a fundamental step for the security of your account. For a higher level of security, it is also possible to check and manage the list of devices that have access to your Binance clone account, in order to remove those that are suspicious or that you no longer use.

In general, our Binance clone development has shown itself to be quite attentive to the security of your users’ funds: our Binance clone software offers 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) as a verification method to increase the security of your users’ accounts. Also, before requesting a withdrawal, you will need to verify your request with a confirmation link that will be emailed to you.

Security of Our Binance Clone Software

Security Features of Binance Clone Script

Two Factor Authentication

Escrow Binded Application

Multi-Sig Wallet Integration

Secure data encryption

Anti Denial of Service(DoS)

Un-hackable Trading Platform

Users Authentication

Jail Login System

HTTPs authentication

Content Security Policy

Binance Clone App Development

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Ready to Adopt in Any crypto exchange Business. Get an all-in-one solution for your business with Radindev’s Binance Clone App to satisfy all the needs of your potential customers effectively.

Our Binance Clone App is a clone mobile app with 100% source code encrypted with advanced security features similar to Binance. Our developers design and deploy this app just like the Binance app where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies through their devices.

Binance clone app is efficient, robust, customizable like other our clone apps such as paxful clone app, and works perfectly for all kinds of mobile devices and operating systems. On average it costs between $2,500 to $6,000 to build Binance app clone that we have. So, using them as a base to develop your customized business idea will definitely save your cost and time significantly. Logically you think that if you want to buy our Binance App Clone and customize it, there is no better team than ours to do it for you as we developed all the underlying base code.

binance clone app development

Features of Binance Clone App

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