What is BitForex Clone Script?

ready to start bitforex clone script for crypto entrepreneurs

BitForex clone script is a website clone script which contains of all current trading features and plugins like Bitforex. We, Radindev- Cryptocurrency Exchange software Development Company, develop and deploy the best Bitforex clone script to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Bitforex. With this BitForex clone script, you can offer your users a seamless experience while purchasing or selling their bitcoins on the platform. Our company can help you to achieve your goal of launching your cryptocurrency exchange like Bitforex, integrated with high unique features and liquidity options which will make you stand out in the market. You can fulfill your desire quickly with our best-customized clone script. also, we offer the best cryptocurrency exchange development cost compared to other companies.

BitForex Wonderful Stats


24h Trading Volume


Ave. Liquidity






Trading pairs


Total Trading Volume





BitForex Growth Path

BitForex is a cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. The BitForex digital asset exchange was launched in June 2018. It lists approximately 165 crypto pairs. In late March 2019 it was ranked fifth worldwide among cryptocurrency exchanges by the U.S. dollar value of its traded volume according to CoinMarketCap.

The company is headquartered in Singapore, registered in the Republic of Seychelles, has independent operating teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries and regions. It has currently users in more than 180 countries.

Bitforex is a relatively new trading exchange and offers spot trading, margin trading, perpetual contracts with leverage up to 100x, and a separate Social Trading platform. They offer around 300 trading pairs, over 163 cryptocurrencies.

BitForex states that its trading engine can process 1.6 million orders per second. As of 11th May 2021, Bitforex’s 24-hour volume trade value was $5,882,058,663. ‘BF’ is their token, and its price to USD is currently $0.01174.

During the company’s inception, renowned crypto investors and institutions such as Crypto Capital, Block VC, Genesis Capital, Node Capital, and TRON funded the platform’s operations by investing more than $20 million.

White Label BitForex Clone Software

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a website script that supports the exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies. Using which a high-frequency Crypto exchange platform can be set up for trading bitcoins and altcoins. At Radindev, we deliver a 100% white label crypto exchange platform like binance clone script that allows customization as per user requirements and supports multiple cryptocurrencies; major fiat currencies. White Label BitForex clone Script is one of the best solutions to have a cryptocurrency exchange like BitForex so that you can set up your own crypto exchange anywhere and in the shortest time. You can do the customizations your need and develop your own crypto exchange facilities and features according to the needs of your business.

Premium Features of BitForex Clone Script

Add-ONS of BitForex Clone Software

Very low fees

Probably the main driving factor of the platform is that the seller no need to pay anything for placing the order in the order book. On the other hand, the buyer has to pay 0.10, which is very low when compared to the industry average of 0.20-0.25%.

Accepting CNY bank transfers

BitForex is an “entry-level” exchange (who accept fiat deposits and allow you to buy crypto). We are not certain if deposits from other countries are accepted, but at the end of the day, they will probably too expensive.

Strong security measures

Offers 2-factor authentication (2FA) – A solid way of protecting clients’ balances. Additionally, the majority of the assets at the exchanges are almost kept in cold wallets and there are other useful features like IP detection on login and more.

Integration of TradingView

This means that the platform offers very detailed trading graphs. As mentioned above, it also accepts CNY bank exchanges, making it easy for users to buy crypto from fiat-based stores.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Providing the highest level of security with complete encryption and various layers of fraud prevention tools should be a priority for your online business. While it can be difficult to manage all the security measures on your own, we highly recommend finding a reliable payment platform.

Multi-Currency Support

It supports multiple sorts of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON (TRX), Litecoin (LTC), Stella (XLM), ENJIN (ENJ), Qtum, Cardano (ADA) and so on.

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BitForex Clone App

Just like kucoin clone app BitForex Clone App includes of all the improved features and properties of the crypto exchange BitForex with topnotch security and performance. With this BitForex clone App, you can offer your users a seamless experience while purchasing or selling their bitcoins on the platform. Radindev, offers the best cryptocurrency exchange app development cost compared to other companies. also, Our BitForex clone app is considered to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges; it is a simple and safe platform in the world. Now that you know what features to include, the next important question is the cryptocurrency exchange website development cost. Our company, try to make crypto exchange website development cost affordable for any startups or companies to develop their crypto exchange software.

Features of BitForex Clone App

Advanced UI/UX

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

A strong user experience gives you a significant competitive edge in attracting and retaining customers. The more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive a solution is, the easiest you build trust with people, and thus, the higher your chances of attracting users, converting them into customers who will want to continue using it, and encourage their contacts to do the same. Radindev provides a robust user experience for your customers.

Customer Feedback

Priority : Medium

Effect : Better User Experience

Feedback from In-app not only gives you a deeper understanding of the user experience, it can also help provide detailed information about user behaviors. When you invest on a feature based on customer behaviors, you not only make your investment a success but you also increase customer satisfaction.

Activity-based feedback data can be collected so that if a user stops the onboarding process, you can ask them why. Or, you can wait until they complete the whole process and ask them to rate their overall experience. This is a very simple, yet effective form of collecting feedback.

Push Notifications & Alert

Priority : Medium

Effect : Access to information

Push notifications are basically alerts users receive in real-time from a mobile app and which slide in as a banner on their screen (depending on the device and phone settings).
They can be sent by our app developers at any time and on any day. Best of all, users don’t even need to be logged into or using the app to receive a notification. Push notifications are one effective way at bringing back inactive users and can increase the retention rate by 3-10 times if implemented correctly.

Geolocation Tracking

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

First,it is clear that your tech stack will be determined by the platform (iOS/Android/Web) and business objectives. However, whatever platform you choose, to build a Geo location app, you’ll need to use Application Programming Interfaces (or API) – one to learn a user’s location and another to put those coordinates on a map. Geo location makes it possible, from any device connected to the Internet, to obtain all types of information in real time and locate the user with pinpoint accuracy at a given point in time. Geo location technology is the foundation for location-positioning services and location-aware applications (apps).

Live Chat with Traders

Priority : High

Effect : Better UI/UX

Because we offer services globally we encounter clients from a number of different backgrounds who speak a variety of languages. Many of those clients will struggle to converse over the phone, so prefer to take their time using a chat service. LiveChat provides quicker and more interactive support than emails and eliminates the cost of phone calls. Trades happen around the clock and you have to provide support constantly. LiveChat gives you tools that make continuous support across several time zones easy.

Crypto Widget

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

Native widgets give you easy access crypto, bitcoin prices and your portfolio. add widget to your home screen and stay updated. Simple Bitcoin Widget is customizable and can display the rates of multiple cryptocurrencies on your home screen.

If should any new coins and tokens be listed on the exchange, they’ll be immediately added in the future updates.And also We, Radindev- support world’s most established cryptocurrencies. Such as: Bitcoin(BTC) Ethereum(ETH) Ripple(XRP) Bitcoin cash(BCH) Litecoin(LTC)

Market-Making Bot

The Most Important Factors In Choosing The Best Market-Making Bot






Significant Features of Our Market-Making Bot Software

For all trading pairs 24/7 support

Creation of liquidity

Simulation of active trades in the order book

Setting prices and gain on the spread

Setting up and integrating bots

Technical support for bots

Supplying investors with algorithms of order types

Saving time and money

Potentially raising your trading volume

Why Choose RadinDev for BitForex Clone Development?

Radindev, a well-recognized cryptocurrency exchange development company, with its product quality and services, stands top-ranking in the crypto competition. We take up every project as a new beginning for our flourishment. We ensure a customer oriented approach at every stage of the project. We work ethically for the value of money and time that you spend on us. Numerous different projects that we had worked with over the past decade, have shaped us into a trust-worthy and promising cryptocurrency exchange development company in the crypto market.

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By using this BitForex Clone Script software, you can launch a stunning centralized crypto exchange that looks 100% similar to BitForex within a few days.
Bitforex Clone App is the cryptocurrency exchange trading app that contains all the crypto trading features of the Bitforex app and also the additional features that help you to develop your own Crypto Exchange App such as Bitforex.
Two-Factor Authentication. Multi-sig wallets. Excellent security credentials. Fast transactions and withdrawals.
Feature customization- Save money and time- Technical expertise- Superior branding


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      List of the best cryptocurrency include: bitcoin – (BTC), Ethereum, XRP, Tether, Cardano, Polkadot, Stellar, USD Coin, Dogecoin, Chainlink, and BNB (Binance Coin).

    1. Bitforex Clone Website development is very cost-effective as it already has all the base components required for the development. You can make customization to it or rebrand it easily which is not time-intensive and thus gives you a faster turnaround time.

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