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What is a trust wallet?

Because of the previous incidents that have happened, many crypto exchanges have made some security protocols to ensure their clients’ security of their funds and other details. It is always safe to store crypto assets in a trustworthy wallet. In the following text, you are going to read about the trust wallet how to use it, the cons and pros.

This software is a better way than storing crypto assets on centralized exchanges although they are not as safe as cold wallets. By the end of this article, users can decide whether this digital wallet can be a suitable option for them or not.


Trust Wallet is the official digital wallet of Binance. By installing this app on your phone you can send, receive and store Bitcoin and many other digital currencies. The simplicity of using this app is one of its strengths. You can also develop your trust wallet with the help of Binance Dex clone script.

The in-app decentralized exchange will allow you to exchange different currencies also with this app you can connect to other decentralized apps.

Supported coins

In the first days of being launched to the market, this wallet only supported ERC20 AND ERC223. But as it gets updated it started supporting more coins and tokens including Bitcoin, ripple, dodge coin, and Binance coin.

How does trust wallet work?

The trust wallet works in the following way, it is like a bridge connecting individual blockchain networks. Each blockchain network has its own public addresses, these public addresses are called the public keys. Crypto assets are stored and encrypted in these addresses.

This wallet has considered some security options in order to keep its users safe from being hacked or robbed. In Trust wallet your private keys are not stored on any server, these keys are only stored on the user’s phone and no one else doesn’t have access to them.  It is also possible to recover the wallet and the assets stored on it In case of the loss of mobile.

Trust wallet helps users to manage the public addresses to send and receive cryptos. This digital wallet also enables users to execute other crypto transactions, like trading and staking crypto.

This app has other security measures like pin code scanning or biometrical verification such as fingerprinting scanning with the goal of adding an extra layer of security to the platforms. All these features can be managed as soon as any individual logs in to their wallet.

Features of the Trust Wallet

  • Buy Bitcoin in less than five minutes
  • Easily earn interest on the crypto in your wallet
  • see your collectibles. Art and NFT in the same place
  • exchange your crypto without leaving the app
  • track charts and prices within the app
  • keep your crypto safe from hackers and scammers

How to transfer currency from Binance to a trust wallet

First, you have to log in to your account because for transferring the currency you have to have the access to the address of your wallet on binance.  Even you can use a trust wallet to hold your currencies, blockchain games and have access to the newest operating system of DApps and Defi.

Choose the coin for a deposit from the list or by searching the name of that coin, and by clicking on deposit for any coin all of the addresses for your binance wallet will be shown to you.

After choosing the coin, double-check the address and paste the address in the receiving part and deposit the amount of money.

You can also use the QR code to scan it on the trust wallet app.

You have to go through some security ways, because of security issues the confirmation telephone or email verification is valid for 30 minutes.

After the transaction has been executed, you can check the transaction history.

How to make payments with trust wallet?

Steps to make direct payment are listed below:

  • First, they have to sign into their trust wallet app and click on the send button, the field will appear which users must paste the wallet address of the recipient there. The QR code is also available if the users want to scan It on their phone.
  • Enter the amount that you need to send and then click on the Next button.
  • The transaction history can be reviewed
  • At the end when everything is double-checked click on send.

Connecting the trust wallet to Binance smart chain

Learning how to access to Binance smart chain is one of the simplest ways to interact with fundamental currencies and DeFi projects.

Trust wallet is one of the best ways to do it out of the desktop browser and setting it up only takes a few seconds.

Trust wallet is an encrypted wallet that doesn’t need registration. It is available for android and IOS users on the app store or google play.

Trust Wallet is not only for BSC, it is also supported POA, Ethereum.

Trust wallet reviews 


User friendly:  it is easy for people who were new to use. It is a handful of applications for traders.

Multiple coin support: currently it supports a wide range of coins.

Transaction fees: this digital wallet doesn’t collect any transaction fees or even subscription fees for its clients.

Fast transactions: the transactions are processed quickly and fast.

Multiple assets support: the platform has made it easy to keep track of multiple assets from a single location.

Free to download: Trust wallet is completely free to be downloaded on the app store or google play.

Easy backup: Trust wallet covers the backup issues that most of the wallet faces, by incorporating a 12-word recovery phrase at the time users set up the wallet in their mobile devices. Users must keep these phrases safe in order to use them again when needed to recover their access to the wallet.

No KYC verification needed:

Trust wallet doesn’t require any KYC compliances while setting up their account on the app because it is a non-custodial crypto wallet app and it doesn’t store any users’ data on its servers.


No desktop support: this app is only available for IOS and Android platforms and it doesn’t support desktop versions for Windows or Mac operating systems.

Supports for cash: the trust wallet doesn’t provide the support for turning digital money into fiat.

Does TrustWallet have a chrome browser extension?

Trust wallet doesn’t have a chrome extension. you can only download the mobile app on the app store or google play for  IOS and Android. If you have meta mask chrome extension, you can import trust wallet to it without any transaction fees.


This wallet gives you access to a variety of cryptocurrencies and allows you to stake your assets and gain profit from them. In comparison to cold wallets, a trust wallet cannot be regarded as a reliable one but in the competitive market of hot wallets, it can be known as one of the safest and trustworthy digital wallets. Also, it enables users to access various DApps which is a great ability.

If you are thinking of developing a trust wallet first of all you have to find a trustworthy crypto currency exchange software development company in order to develop a robust and secure trust wallet.



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