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If you are a trader who always wants to be involved in the most up-to-date businesses, or if you are a novice trader who needs guidance, or if you are interested in reading about digital currency exchanges; This text will help you to be an up-to-date businessman and successful trader and easily find the answers to all your questions.

In this article, we have given a complete and short explanation about 7 large and important exchange offices that traders and businessmen can use clone scripts of them. These exchanges have received a high ranking based on their services to users and the volume of their transactions and of course the ranking of reputable sites. In the following article, we help you to easily select the clone you want, by considering all the features of exchange and its clone scripts.

1-Binance Clone Script

As a trader, you must have heard the name of the largest digital currency exchange. Binance clone scripts are unique Binance exchange clones that can give you Binance capabilities. Binance clone software can be exactly what suits your business needs. So choosing it can get you to your business goal faster.


Binance Exchange is introduced as the top exchange in the world of digital currency.

This cryptocurrency exchange was established in 2017 by Chang Peng Zhao.

Binance was initially based in China but moved to Japan before Chinese law changed.

The name Binance is a combination of the two words bitcoin and finance and has the highest security as the world’s top exchange.

It supports several digital coins and a large number of Fiat currencies.

Binance offers its services to all countries of the world and it is enough that the country in question does not restrict it by its laws.


24-hour support: As a user of this exchange, you can contact the support team, which is available 24 hours a day, if you have any problems.

Blog: When you transfer your assets to a platform like Binance, then you want to know everything about that platform and be informed about the most up-to-date Binance news and information. This possibility is provided for you in the blogs of this encrypted platform.

BNB: It is a native asset of Binance, which of course is traded in all other exchange offices.

This asset was developed by Binance and has several applications.


  • Average daily trading volume: 2.0 billion
  • Amount of transactions per second: +4,400,000
  • Nationalities: 50+
  • Employees: 2000+
  • Places: 20+
  • Coins: 409
  • Fiat: 46
  • Markets: 1581
  • Weekly visits: 31 million
  • Average liquidity: 724

2-Coinbase Clone Script

As an old exchange and of course, with a brilliant history, you can use clone scripts on which Coinbase features are set. Clone websites and clone apps of this exchange can provide the same services that Coinbase provides to its users. As one of the top exchanges in the world, in this list, Coinbase clone script is our second offer to you. Use the cryptocurrency exchange development service to be successful in the digital world.


Coinbase is the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

The company was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Originally American, it has no headquarters and all its services are virtual.

If we want to examine its ranking in the United States; It is in the first place in terms of the trading volume.

Coinbase, as an encrypted exchange, supports multiple digital coins and Fiat.


Buy and Sell: Coinbase supports several digital currencies and fiat currencies, and you can trade crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat.

Applications: Coinbase applications can be provided for all systems and devices. You can trade with them faster and easier.

Storage: Offline storage is provided for more security in the trading of traders’ assets in Coinbase.


  • Average trading volume per season: $ 327 billion
  • Supported countries: 73 million
  • Amount of assets on the platform: $ 255 billion
  • Countries: 100+
  • Employees: 2700+
  • Coins: 127
  • Fiat: USD, EUR, GBP
  • Markets: 388
  • Weekly visits: 3 million
  • Average liquidity: 562
  • Daily trading volume: 8 billion

3-Paxful Clone Script

Poxful clone script offers great and profitable trading features that you can also find and try using in Paxful clone script. This platform will be the design for you that you want.


Paxful supports digital currency exchanges and is very fast and easy for traders as the third exchange in this article.

Paxful Exchange was founded by Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback, which was initially used to trade bricks but later became a digital currency exchange.

The name of this exchange was changed to Paxful in 2014, which means peace and the purpose of creating it is to facilitate bitcoin transactions.


Bank Transfers: Paxful traders can buy bitcoins easily and securely using bank transfers.

Wallet: Paxful offers several online wallets for its users in which you can keep your assets.

Gift cards: Here, in addition to you can do your transactions with digital currency and Fiat, you can also use gift cards. By trading your gift cards with Bitcoin.

Cash payment: You can buy bitcoins by paying in cash.

Commodities: You can exchange your commodities, including gold and cars, for bitcoins.


  • Reliable offers: + 12000
  • Reliable sellers: 12000+
  • Happy customers: 6,000,000+
  • Offices around the world: 4
  • Employees: 200+
  • Languages: 21
  • Mission to build a world with equal financial access for all: 1
  • The founders:
  • Ray Youssef, CEO
  • Artur Schaback, CPO
These clone scripts can be your best choice because in each category, they are at the top of the table. Now read the rest of the text to make the choice easier for you.

4-Kraken Clone Script

Kraken Clone Script is a fully developed version of Kraken that allows traders to trade on a platform like Kraken. After receiving this version, you can change its features to your liking and customize it.


Kraken is introduced as an exchange and bank.

The exchange was established in 2011 and after ten years has become one of the tops and is the choice of many traders.

The Kraken trading platform supports digital currencies and Fiat for gravity trading.

It is headquartered in the United States and provides services to most of its states and, of course, other countries.


Empowerment: It does not matter if you are an experienced trader or a beginner in Kraken, you can easily progress.

Trading pairs: Trading pairs help traders to more easily decide what to trade. There are many of these pairs in Kraken.

Kraken Pro: All Kraken features run in a more beautiful and advanced way.

Kraken Futures Trading: Performs integration between spot and futures trading.


  • Fiat: 7
  • Coins: 100
  • Markets: 378
  • Weekly visits: 2 million
  • Average liquidity: 648
  • 24-hour trading volume: 4 billion

4-Huobi Clone Script

Huobi Global Exchange can be purchased in the form of a clone app from development companies. Huobi clone scripts are complete and tested versions that any digital currency trader can use to promote or launch their own business.


The Chinese company Huobi was founded in 2013 by a computer engineer named Leon Li, who two years later managed to get the domain of his site.

Huobi Exchange has several offices in other countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea, and the United States.

It has been about four years since this company became a public joint-stock company.

China stopped trading bitcoins in China due to Chinese bans.


Payment Method: There are several methods for paying and buying cryptocurrencies that traders can use them.

Fee: Huobi Global receives the lowest fee on its transactions.

Secure storage: You will be given a dedicated signature to store your assets. An offline wallet is also provided.


  • Fiat: 50
  • Coins: 356
  • Markets: 1015
  • Countries: 100+
  • Weekly visits: 1 million
  • Average liquidity: 514
  • 24-hour trading volume: $ 10 billion

5-Kucoin Clone Script

As a leading exchange in the world of digital currency, KuCoin has many advanced security and commercial features. With the same features, you can get a KuCoin clone script that will help you grow and update your business.


KuCoin Exchange is a digital currency exchange located in Singapore.

This exchange has been operating since 2017 and is known as The People’s Exchange.

This exchange has the first rank in globalization and offers its services all over the world.

KuCoin supports a large number of digital currencies and fiat.


Rewards: There is some reward for beginners on this platform.

24-hour support: You can trade at any time and place, and if you have a problem, backups will fix it.

News: With KuCoin News you can watch the updated news.


  • The best exchange platform in the establishment of globalization: Top 1
  • Number of transactions: 857,159,294
  • Trading volume: 708,338,732,574
  • Users: 8 M +
  • Fiat: 48
  • Coins: 555
  • Markets: 1084
  • Daily trading volume: 4 billion
  • Average liquidity: 508
  • Weekly visits: 2 million
We hope that you have used what has been said so far and that it has been interesting and useful for you. Our effort is that you trade without hassle and with complete information.

6-OKEx Clone Script

OKEx , as a not-so-old exchange, has a good position among traders, which has led developers to offer advanced versions of OKEx clone script. White label cryptocurrency exchange softwares are provided in the form of applications, websites, and simulated software and support all OKEx features.


OKEx Exchange is an exchange based on blockchain technology. This exchange has been set up for investing and conducting exchanges and commercial transactions. OKEx is one of the largest exchanges in the world.

This exchange was created in 2017 by Okcoin Exchange Group, which is called Ok Group.

In 2018, the company was introduced as the largest digital currency exchange.

In late 2019, the company announced four major partners for its global tool token “OKB”.

OKEx had the largest trading volume in 2021, reaching $ 188 billion.


Total OKB Assets: The total amount of OKB you have in your main and sub-accounts. These include point and margin accounts.

Main and Sub-Accounts: Your main account row depends on the 30-day trading volume of all major and minor accounts. Your main account charges will apply to your sub-accounts at 10:00 UTC on the same day as the sub-account is created.

24-Hour Withdrawal Limit (BTC): The 24-hour Withdrawal Limit is the maximum amount of digital currency you can withdraw in 24 hours in BTC equivalent. If you want to increase your limit, just contact customer support.


  • Countries: 200+
  • Coins: 312
  • Trading pairs: +400
  • Markets: 680
  • Traders: 20+ million
  • Weekly visits: 1 million
  • Average liquidity: 447
  • Daily trading volume: 16 billion

7-LocalBitcoins Clone Script

The best-selling and, of course, most valuable cryptocurrency is bitcoin, which in addition to being bought and sold in all exchanges. In a local bitcoin exchange, only bitcoins are traded, which can be the same in the clone script or other currencies can be added to it.


LocalBitcoins is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded about a decade ago and its website was launched in 2013.

The purpose of making it was to facilitate bitcoin trading, and today its trading volume is relatively high.

This exchange is a person-to-person platform and supports high security.


Services to countries: At LocalBitcoins, people from any country can easily exchange with other countries.

Speed: The whole registration process to the transaction takes only a few minutes.

Two-step authentication: This technology works with printed paper codes and no one but you can log in to your account.


  • Traders: 1 million
  • Trading volume: 612 million
  • Countries: 200+
  • Employees: 100+
  • Website visits: 3 million
  • Download the program: 1000+
If these articles were useful and helpful for you, you can comment for us on the names of other exchange offices that you want to get information about without quick research, so that we can act according to your needs, To help you.

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