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Multi-level marketing (MLM) and blockchain have one thing in common- they both have a p2p model system.

In a cryptocurrency MLM software development model, enterprises encourage the network users to promote the products in their networks and increase the chain. This is beneficial for both enterprise and the users in the network to earn passive income and raise financial benefits.  Multi-level marketing is a fitting business model for enterprises that are planning to maximize their profit with a reduced workforce. But sometimes MLM companies fail

With the blockchain, MLM business enterprises can cover the drawbacks, produce trustworthy networks and achieve success. Many users around the world have achieved profits through MLM, its combination with the blockchain can provide high-performance business models.

In the following text, you will read about different types of MLM software, the drawbacks of MLM software, and the solution for it.

crypto mlm software

What are the main reasons that traditional MLMs fail?

Manual operation

Due to long transaction settlement time, which needs too much physical effort, companies are unable to ensure real-time transactions for their users.


MLM companies fail to convey the reward details and the scope of affiliates involved in the system. When any new company launches MLM solutions, it faces issues building credibility among users.


Board members are involved in discrete discussions that usually end in suspicious actions against users.


From the unpromising factors, users lose trust and confidence in such MLM companies, if this happens it can never be regained.

Lack of transparency

The traditional MLM process lacks the transparency of information and transactions between users.

But no need to worry there is always a  solution to any problem;

Blockchain-based MLM software

Blockchain, with decentralization at its core, offers potential solutions to the pain points that can hold back the best of MLM projects, by ensuring the following:

With the presence of decentralization ledger technology, blockchain automates the commission model thereby assuring complete protection against any transactional fraud.

Trust: Encourages the users to participate with trust and earn benefits while being assured of complete transparency.

Transparency: all transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger that is accessible to everyone on the network.

Accelerated transactions: being automated completely decrease the need for human-driven operations and ends in real-time transactions.

Cryptocurrency MLM software

Integrating cryptocurrency with the MLM business is a smart idea as it offers an opportunity to have digital transactions from anywhere in the world without adding any transaction fees via cryptocurrency. This is enabled to have international transactions and builds a bridge to the advanced business.

cryptocurrency mlm software development

Features of cryptocurrency MLM software

  • Faster payment
  • Secure transactions
  • Easier payment
  • No additional fees
  • Enabled peer to peer transactions
  • Allow international transaction
  • Multi-currency wallet
  • API’s provided to external exchanges

Different types of MLM software

 Level plan MLM software

One of the most popular international MLM plans in the Multi-Level Marketing industry is the MLM level plan. There are so many MLM companies across the world successfully running with that MLM business plan. One of the reasons that have made the MLM label plan popular is its simplicity and easy to describe its condition in front of members. It has no limit for Depth and can provide more depth and more benefits. It brings many benefits such as more transparency to the users and gives better positive results for the business.

Binary plan MLM software

In a binary plan, a member is only required to recruit two members under him, hence the name binary. These two members are called a leg. These two members are called the left leg and the right leg. Each of these legs will recruit two more legs and it continues like this.

Matrix plan MLM software

In a matrix compensation plan, a team member is expected and limited to sponsor the number of front-line members or associates. The Matrix plan MLM software helps to keep track of on downline’s income and expenditure. Members would be getting paid to the level indicated by the depth factor. Matrix MLM plan is suitable for any size of company whether they are small or big

Here we have some  Features of the matrix MLM software plan listed for you;

  • Easy customization
  • Fix width and depth structure
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Highly accurate and consistent
  • Fastest money-making opportunity with matrix


white label mlm software

Benefits of Bitcoin MLM software for users

There are some amazing advantages or benefits of Bitcoin MLM software in crypto-based business software.

No fees or low fees

There will be an advantage of no or very low fees of bitcoin transactions in the Bitcoin MLM software.

Fast transaction

Based on the fast process, the users can easily make multiple cryptocurrency transactions in easier and faster ways.

Data Secure

The cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that allows the encrypted key and the 2-factor authentication for data security.

 Decrease the fraud risk

With the help of Bitcoin management, private keys, and public keys, it eliminates the fraud transaction.

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