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coinspot clone software

Radindev- Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company , provides CoinSpot clone script that facilitates you to get started with your own cryptocurrency exchange platform. Also we afford all of the current features and security plugins as like Coinspot exchange platform to start your own crypto exchange platform as like coinspot. This CoinSpot exchange clone script of ours is highly protected, scalable and can be customized to suit your requirements. Our CoinSpot clone has the architecture of a present CoinSpot exchange platform it works like it. The main aim of the CoinSpot clone script is, it helps the entrepreneurs to start crypto exchange business like CoinSpot quickly with popular and exceptional features and reduce the startup costs.

Coinspot Wonderful Stats

9000+for Coinswap

Trading Pairs


Fiat currencies


Cryptocurrencies Listed



Most of All

Supported Countries

0.1% / 1%

Trading Fee


Installs (App)



Coinspot Growth Path

CoinSpot is a cryptocurrency exchange from Australia. They are one of the leading Australian gateway companies into the crypto world, meaning that they allow the purchase of crypto with fiat currency. The exchange was founded in Melbourne 2013.

They are a member of ADCA – the Australian Digital Commerce Association. ADCA is not a regulatory authority, but the membership still shows some form of long term commitment to the adoption of blockchain technology.

A survey of 607 investors by CoinSpot last month detected an increase in the diversity of investors attracted to crypto assets. Millennial and Generation Z consumers (especially men) still make up the biggest cohort of cryptocurrency owners.

CoinSpot’s research found almost one in five investors in that age bracket bought, sold, swapped or traded crypto assets in the past four years. Almost two in three (60 per cent) of Gen Z and more than half (54 per cent) of Millennial investors believe there is a strong likelihood of them owning crypto in the future.

However, the research also found 21 per cent of crypto owners to be parents older than 35. Just 34 per cent of crypto owners are single, with the vast majority indicating they have a significant other, while the cohort of female crypto investors jumped to 33 per cent from 27 per cent in 2018.

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White Label Coinspot Clone Software

White Label Coinspot Clone Software

Coinspot clone script is the clone of the popular exchange platform – Coinspot. It is a turnkey clone software of Coinspot which has similar features to Coinspot. They are readily customizable software. That means the client can add or remove any of the features and include some of the unique features into the clone software based on business needs. For security purposes, the Coinspot clone script imbibes the same security perspective of the Coinspot exchange and can get modified based on the security needs.

A White label exchange software is a ready-made product which is readily built with the primary features. Our whitelabel solution CoinSpot clone script can make your crypto exchange website with more than CoinSpot exchange platform. Yeah, we are offering more add-ons and services which build your cryptocurrency exchange more than the CoinSpot.Also, we offer the best crypto exchange platform development cost compared to other companies.

Premium Features of Coinspot Clone Script

Add-ons of Coinspot Clone Software

Referral Program

The Coinspot clone script provides a referral service that allows the users to earn up to $10 in Bitcoin after the first AUD deposit, similar to Coinspot. The users can share a referral code with friends or family members.

Affiliate program

CoinSpot clone script has an affiliate program that rewards 30% of commissions for promoting their services to the community for 12 months from the verification of each member.

Coinspot Bundles

A CoinSpot Bundle is a selection of multiple coins put together based on certain attributes. This allows a user to purchase the group of coins in one action rather than having to purchase each coin individually.

Trading bitcoins Online/Offline

Traders need to trade the bitcoins both online/offline. In online trading, traders exchange bitcoins without meeting the partner. In offline trading, traders meet straight and exchange bitcoins.

Supported cryptocurrencies

CoinSpot allows users to easily buy over 300 digital currencies. such as Bitcoin (BTC),Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT) Ripple (XRP) Litecoin (LTC) …

Margin trading

If you are a margin trader, Coinspot clone script has a separate platform specifically for this. You can access this by going to the margin tab in the header.

Coinspot Clone App

No one would be refusing easy access to their digital infrastructure. That is where the Coinspot clone app comes in. As Coinspot provides real-time data with exceptional features through their Coinspot app and helping the traders to keep themselves updated, there is nothing more convenient to initiate your coinspot clone app similar to the real one and provide your users and traders some exceptional features and user interface. We, Radindev Technologies provides Coinspot clone app solutions helping the exchange owners to offer the best clone app that allows the users to deposit and withdraw currencies accordingly. Coinspot Clone App is a cryptocurrency exchange app that consists of all major features and functionalities of the Coinspot mobile app.

Coinspot clone app

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Features of Coinspot Clone App

Fingerprint Unlocking

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

advantages of fingerprint unlocking

Higher accuracy- As one of the most sophisticated biometric modalities, fingerprint scanners provide almost 100% of accuracy during authentication. Faster access – Compared to typing a password, a fingerprint scanner can lock and unlock your workstation or device quickly. We provide users to have one of the most unique “passwords” to secure their financial accounts—their own fingerprint—without having to worry about insecure practices such as writing down passwords or using complex passwords that are difficult to remember.

Time Out Session

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

impartance of timeout session

Session timeout is a fairly popular option that needs to be used carefully. It is used to determine how long a device may remain authenticated on a switchport before it must perform authentication again.

When session timeout occurs:

Users are taken to the Login page with a message that the session timed out (or suspended) and that they must log in to start a new session. This approach is useful when the data available on the screen are sensitive.

Multilingual Support

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

better user experience

When customers can interact with a support who speaks their native language it has a huge influence on their experience: they can communicate easier and feel more comfortable. In this way, multilingual customer support can not only lead to more positive experiences, but can also help you build a reputation in that community. At Radindev, we believe the right multilingual strategy pairs the best of human support with the best of automation.

In app authentication

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

more security

Performing the main authentication function, login and password have become two pillars of an overall login system and the core of information security. Additional methods of identifying a user and preventing an unauthorized access usually complement this “authentication pair”. Thus, a PIN code is considered as a good protection mechanism applied to support the classic scheme of authentication, but not to fully substitute it.

live chat with traders

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

better user experience

Because we offer services globally we encounter clients from a number of different backgrounds who speak a variety of languages. Many of those clients will struggle to converse over the phone, so prefer to take their time using a chat service.

LiveChat provides quicker and more interactive support than emails and eliminates the cost of phone calls. Trades happen around the clock and you have to provide support constantly. LiveChat gives you tools that make continuous support across several time zones easy.

Crypto Widget

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

advantages of crypto widget

Native widgets give you easy access crypto, bitcoin prices and your portfolio. add widget to your home screen and stay updated. Simple Bitcoin Widget is customizable and can display the rates of multiple cryptocurrencies on your home screen.

If should any new coins and tokens be listed on the exchange, they’ll be immediately added in the future updates.

And also We, Radindev- support world’s most established cryptocurrencies. Such as: Bitcoin(BTC) Ethereum(ETH) Ripple(XRP) Bitcoin cash(BCH) Litecoin(LTC)

Security Features of Our Coinspot Clone App

SQL injection prevention

Anti DDoS

Un-Hackable Trading Platform

HTTPS Authentication storage

Data encryption

Jail Login System

Escrow Bound Application

(CSRF) protection

About CoinSpot Company

Coinspot is a reputable and trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. The platform provides a safe environment for individuals, companies and Super Fund investors to buy, trade and sell Bitcoin and over 260 cryptocurrencies. The Australian exchange is recommended for beginners due to it’s easy to use interface and mobile app.Unlike Binance, bitforex is centralized. A decentralized exchange system is made to allow a direct transaction among users without the interference of authority and this is made possible when a proxy token or asset is introduced to the system. butThe centralized exchange allows for a third party to regulate transactions, they provide advanced trading functionalities, represent a security risk for your fund, and most importantly, they make it very easy to use.

Why Choose RadinDev for Coinspot Clone Development?

Radindev is one of the best companies in the Cryptocurrency Exchange script developing world. We have expert developers who are knowledgeable in evolving a platform for cryptocurrency exchange platform. Before placing an order, you can get your free live demo from the technical team. From design to deployment full service is provided by our support team. We are offering the best customer service with 24/7 support. You can get bug-free scripts with 100% source code.

Why Choose RadinDev for Coinspot Clone Development?

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Getting started with Bitcoin is quick and easy. Once you’ve created an account on CoinSpot and deposited funds, you can enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to buy (or Australian Dollar equivalent)
Creating your CoinSpot account to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is completely free and there are no ongoing costs.
CoinSpot is a reputable as well as a trustworthy exchange that has not been hacked since it was founded originally in 2013. It is the first cryptocurrency platform in Australia to ever receive the internationally recognized ISO 27001 certification for information security.
Some of the most popular crypto coins on the market are: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Binance Coin (BNB) Dogecoin (DOGE) Cardano (ADA) Polkadot (DOT) Ripple (XRP) Litecoin (LTC) Chainlink (LINK) Stellar (XLM)
With an industry low fee of 0.1% per trade. Our Markets enable CoinSpot customers to sell to, and buy coins from each other. If you set a sell price and there is a customer willing to buy at that price, even if under market value, the sale will process immediately and the coins will be sent to the buying customer.

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