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Coinbase can be regarded as one of the successful exchanges in the crypto market it has active products, around 83,663,364 monthly visits.
Coinbase uses 48 technology products and services including HTML5, google analytics, and jQuery. Coinbase is actively using 94 technologies for its website. These include viewport Meta, iPhone/Mobile compatible, and SPF.
Since coinbase foundation in 2012, coinbase has grown into an exchange that can offer various range of products that are built with different technologies. These products are provided for different levels of users some of them, are targeted at advanced users and some others are for beginners and those who are new to the crypto world. This has made coinbase an exchange that is suitable for both advanced users and beginners. Let’s see what are coinbase technology stacks that has enabled this exchange to become successful and serve this numbers of users.

Tip: Before getting down to the main part of this blog, the price of developing each type of programming language differs. For example, launching a crypto exchange similar to Binance with different languages has different prices. For more information about the Binance Clone Script Price, you can visit our Binance clone script page.

the programming language s used to develop coinbase

Coinbase technology stacks

Programming language

Ruby: Ruby is a dynamic, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

JS: JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented language with first-class functions, most known as the scripting language for Web pages, but used in many non-browser environments as well such as node.js or Apache CouchDB.
Java Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering embedded and mobile applications, games, Web-based content, and enterprise software.

Objective-c: Objective-C is the primary programming language you use when writing software for OS X and iOS. It’s a superset of the C programming language and provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime. Objective-C inherits the syntax, primitive types, and flow control statements of C and adds syntax for defining classes and methods. It also adds language-level support for object graph management and objects literals while providing dynamic typing and binding, deferring many responsibilities until runtime.

At Radin, we use java to develop Coinbase clone script. There are some other reasons to choose the Java Spring framework. Java spring framework is one of the programming languages that are suitable for big projects.

Database and NoSQL Datastores

React Native is a framework for JavaScript for writing a platform natively for rendering mobile applications. React native is used to develop both coinbase pro mobile application and onboarding flows.

Coinbase mobile app development

In 2020, coinbase completely rewrote the mobile app from scratch with react native, Leaving behind all previous native implementations.
What was the reason and should other companies do this too?
We are going to take a look at Coinbase, this popular exchange among traders all around the world. In 2020, coinbase joined the club of companies that partially or completely rewrote the mobile apps with react native-like other companies such as Uber, Erikson, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. What factors make React Native so great for modern mobile development? And what was the reason that coinbase decided to rebuild its mobile app using this framework?

This programming language is used to build mobile applications that you can also see in the Paxful Clone Script that we provide.

High Reusability

React native components can be used again. Every programmer appreciates the well-documented and unique code which means it doesn’t need to repeat the codes.
Developing mobile apps using codes like this has not been easy, especially in the case of Native builds.
If the app is small there is no reason to be worrying about this but when the projects start to grow some problems may appear quickly. Here is when the hero React Native will enter.
As we explained earlier, React native components are composable javascript functions that take inputs and give back some elements that control the things that are shown on the screen in return.
Coinbase software engineers use these components to separate the app’s user interfaces into self-contained pieces that have high reusability.

High security and scalability

React Native has proved its reliability, security features, performance, and native compatibility. So for an exchange like Coinbase one of the challenges is dealing with different regulations because they provide services for over 100 countries.
Although coinbase programming team faced some troubles at first of this change, the react-native gives more dynamic and more robust mobile applications.

what technology stacks radindev use for developing coinbase cone script

What technology stacks does Radindev use?

Radindev is one of the cryptocurrency exchange software development companies that provides blockchain development and crypto exchange development services. Different experts work in this company, and our first goal is to make good memories for our clients in the journey of developing an exchange platform. Now you know what are coinbase technology stacks you can choose about your exchange programming language with clear point of view.

As we have seen, we use java to develop the Coinbase clone script. The language used for developing the front end for laptops and PCs is developed with the Vue Js framework.
We have talked about the advantages of React native earlier so it will be the best choice to choose React Native for developing mobile applications, this framework has proved itself in the coinbase exchange, so Radindev choice for developing mobile applications is React native.
If you are wishing to develop your own crypto exchange platform, then Radindev can be your assistant as a cryptocurrency exchange software Development Company. Radindev supports you by providing a completely customizable, white-label, or cryptocurrency exchange clone script. Extra add-ons can be added to your platform according to the requirements of your business.

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