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Most entrepreneurs and startups are interested in launching a crypto exchange similar to Coinbase for many reasons, including the high liquidity, various features, and services it provides for users, as well as the security of its platform. But they are facing the challenge of how to start their own crypto exchange.

This article specifically examines the use of Coinbase Clone GitHub and how to use this popular platform to get the desired codes. Although many believe that time and money should be saved and their choice is to use Coinbase Exchange Clone Script.


coinbase clone script github

Considering that most of the projects that are launched on the blockchain platform, their code is published in the form of open source. GitHub is a web-based hosting service designed for easier integration and management of programming projects. As you know, cryptocurrencies and blockchains in this field have their own programming codes. Constructive and active teams in this field use GitHub to manage and integrate their projects.

GitHub is one of the must-have platforms for developers as it provides an easy way to manage code in projects. This platform is very popular with more than 56 million users from all over the world. In contrast, we have Coinbase clone script or Binance Clone Script which most entrepreneurs are interested in launching a crypto exchange like them using clone scripts.

Well, if you also want to use GitHub, it’s important to first learn what GitHub is. This makes it easier for you to manage your project code and get the most out of all its features.


What Is Coinbase Clone GitHub?

Coinbase Clone GitHub is a method for developing a crypto exchange similar to Coinbase using GitHub codes made by various developers. this method is common to use because some people want to use free and open-source codes.


How to Use Coinbase Clone GitHub?

Before you start learning how to use Coinbase Clone Script GitHub, you need to know a few terms that you’ll often find on GitHub:

Repository: The directory or folder that contains your project’s code change files and history.

Commit: A historical record of changes made to your files, including who made what, and when the changes were made.

Clone: A copy of the repository on your computer for offline editing on your device.

Fork: Copy someone else’s repository to your GitHub account. Typically used to experiment on a project that you find interesting.

Remote Control: Here is the repository version stored on the GitHub server. You can sync with the clone version so offline changes are recorded.

Branch: branch from your main repository. On the branch, the code you manipulate doesn’t affect the main repository. So you can freely experiment or troubleshoot here.

Merge: Merge code changed in one branch into another repository. So after you’ve experimented with the code on the branch, you can immediately merge it into the main repository.

Pull Requests: Suggest a change to the repository to the project owner/leader. Then he has the right to accept or reject the proposal.


But after these preparations to get to know GitHub, let’s go to the main topic of this tutorial; How to use Coinbase Clone GitHub.

How to Download Files from GitHub?

download zip on github

If you need to download and use one of the codes located on the public pages of GitHub, just do the following:

In the topic related to each project, there is a path (as you can see in the image above) through which you can easily download the codes related to that project in full.

Note that if you are checking the code of a big project and accidentally find the code you need there, you will not be able to save that file as code by right-clicking and selecting save as. But you only get one copy on the site. To get the code, you need to go through the Download ZIP path that was explained.


Tip: According to the Coinbase Clone Developer:

What Is This and Who Is It for?

This is a simplified Coinbase Clone built with React, Firebase, and the Coinranking API. The app lets you check prices, histories, and marketcap of popular cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, you can simulate trading crypto assets, sending crypto to friends, and depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies.

coinbase dashboard

Features and Technologies

  • Written as a Coinbase Clone React and JavaScript
  • Simple vanilla React state management (without Redux, Recoil, or similar)
  • Coinbase UI (as of March 2022)
  • Firebase as backend (for authentication and database)
  • Crypto data fetched using Coinranks awesome API via RapidAPI
  • Charts created with Chart.js


Is Using Coinbase Clone GitHub Reliable?

In general, the use of this platform has little security due to the open-source code and the point that many developers share their codes. However, if you want extra features like better security and direct support from the GitHub team, there is also a paid version available starting at $4 per person per month.


Let’s have a brief overview of GitHub!

What is GitHub? Definition, Functions, and Use

GitHub is a Git version control web tool. Using this tool, programmers can work in a coordinated way on the same code base, while developing independently.

GitHub offers hosting and code review, comment and feedback, collaboration, and team management capabilities. The programmers are updated in real-time on the evolution of the project. It is also possible to retrace the entire history of the code and restore a previous version, thanks to the saving of any changes, branches, and forks made.

Version control is a system that records all code changes to the project. This system is important so that you can see the full history of code changes.

Git is now distributed version control, making code change history available to everyone in the project. It’s not just the creator of the code like in ordinary version control.

Actually, Git can only be used from the command line, so it’s not very beginner-friendly. However, GitHub lets you use Git through an easy-to-understand user interface (UI).


Final Words

As a final word, I would like to tell you, dear entrepreneurs, that choosing the right strategy to launch an online platform like a cryptocurrency exchange requires more research. In order to have a great business, all aspects must be considered, including money, time, and so on.

In this regard, if you have any questions, be sure to contact our experts or leave a comment.

We also have another blog on the subject of Binance Clone GitHub, which is worth reading if you are planning to start a crypto exchange similar to Binance.

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