OpenSea Clone App

Opensea clone app is a 100% Replica of the largest NFT marketplace.

Making NFTs available to all is one of our core missions and we provide a decentralized Opensea like app to achieve this goal.

OpenSea Clone App

OpenSea clone app features

Store Front

Our Opensea Clone Contains all the data you need to know about any digital items.


The purpose of filters in the Opensea Clone app is that you can filter your favourite assets.


In this feature, you can search and find your digital assets.

Wide range of selling options

Fixed price, Time auction, Bundle Price and more

Wallet system

A Digital wallet is a financial transaction application that runs on mobile devices. It securely stores the payment information.

Lazy minting

Allows the creators to mint NFT without paying network fees

Unlimited IPFS

Unlimited secure storage to keep NFTs safe

Smart Contract

Customized Smart Contract can implement on any blockchain you want

Blockchain Networks

Ethereum, Tron, Binance smart chain and more

How OpenSea clone app is useful for business?

How is OpenSea clone app helpful for business?

  • Fast and easy connection with your customers
  • Show offerings and new arrivals to your customers using notifications
  • Reach customers’ engagement level
  • Create a stronger brand
  • Controls in your hand

OpenSea Like App Development

Hybrid or Native is better?

In Opensea like app development, you can choose from a Native mobile app or a Hybrid app. But which one is better?

Native apps are far superior when compared to hybrid apps. The reason is they are completely customized for a particular platform. Hybrid apps face a lot of latency issues and limit the user experience.

On the other hand, the cost of Opensea like app development in the native method will be very high because you have to design an app for each platform.

You can order any style app you want. Also, Radin provides famous white label NFT marketplace applications like Rarible clone script

Choose the right technology stack

React Native is a good choice if you want to develop a hybrid mobile app. This JavaScript-based open-source mobile framework delivers a near-native user experience.

You can use either Swift or Objective-C for native iOS development. Objective-C has been the mainstay of iOS development for a long time. Swift emerged later. However, its powerful features have made it a very popular language. 

You can use either Kotlin or Java for native Android development. Both are feature-rich programming languages. While Kotlin is a more recent entrant, its advanced features made it a popular language. Java is well-established for decades. Many developers know Java, which is an advantage.

RadinDev OpenSea Mobile App Differences


RadinDev OpenSea Mobile App Differences

Other clone app

OpenSea clone app fees

Transaction fees

With this feature of our Opensea clone, Admin can make money by getting a certain commission percentage for every NFT transaction occurring on the NFT marketplace.

Minting Fees

Admin can charge the NFT developers or creators on the platform to convert their assets into valuable NFTs on the blockchain network.

Private sell

It takes some time to conclude an investor who could purchase the crypto goods and leverage this opportunity to charge a fee from a taker.

Listing fees

With this revenue factor of our OpenSea clone, Admin can get a commission for listing NFTs on the marketplace. Admin can generate revenue quickly with this lucrative revenue factor.

Setup Fee

The admin can charge a certain initial setup fee to the creators who want to create accounts on the platform for listing their digital collectables on the NFT marketplace.

Opensea Mobile App Costs

The base price of the Opensea Clone Script is $12000. 30% of the base price is added to make an Opensea mobile application.

The Base Clone Mobile Application includes the following features:

OpenSea Clone App Costs

RadinDev Opensea Clone App Customizable

How Does the OpenSea Clone APP work?

How Does the OpenSea Clone APP work?


OpenSea clone app is a ready-to-use NFT marketplace app that can be used to build an NFT for creating, Listing, selling and buying NFTs.

Opensea clone React is commonly used in Opensea GitHub’s scripts.

We used Next.js for our front-end framework and Node.js for our backend.
on our Opensea clone app, we work with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and also can work with native apps, depending on your choice.

Yes. We used the Interplanetary File System Protocol in our development path. IPFS makes your NFT marketplace platform safe and secure.

Your app can have every Gateways you want.

RadinDev designed the Opensea clone app on a decentralized platform. Unlike centralized apps where hackers can breach their server and steal users’ information, decentralized apps can’t be hacked.

RadinDev Opensea app can integrate with all of the wallets.

the base standard we use is Erc 1155. but we can provide a clone app with Erc 721 and Erc 998 standard.

Why Choose Radin?

Economical Solution

Radindev will guide you to choose the best way to launch your Nft  Market  place with lower development cost. 

All kind of blockchain

Our team of experts are highly skilled in creating NFT marketplace on trending blockchains like solana.

On Time Delivery

Radin tries to deliver the completed product on the promised deadline to its customers.

24/7 Technical support

We offer full time support to our customers. We will provide technical, in case any thing happens to the platform .

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