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Why some blockchain projects fail?5 min read

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As soon as the blockchain was created, it has going up the stairs of popularity so fast. Different companies and entrepreneurs are implementing this technology in their processes and operations. They want to use the blockchain features such as transparency, immutability, and decentralized structure.

Blockchain is a distributed technology that ensures the immutability of data, decentralization, and p2p helps to build a secure network for businesses to transact with other organizations.

Nowadays you can hear various stories about how blockchain was successful and how it has affected businesses in a positive way. But there are some stories about some other businesses that weren’t much successful or not successful at all. But what is the reason for these various results by using blockchain?

In the following text we are going to see, what are the reasons that one blockchain project fails and why another one becomes successful.

what is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital ledger that stores any kind of data. a blockchain is able to record information about cryptocurrency transactions, NFT ownership, or Defi smart contracts.

with blockchain you can be sure that you receive accurate and fresh data, and that your blockchain records will be shared only with the network members and the ones that you gave access to them.

What are the most common mistakes in blockchain projects?

Sometimes these blockchain fans jump straight into the developing process, forgetting about the key points to pay attention to before developing that help the process go on smoother. Jumping directly into the developing process may end in dissatisfying results and cannot earn the value they were expecting from the project.

In the following, we will read about the most common mistake in the development process that causes problems in the process and see what we can do to prevent these troubles from happening.

 Inability to define insights properly

Everything begins with the idea and the concept you have in your mind for a project. The majority of all the challenges come from the unclear vision that customers have in their minds. For developing a blockchain project they should have a clear outline of their idea and explain what they exactly want to achieve as a result of this project.

If you have decided to use blockchain in your business, make sure that you clearly know the scope, objectives, and ultimate aspirations of the project. You have to know what exactly blockchain technology is going to solve.

Legacy system challenges

The enterprise blockchain applications don’t work independently, in the opposite side they need to be in sync with already existing legacy systems, apps, and data sets. The legacy systems, applications, and data sets need to integrate seamlessly. It is a complicated process as the demands for traditional and distributed systems are different. Besides if they are working with banks they should stick to the rules and work properly. If blockchain is not seamlessly integrated with traditional systems, it will lead to issues like data inconsistency, poor user experience, and end in poor performance.

Now you may think that after the blockchain integration, non-blockchain parts of the project will deliver lower value. But we still haven’t explored the full potential of the blockchain yet, it is recommended to continue modernizing and enhancing the process on the basis of the conventional technology or the other way can be running the blockchain in parallel with the current system if you don’t want to make a full transition to ledger the technology.

inexperienced engineers for developing a blockchain

Inexperienced blockchain engineers

The business or startup owners may look for different ways to reduce the project costs and, as a result, they decide to hire inexperienced engineers that they don’t have enough experience for this kind of project. If blockchain engineers do not possess the necessary skills and qualifications, the quality of the project may not be satisfying. And you may face some troubles that will damage the final result of the project.

It is so important to develop a well-designed blockchain in order to deliver the expected value. Blockchain development needs knowledge around cryptography, smart contracts, and governance.

Finding an experienced blockchain developer or the cryptocurrency exchange software development company that provides blockchain development services needs time and requires paying attention to details. If you don’t want to pass through this step, you may not find an experienced and dedicated team to deliver high-quality services. And also the final result may cause troubles for you in long term.

There are some factors to pay attention to before choosing a cryptocurrency exchange development company in the following I have mentioned some of them briefly but if you want to read more about them we have a complete blog about how to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange development company.

  • Check the projects that the company have done before successfully
  • Explore the feedback they have r3ecived from their previous customers
  • Check if they had any experience on a project similar to your case and what is their strategy to deliver the services to their customer.

A developer with sufficient experience can identify which method or blockchain platform is suitable for your project. They should be able to define what components are better to be added to the platform to ensure high-quality performance.
And the blockchain development company that you have chosen for developing your crypto exchange or blockchain process should offer consulting services. With their consultation, you can choose the best and most appropriate solution.
Make sure you find reliable expertise in this field, if you don’t all your efforts may end up being useless and a big failure.

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