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It’s a scary experience to see a high-potential product’s development go wrong. To see all the money, mental and physical effort go to vain. All because the development company couldn’t complete the task properly.

Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the blockchain, happening in a decentralized way. The number of people who attracts to this field is rising so developing your very own exchange website is the bridge to the millions of dollars in the future.

If you have decided to step into this community the very first step is to find the best cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider company to develop your exchange website.

It is so important to choose the best company for developing the exchange platform. At the end of this article, you will find out how to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange software development company to cover all the requirements of your business.

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best white label cryptocurrency exchange

Steps to choose the best crypto software development company

  1. Check the area of expertise

    in the first step of finding the best crypto exchange development company, you should consider their field of expertise in blockchain development and cryptocurrency development. Also consider their specialization across programming languages, platforms, and technologies. Search that if their team is experienced enough to build both web and mobile application solutions.

  2. Search through review and user feedbacks

    like the process of buying from Amazon or eBay, you check the ratings and other users’ feedback. If you study the reviews there is a chance to understand the drawbacks or problems before investing your money. So it’s a wide action to read case studies and reviews before taking any action. Search the net for the reviews about your preferred company and not only the reviews that each company tells about itself.

  3. Request for demo and consultation

    get a free consultation from your chosen company, it will tell you a lot about the company’s professionalism, work ethic, knowledge, and the company’s experience. That’s even beneficial for you to understand what your projects need and what the requirements for the development are better. You have to pay attention that if the project manager is trying to ask you enough questions in order to understand you completely and clearly. After the call, you have to come to a conclusion that was the consultation good enough to persuade you? Or they were just trying to convince you to purchase for their services.

  4. 24/7 technical customer support

    the possibility of technical support from blockchain development. So if you face any issues or errors, then the development company is responsible to solve the technical issue instantly. This is one of the important factors that you should pay attention to for choosing a development company.

  5. Provide a perfect business strategy

    business strategy is one of the important factors for choosing the best blockchain development company. Check the projects that they have completed in the years that they are working. Check how long did it take for the company to deliver the platform to them. Could they make it on time? What are the frameworks and technology stacks that they use to develop blockchain development? Having knowledge about new technologies and using them in the development of blockchain is an essential factor.

  6. Custom development

    complicated types of infrastructure are required for some approaches, make sure the company you choose offers custom blockchain development in case none of the available platforms didn’t meet your expectations. It would be a good feature if the team can help and support you with a custom design with the requirements for your business.

  7. Check the teams’ experience

    it is a common practice among blockchain consultants and blockchain Developers companies to showcase their teams’ experience. Find all the workers’ profiles.

best white label cryptocurrency exchange software

methods for developing an exchange website

white label crypto exchange development

White label exchange software is a ready-to-launch crypto exchange software, which can be deployed as a fully functional, rich-feature, and advanced exchange. The white-label exchange can be designed the way that the business owner wants and the front end can be changed based on the users’ taste. It takes less time than developing it from scratch and also it costs less. Companies provide label solutions to help start-ups and businesses launch their website faster and with less cost. Although the white label solution gives the customization in some deeper layers you may feel the lack of possibility for changes in deeper layers.

The features that companies implement in their white label exchange

High TPS

Powerful trade engine

Multicurrency wallet

Multi-layer security


Bot trading

Liquidity option

Referral and reward program

Multi-language support

Advanced chart tools


Crypto and fiat support

The security features of white label cryptocurrency exchange software

HTTP authentication

Data encryption

Jail login

Anti-denial of service

Anti-distributed of service

Cross-site request protection

Server-side request forgery protection

HTTP parameters pollution protection

white label cryptocurrency exchange script

The other way is

developing it from scratch

This method has a long process, including programming, defining the proper method for business strategy. Also, it cost more money, time, and energy in comparing to the white label cryptocurrency exchange software development. Developing an experienced company plays a very important role here. Because if the website is developing from scratch it’s completely new and an experienced developer company should make sure that there will be no bugs and unpredicted errors after launching the website. In This method, you have complete access to the back end and front end to make the changes that you want there is no limitation for changing here you can contact your developer company and ask them to add or eliminate the features and functions that you want.

Before choosing the company,

it’s better to choose the way you want to develop your white label cryptocurrency exchange software.  Consider all the pros and cons of each method, have complete knowledge of your budget ( keep in mind that adding some extra features will affect the crypto exchange software development cost), and then choose your website development company.

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