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In a world that is moving fast toward the technology of blockchain and crypto world, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange app development is increasing every day.

The rise in the crypto market’s popularity has led people to look for exchange platforms for their investment. This is beneficial for not only the traders but also for the owner of these platforms.

Crypto exchange is a platform where people can trade or store digital assets. In recent days, everybody has their own mobile phones and they are an inseparable part of human life. So it’s easier for them to do all their tasks via their phone anytime and anywhere. So the exchange app will help the exchange owner to attract more clients to their platform by providing all the features that are available in the web exchange platform.

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Advantages of crypto exchange app

  1. Mobile applications are easy to access and we can access them from anywhere, so it will attract more users because they don’t need to open a desktop exchange and sit somewhere to start trading.
  2. Compared to the web platform mobile applications can load faster. So, apps are more reliable
  3. Releasing updates for applications is easier than websites
  4. It increases customer loyalty and provides a good experience for customers
  5. It will boost the brand and the reputation of the platform.
  6. Mobile applications decrease the development cost and increase productivity.

Cryptocurrency exchange app development

Different kinds of crypto exchange applications are present in the market. Choose the crypto exchange company that provides the following exchange app that enables you to choose the service that is better among all of them.

The crypto app development comes with multilevel security features, a robust trade engine with customizable market-leading popular features.

  1. Bitcoin exchange platform app development

The Bitcoin exchange app is like a bridge between the traders (buyers/sellers). It allows users to deposit their money before going to trade the digital currencies. After passing the verification steps when the authentication is completed, taker’s and maker’s orders are matched by the trade engine. It charges a transaction fee and fund transfer fee that will be varied based on the trade volume of the platform.

  1. White label crypto exchange app development

The term white label stands for the software that is ready to be deployed. The white label crypto exchange app is ready to be launched. The front-end (UI/UX) can be quickly customized based on the client’s requirements and the business demands and swiftly entered the market. If you use white label software for cryptocurrency exchange app development, it takes less time to launch your crypto exchange app to the market.

  1. Centralized crypto exchange app development

The centralized term in crypto marketing is similar to the traditional way of exchanging that a trusted third party has control of the transactions.

In the centralized crypto exchange apps are trading platforms that work similarly to traditional brokerage. As we mentioned in this the third parties are involved in the transactions. It is the most common service chosen by the newbies since it is relatively simple compared to DEX. This platform provides a secured trading platform with a robust matching engine for order matching and transactions.

  1. Decentralized crypto exchange app development

In DEX, individuals are allowed to trade completely directly and peer-to-peer without any middleman/intermediary/central authority and are automated by smart contracts. The decentralized exchange can be built on different blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Tron, ETC.

  1. P2p crypto exchange app development

The peer-to-peer crypto exchange apps are also called the one-to-one crypto exchange. In the p2p exchange, people can buy/sell between them without the need for any central authority. It gives an interactive and secure environment for the users of the application. The transactions are done with the smart contract based on the escrow functionality.

  1. Defi exchange app development

Defi stands for the term Decentralized Finance exchange apps built on a public blockchain. It removes intermediate persons in the middle of buyers and the sellers in the financial transactions it also provides banking services in a decentralized manner.

Defi works on the ethereum blockchain by immutable smart contracts. Although it can be developed on the various networks such as ethereum, Binance smart chain, Polkadot, and TRON.

cryptocurrency exchange app development

Features of crypto exchange app

  1. Liquidity integration

Liquidity is one of the most important factors when it comes to crypto exchange apps.

Liquidity refers to how fast an asset turns into cash. A higher liquidity platform helps to trade instantly.

  1. Multi coin support

People search for an exchange that supports more cryptocurrencies in a single place. Our exchange app supports cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, etc.

People can trade any cryptos with this exchange app.

  1. Multilingual support

Trade-in their native language for traders can be a great gift. Many exchange platforms fail to make great communication. Supporting multi-language will increase the traffic towards your exchange app.

  1. User and mobile-friendly UI design

The user-friendly interface attracts more users to the crypto exchange app. It will keep more loyal customers and increase the users’ engagement.

  1. Push and pop up notifications

It helps users to get updated information about the crypto market, push notifications do not need the user to open and enter the app. They are sent by the owner and the app developer for a specific purpose.

  1. Cold wallet support

Cold wallets are defined as offline wallets that are not connected online. It is the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It is a useful feature for an exchange app to support cold wallets.


The security features of a crypto exchange clone app

  1. Face ID recognition and fingerprint unlocking
  2. Time out session
  3. Two-factor authentication(2FA)
  4. QR code scanner
  5. Automated AML/KYC
  6. CSRF/SSRF protection
  7. DDoS security

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Radindev is a leading blockchain and crypto currency exchange software development company, providing high-tech, robust, and world-class cryptocurrency exchange development services. It facilitates the process of developing crypto exchange platforms for the clients and make the journey of the exchange development a great experience for their customers.

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