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Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Luxembourg. It allows trading between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Bitstamp has worked hard to become one of the most secure exchanges in the market. Most of its funds are kept in cold storage. It shows that the funds are kept offline where hackers can’t have access to them.

Bitstamp clone script is a software that has all the major features of the bitstamp patform. which helps developers to launch a website like Bitstamps in a shorter time.

By adopting our premium bitstamp exchange clone script you will be able to develop a secure and hassle-free website similar to bitstamp and provide all the crypto exchange services for your clients. The clone scripts we provide are fast, cheap, and customizable like the Coinbase Exchange Clone Script. also all of our scripts are tested and developed by our professional team.

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Bitstamp Growth Path

Two friends nejc kodric and damijan merlak decided to develop secure crypto exchange together in their homeland, Slovenia. They established their company in 2011 named bitstamp.

Mt.Gox was their competitors at those days but it faced some security issues. . MT GOX WAS HACKED IN 2011 AND BANKRUPT IN 2014. Kodric and merlak understood that they should pay attention to the security and safety of the platform. It was clear for them that users want a platform that they can trust.

In 2013 moved some parts of the services to London. These two friends were looking for a place that crypto currency was regulated there so they choose Luxemburg.In 2013 the bitstamp revenue was about 10M .

in April 2016 bitstamp became the first nationally licensed crypto exchange.The funding of bitstamp in 2016 was 11.2 M. and reached 13.6M in 2017.In October 2018 bitstamp was acquired by NXMH a Belgium-based company.

On December 31 2020 the company reported an increase of its total revenue to 54.5 euro. The revenue of the company by 2020 was significantly higher cryptcurrency volume in the last quarter of the year, it generated more than 6.1 euro .

What are Factors that decide the cryptocurrency exchange platform development cost ?

White Label Bitstamp Clone Software

Bistamp clone software development

Entrepreneurs and start-ups can make a fast and huge entry into the world of cryptocurrencies by adopting ready-made white label exchange software.

The White label Bitstamp clone script includes all the functions that are needed for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

White label Bitstamp clone script provides popular features like Bitstamp, that helps business owners to develop a secure and hassle-free platform that can be customized according to each business’s requirements. Also the admin will have access to change the logo and change the design of the platform.

There is  No need to be worried  If you don’t have technical knowledge  Radindev  is a  cryptocurrency exchange development company which is  here to help you through the process.

Premium Features of Bitstamp Clone Script

Industry leading uptime

Real time assets value

 Multisig wallet

Different payment methods

Two factor authentication

Merchant  system

Range of powerful APIs

Mobile app

Non-stop availability

KYC verification

What premium features of p2p crypto exchange development radindev provide?

Add-ons of Bitstamp Clone Software

OCO Trading

OCO order or one-cancels-the-other order is a pair of pending orders. that the other  one will be canceled as soon as the other is executed.

Future trading

they allow investors to speculate on the cryptocurrency’s future price. they are typically used by traders as a way  to lock in profits when trading in volatile markets.

P2P Trading

allows you to buy and sell assets directly with other buyers and sellers. it works in a way to match you with the right buyer or seller at the time.

stop Limit Order

A stop limit order is an agreement to buy or sell at a specific price when it reaches the defined stop price. there will be no transaction until it reaches the stop limit price.

Trading Bot

Trading bots work by reacting to the market.Trading bots collects the data it needs in order to execute a trade based on analysis of the trading platform. they buy and sell  cryptocurrencies at the right time.

Atomic Swap

 Atomic swap is a  contract that allows two parties to trade tokens from two different blockchains. it also enables the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without using centralized intermediaries.

Bitstamp Clone App

Bitstamp Clone App will enable your clients to have access to the cryptocurrency trading platform anytime and anywhere. So it will attract potential clients to your platform because nowadays number of people who use their mobile phones to do different tasks are rising All of the features for a safe crypto trading is enabled in mobile app. The mobile app clone that we provide is compatible with all the platforms like IOS or Android with a user-friendly admin console and user panel. Each panel has its own features to make trading easier, faster, and secure for the users. The Bitstamp app has been downloaded thousands of times that shows many traders use the mobile app to trade or execute transactions.

bitstamp app android

Features of Bitstamp Clone App

Escrow security

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

bitstamp app security features

An escrow service is a  security feature that keeps the money for a transaction in safekeeping until the crptocurrencies are handed over. Escrow protects buyers from fraudulent sellers by requiring the cryptocurrencies to be deposited up front, before any money changes hands. This service involves the creation of a guarantee deposit contract, where the funds or assets are in a reserve phase through the intervention of a third party.

Session logout timing

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

Bithumb clone app security features

session log out is another layer of security option. This process is done by setting a  number of minutes to allow a session to remain active before locking out the user. Logging out the users occurs when the user does not perform any action in the platform for specified time to protect the user safety. after the session is closed, if the user wants to do any activity , he\she mut log in again.

Multilingual Support

Priority : Medium

Effect : better user experience

Multilingual bithumb app clone

 Based on the researches people prefer to perform actions and read in their native language. Also, people are more likely to purchase assets in their first language because they feel more comfortable and safe. So developing a multilingual application will massively increase the number of clients and more income and financial benefits will follow.

In app authentication

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

verification in the crypto exchange app

Authentication is the process of identifying a user. Some part of the authentication is performed by the backend service. The credential often takes the form of a password, which is a secret and known only to the individual and the system. if it matches with the saved data the user is verified. the authentication can be done with different methods such as two factor authentication, user and pass word authentication or single factor authentication. 

switching between subaccounts

Priority : Medium

Effect : Better UX

bitstamp clone app

A sub-account is an optional account that can be used to break down an account into multiple smaller accounts to manage and control the budgets and transaction better. You can create, delete, and edit subaccounts in the application. Also you can transfer any funds between subaccounts instantly there. enabling the user to switch between subaccounts will make them satisfied.

push notifications & alert

Priority : medium

Effect : Better UI/UX

bitstamp clone app features

push notifications are messages that can be sent by the app creators any time they want. these push notifications usually have purpose like   announcing an event, report news or ask the user to do an special action. It will also send notifications for open orders. the notifications pop on the users smart phones whether the user is in the app interface  or not.

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developing a software like Bitstamp with clone scripts will  almost take  7 days , but it may vary based on the changes you want to apply on the platform.

We provide cost-effective services for our customers. But different features that add to the platform will cost extra money.

Bitstamp is full of new features and surprise for its client and could find its place in the market in the short period   , so simulating its feature and business strategy will save time and money.

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    1. Yes, the clone software that we provide can be changed according to the need of the customer. So different features and functions can be added to the platform.

    1. it has 2fa or two-factor authentication which is an important security feature. also, it has the escrow security.
      The security features of the Bitstamp app, we can point to the fingerprint unlocking and the time-out session.

  1. I have an exchange website. i want to develop the IOS and Android exchange app for my website. Does your company develop an exchange app development service?

    1. Hi
      yes we, as a cryptocurrency exchange development company, provide all the services that are related to the digital and crypto world.
      so here we are to develop your exchange mobile app for both IOS and Android in order to enable your clients to do different operation that they do in your web platform in the exchange app

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