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The trending crypto industry is on the go. Following the trend, many exchanges have been launched to the market and now there are many active exchanges in the market. A competitive exchange market has been created then what happens to the newly developed exchange website? How can they attract clients to their exchange website?

Stay with us and you will learn the magic of customer acquisition.

As an entrepreneur, you must think of developing your own mobile app exchange website.  do you want to know Why? Read the following text.

The Binance app has almost 81K downloads in-app store and more than 10M downloads for android users in google play and this number is rising day by day. These statics show that people are getting attracted to the crypto market and the number of traders who use their phones for trading is growing. So as a business owner if you want to shine in the field of cryptocurrency you have to pay attention to the traders’ needs and here we can see an obvious demand for the smartphone’s exchange app.

 binance clone

About Binance

Anybody that steps into the world of digital currency has heard the name of Binance exchange. Before diving into the main topic it’s good to know about Binance. Binance is one of the popular and traditionally sprouted crypto exchange development software that makes the payment more quickly and the process of buying and selling easier.

With a high level of scalability and an enormous amount of trusted traders and investors, Binance is earning a huge revenue not only through the transaction fee for buying and selling but also through the ads and some other actions. Binance provides some exclusive features that make this exchange one of the most successful exchanges in the world.

Binance provides a variety of trading options for its clients to help the clients make more money and profit. They have a list of all major cryptocurrencies that makes them distinguished.

This exchange provides a secure, safe, and user-friendly mobile app that enables the user to do all the actions they need to do on their mobile phones anywhere and anytime.

Features of Binance app

  1. Faster and easier login with QR code
  2. Home page icon customization
  3. Local setting support
  4. Passive income with Binance app
  5. Keep track of the transaction history
  6. 24/7 support
  7. Crypto payment instantly
  8. The crypto widget for price
  9. Secure white list wallet
  10. Referral program

Developing an advanced cryptocurrency exchange application like the Binance app from scratch needs plenty of time and energy plus it will cost a lot. But there is another way for developing a crypto exchange application faster and at a lower price.

Read the following to find out what is this method;

Binance clone app

Binance clone app is a lifesaver;

Binance clone app is like a miracle for startups and businesses that want to launch their binance-like-app, instantly and without a complex process.

Binance clone app covers all the Binance clone script features, it can be used to provide the services that its target customers need with improved usability and robust features. The clone app can be redesigned based on the user’s taste and new features can be added to the platform according to the demand of the business they have. The Binance app is developed for IOS and Android and it’s ready to be downloaded on the app store and google play. Also, it can be developed for another operating system such as Linux and windows. Binance clone app development is the process of creating a fast, secure, robust trading app that has the features like the Binance exchange app.

The cryptocurrency world is dramatically rising every day. Large volumes of virtual assets are being traded constantly and one of the major exchange platforms that are handling most of the user traffic in trading cryptocurrency is the binance exchange. With the help of binance clone app, you will be able to release your very own exchange with your unique and desired customization.

We told you all the good things about Binance clone app but here we have a drawback.

What it is?

Nowadays using clone scripts is so popular, and many exchange websites have been launched with the help of clone scripts. It may cause a similarity between many websites. And as you know Binance is a well-known website so many businesses may use the Binance clone app, this will end in many exchange websites that are similar to each other. But this problem can be solved with a little creativity like adding unique features or designing an attractive user interface.

binance clone app

Binance clone app features

Cross-platform compatibility:

The binance clone app is a versatile app that can be accessed through multiple available platforms of Android, IOS, and Windows also with improved scalability.

Fingerprint unlocking:

The binance clone app offers various levels of security through its unlocking mode. Unlocking with Biometrics such as face unlocking or the fingerprint is faster and unique for each person.

 Fiat to crypto and vice versa:

In the Binance clone app, users are allowed to convert their cryptocurrencies to Fiat and also their fiat money to digital money.

Multi-lingual supported:

By supporting the major languages, the application provides Globalized access for traders from all around the world with any language.

Limitless transactions:

Limitless transactions by protecting the high volume transactions to be monitored by encryption codes for proceedings.

Multiple coin support:

Supports for BTC, LTC, BNB, and many more.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced traders:

It is easy to learn for beginners to start working with this platform and also it provides all the services that an advanced trader needs for trading and investing.

binance clone app development

Benefits for developing an exchange app

  • Achieve the maximum liquidity in a very short time
  • Attract potential traders and investors
  • 10X growth in profit instantly
  • Receive 24-hour trading volume in a very short time
  • Updating the mobile app doesn’t need all the efforts that it require in upgrading the website
  • Better customer experience
  • Video call function for better customer service
  • Fast and secure
  • Mobile apps are available to use anywhere and any time

Also, we want to inform you of some features that you can ask your cryptocurrency exchange software development company  to add to your exchange mobile app:

  • Support multiple payment gateways
  • Geolocating
  • Margin trading
  • Escrowed chats
  • Multiple wallets support
  • Crypto widgets
  • User and admin panel
  • Pin lock
  • Management of transactions
  • Advanced/trading engines
  • Inbuilt blockchain features

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