What is Bitfinex Clone Software

In the age of cryptography, we create a lot of exchanges day by day. Bitfinex Exchange is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading solution that enables the exchange of cryptocurrencies against cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies.

Bitfinex is nothing but a trading platform rich in full features for Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Atrium and Lite Coin and EOS and NEO and etc.

Many business entrepreneurs have chosen the best exchange development company to bolster their exchange business idea, and the Bitfinex clone script is one of the best.

With the Bitfinex clone script, you can create a centralized trading or buying platform as well as a stable and secure point-of-sale trading platform for core digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

We provide you with Bitfinex exchange clone content with featured features.

Bitfinex Wonderful Stats

$ 92 Billion

30 Days Volume

21 K

Facebook Follower



14 k

Telegarm Members


Area Served


YouTube Subscribers

743 K

Twiter Followers

14 K

Liked in Followers

Bitfine Growth Path

Bitfinex is a Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange owned by iFinex Inc. Bitfinex was founded in 2012. Of course, accurate and reliable information about Bitfinex itself is not always readily available, and as of November 2017, there was no information about Afran Arshad on the website.

The Bitfinex senior management team brings together decades of experience in technology, e-services and compliance. The team consists of six people: JL vender Veld, Giancarlo Devasini, Stuart Hoegner, Peter Warack, Paolo Ardonio, Claud In Lagorio.

On May 22, 2015, Bitfinex warned its customers that it believed its hot wallet caps could be compromised. The company said the losses were small and would cover the cost of repayment. External sources estimate that this violation has led to the loss of ten thousand five hundred bitcoins from customer accounts.

On August 11, 2017, Bitfinex announced that it would close its business with people living in the United States for the next three months, citing problems in managing cash outflows from US customers. It was also announced that it would not immediately allow US customers to trade certain tokens on their platform under US law.

In May 2018, Bitfinex emailed some of its users and requested some financial details, which the company said it would share with the British Virgin Islands government, which may transfer it to the governments of the countries where the users reside. . On May 31, 2019, Bitfinex announced plans to launch support for UDST on Lightning Network.

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White Label Bitfinex Clone Software

Bitfinex clone script is in the category of P2P encrypted clones with white label. Radindev Clone software provides it with security and application features similar to Bitfinex. Many traders around the world have the ability to use it. If you want to start an exchange like Bitfinex and you do not have the ability to start it, radindev will do it for you. We offer a clone software that is designed according to the needs of your users and ease of doing your transactions and shows you various features such as customizability; With this feature, you can change the theme, notifications, language, etc.

Premium Features of Bitfinex Clone Script

Add-ONS of Bitfinex Clone Software

Margin Trading

Bitfinex gives its users the advantage of being able to trade on a peer-to-peer basis using leverage and budgeting. This type of transaction allows traders to borrow against their current funds.

Margin Funding

Bitfinex offers digital and Fiat assets by providing metallic assistance to traders willing to trade with leverage. In addition, users can provide different currencies and assets, the amount of assets and duration they want. The option to automatically renew the offer is very useful for users.


Considering that Bitfinex has gone through a lot of problems related to token fluctuations and may cause users to be skeptical; You can use derivatives trading on the derivatives site. Derivatives can be traded using an ODST credit product wallet.

Paper Trading

If you want to have a trial and error without real money in a simulated environment to make sure you have Bitfinex this feature to measure the market environment without the need to deposit real money. Of course, this feature only works on subsystems that are simulated from the main account features.

Honey Framework

Bitfinex offers a variety of different orders, and this strategy is not a specialized algorithm. However, creating all kinds of orders and automated trading strategies leads to the protection of commercial companies. This advanced algorithmic system forces traders to trade using tools.


Bitfinex has designed the Bitfinex REST and Websocket APIs for the convenience of its users and ease of access to all features. These can be integrated with different products and operating systems.

Bitfinex Clone App

Radindev has come up with Bitfinex clone mobile apps for android and IOS smartphones. Ultra-fast transaction lets you trade crypto coins in a matter of seconds with 100+ payment gateway support. The inclusion of a referral program is to popularize your brand among your peers. With our  Bitfinex Clone App, you can bring instant mobile users to your cryptocurrency exchange.

Features of Bitfinex Clone App

Fingerprint decoding

Priority : High

Effect : Better UX

Possibility of fingerprint decoding has many advantages that show you in the eyes of professional users. Provide high security because your fingerprint is like your ID card and unique to you and makes your account information only available to you personally. On the other hand, speed and convenience in decryption instead of long passwords. In the end, the best feature is that the problem of forgetting the password is solved.

Customer feedback

Priority : High

Effect : Better UX

When we give a lecture or a conference or share a post on virtual pages; We are interested to see the opinions of viewers and listeners. You can also see your customers’ comments and suggestions in your clone app, and this feature is applicable to you to help you offer the best. The advantage of receiving feedback from customers is that it conveys a better understanding of their experiences to you. In this way, you are on a path that aims to improve your business and the means to achieve that customer satisfaction, and his feedback will help you. Hand

Multilingual support

Priority : High

Effect : Better UX

Better communication with users will attract more users. Your users may be from anywhere in the world, and people from all over the world may want to use your services. In order to be able to attract people of any language and nationality and fulfill their requests, there must first be a common language between you and them so that you can understand their needs and their services. Recognize what you offer. Our clone app supports multiple languages ​​to make your communication easier and wider.

live chat with traders

Priority : High

Effect : Better UX

With the saturation of smartphones in the hands of people in the age of the Internet, relationships are emerging in a new way. You no longer have to wait for transactions and sales and you can save time in the best possible way.

You can give your users the chance to sit on the couch and have coffee in their hands with ease by giving online chat to their users.

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You deserve the best services. Radindev offers many advanced and practical services to turn your business into the best. We value your time, money and business ethics. Each project is a step towards better presentation and satisfaction for us. Your satisfaction is our success. Previous businesses that have worked with us recognize us as a trusted and secure company in the cryptographic market.

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