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Nowadays the popularity of  Crypto exchanges is rising and many people pay more attention to this market. This market brings benefits to self but it might be complex at the same time before you enter this market you better be aware of all the subjects that are connected to cryptocurrencies. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to launch a cryptocurrency exchange it’s better for you to know about APIs. Stay with us and at the end of this article you will understand what exactly is API and you  will get familiar with the best APIs available in the market.

What is API?

Not specific to crypto, API is an acronym for application programming interface for two apps to recognize and connect with each other.

In general, an API is an interface that allows two unrelated systems to interact with each other(like the same position that which a restaurant server enables the customer and the chef to interact). An API specification describes the way that each of the two systems must interact with the API itself, like a language that must be used, the syntax of messages that pass back and forth.

Let’s bring a real-life API example. You may know the process of searching for flights online. You have a variety of options to choose from them, including different cities, departure and return dates, and more. For example, you have decided which flight to choose, in order to book your flight, you interact with the airline’s website to access their database and see if any seats are available on those dates and how much the price maybe?

The modern API has changed through years and it has taken some characteristics that make them valuable and useful:

They are user-friendly and easily accessible

They have stronger discipline for security and governance

How API works

what is the best cryptocurrency API?

here we have listed some of the best cryptocurrency APIs;

  • Binance API
  • Coinbase API
  • Kraken API
  • Biypay API
  • Nomics API
  • KuCoin API

In this article, we will discuss one of these best exchanges, Kucoin API.

What is Kucoin?

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in September 2017 in Hong -Kong. Because of its great features and the UX-based approach by offering advantageous programs 24/7 support and educational programs. Also, it provides coins that still are not available on other competing platforms.

As KuCoin is a cryptocurrency platform you can trade a various number of coins (over 200) and the most notable ones are BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, LUNA, EOS, and more.

Kucoin is one of the most popular crypto exchanges among people, so many entrepreneurs and start-ups want their exchange to be similar to the original Kucoin exchange and has its features. Kucoin clone script is a pre-developed script that covers all the features and factors that are available in the kucoin exchange also extra features can be added to the platform and some features can be eliminated from the platform based on the business requirements. You can add Kucoin API to your crypto exchange.

Using KuCoin is free
it offers low fees
Easy to use
supports multiple cryptos
Has a mobile app
Allows Staking
Can buy crypto with fiat

Kucoin API

What is Kucoin API?

As we said Kucoin is one of the best crypto exchanges, the Kucoin API is in the list of top 5 best crypto APIs.

let’s read and see what is exactly a Kucoin API?

Kucoin API is a service to interface with cryptocurrency exchanges like co. It allows users (customers of the services or developers) to interface with cryptocurrency exchanges, execute trades, collect data history, and bring real-time data.

Kucoin API enables users to programmatically access their accounts. With the help of this API, a developer can develop trading bots that users can use to perform high-quality trades.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges have exposed their APIs ( Application programming interfaces) to enable developers to integrate them with their platforms.

To improve the security of the API, KuCoin has upgraded the API key to version 2.0, the validation logic has also been changed. and Kucpin recommends to its clients to update their API to the new version.

Kucoin is a world-class blockchain asset exchange with more than a million active users.

  • Download historical market data
  • Streaming real-time market data
  • Place and cancel trading orders
  • View account balances, download trading history, make funding transactions

Last words

Choosing an appropriate API is essential you have to choose the API that fits the need of your business not only the one that is more popular or has a higher ranking. Many cryptocurrency exchange software development companies are available In the market than can guide you to have the best choice. Radindev has a team of experts that can guide you through this journey.

If you have any other questions we will be glad to read them and our experts will answer them as soon as possible.

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