Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Development in France 

Buying, selling or exchanging multiple crypto currencies are possible through a Cryptocurrency exchange. Radindev is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website  Development company   which provides  cryptocurrency exchange development in France.

cryptocurrency exchange development in France
cryptocurrency exchange website development company in France

The Importance of Developing a Crypto Trading Platform

Technology is becoming a very critical and important aspect of our life. Many users search through the World Wide Web to become aware of the latest news about the cost of digital currencies and other things. So as an owner of a business, this is so crucial for you to provide the appropriate services for these users by developing a cryptocurrency exchange software. The digital currency business continues to grow and as a result, a reliable and secure related platform is needed. 

Radindev Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Features

2FA or two factor authentication

is extra security layer added to your password. An example of this kind  of password can be the password you choose for yourself and the one-time code that Google Authenticator sends it to you.

Cryptocurrency exchange development services company
user verification

User verification

it is a real-time online verification method allowing new users to verify their accounts and start trading without limits in less than 5 minutes. Quick ID verification technology allows users to verify their accounts by taking a picture of their ID cards and their faces.

Crypto Wallet

one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency exchange-trade websites is a Cryptocurrency wallet also known as a Bitcoin wallet whose function is similar to traditional wallets but this one holds digital cash.

crypto wallet
Cryptocurrency exchange development services company

The API security 

API (Application Programming Interface) is the most common way that allows a separate software to interact with a component or resource. The most basic operation of API is that they act like a door or a window into a software program and allow other programs to talk with each other without the need for a developer to share its complete code.

Need any help for cryptocurrency exchange development in France?

 Cryptocurrency exchange development services

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development (CEX)

A centralized exchange is owned and operated by a company that has total control over all transactions. Users of CCEs do not have access to the private keys of their exchange account’s wallets. In other words, Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges act as a third party between a buyer and a seller. They trade currencies through this third party. The centralized exchanges charge transaction fees. Most exchange hacks in the history of cryptocurrency have been on centralized exchanges.

The centralized  platform that we have developed has advanced features with high security:

Multi cryptocurrency support

Multiple Order Types

Advance Admin Dashboard

KYC & AML Integration

Powerful Trading Engine

Payment Gateway Integration

DDoS  and X-XSS-Protection

Multi-Signature Wallet

CSRF & SSRF Protection

Elliptic-curve cryptography wallet

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development (DEX)

DEX is a type of crypto exchange that allows peer-to-peer crypto exchange. In this type of exchange buyers and sellers can interact with each other directly without any need for a trusted third party to control the transaction. Traders have complete control of the exchange. It doesn’t charge any transaction fees for users. Decentralized crypto exchanges are quite slow when it comes to transaction speed. Also, decentralized crypto exchanges are known for maintaining anonymity and being well secured.

Our  decentralized  platform includes advanced features :

Robust Smart Contract

Liquidity Management

On-chain Governance

Referral Programs

Advanced Reporting

Atomic Swap

Multi-Sig Wallet

High TPS and Scalability

Multi-crypto Support

Blockchain Platform Stack

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Hybrid exchanges were developed to cover the shortcomings of decentralized and centralized exchange development. It combines the good features of CEX and DEX development. They have the high speed and usability of a centralized exchange and anonymity and security of decentralized exchange development.

List nearest Buyer

 Trade Matching Engine

Dispute management system

Reporting and Analytics

Multi-Language Support

Advanced Admin Panel

Smart Contract

Atomic Swapping

KYC Verification

Private messaging

If you want to view our ready-made demo websites , Fill out the form below and our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company in France
Developing Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Is it possible to develop and add extra features to the platform?

first of all Radindev team will investigate your needs and requirements. in the next step, they will embed your required features into the platform and convert raw ideas to an efficient platform, as you wished for. Also, you can add your exclusive options and extra features to the software. Read about all the factors that shape the Crypto  Exchange Website Development Cost by clicking on the link above.

Technology Stack

Our Services

P2P Exchange Platform

What is p2p trading?

P2P exchange is the act of selling and buying crypto currencies directly between users. p2p Crypto Exchange Software Development gives you more control over who buys your cryptocurrencies and who you buy from, the pricing and settlement time.

p2p crypto exchange
crypto currency payment

Crypto Payment Getaway

A crypto payment gateway is a platform for online transactions that helps users to receive, send, and transfer money to another person or user, using different kinds of cryptocurrencies. A crypto payment is essential for international businesses, it enables trading different kinds of coins and also processes transactions without any intermediaries or third parties. 
Our crypto payment gateway development services ensure ease of usage and high security and safety.
By developing a crypto payment you will gain some advantages such as:

  • convert fiat money to digital currencies and vice versa 
  • no chance of being hacked or rubbed
  •  transaction fees will be lower

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

white label cryptocurrency exchange software is a ready-made crypto trading software that helps to launch secure crypto exchange platform instantly. In a white label cryptocurrency exchange development , the UX/UI can be customized for each brand and its requirements. Also, the software can quickly present to the market. White label software is a script that supports trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It supports all major currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. .The White Label exchange software is ideal for complicated industries like Banking security systems, Blockchain technology, and Cryptocurrency trading.

cryptocurrency exchange development company in France
cryptocurrency mlm software

Cryptocurrency MLM Software 

cryptocurrency MLM software development  is a strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors. Cryptocurrency MLM software is a peer-2-peer models operating in a network. MLM model, enterprises incentivize the network users for promoting the products in their personal networks and increase the chain.

Flexible Trading UI

Our developed platforms provide the ideal User interface for traders.

Colour & font customization

Choose any desired colour scheme and font for your end-users

Default workspaces arrangement

Organise several workspace sin your trading platform to suit various trаding styles

Default widgets customization

Select widgets in your trading website among the set of widgets and presets.

Need any help for cryptocurrency exchange development in France?

Business benefits of developing a white label cryptocurrency exchange development in France

Eliminates the hours of developing a software and it helps  to save money


 White label cryptocurrency exchange comes with anti-phishing features, two-way authentication, and advanced data encryption and these platforms can be deployed within a matter of days.

Enables you to instantly launch a readymade exchange website within minutes.

A white label cryptocurrency exchange avoids all the extra time, development, and effort required for building an exchange from scratch.


Supports multiple languages for international exchange

Why Choose Radindev for cryptocurrency exchange development in France?

Radindev has a team of professionals who can develop safe, hassle-free and user-friendly exchange solutions for convenient trading. Our services include all the core functions for a secure and fast crypto exchange.  We put our effort into understanding the need of our customers to fulfill their wishes, as a result, we have become a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange development software company in the market.

Synced mobile application

Multiple language market

24/7 customer support

Pre-Post Lunch Support

Affordable Price

User Friendly Design 


After lunching your Cryptocurrency Exchange software, we will be by your side and you have our support for 1 year. And after 1 year if you are pleased, there will be a chance for a support contract for another year.

The exchange with standard functionality can be deployed within 7 days and go live. The deployment time may vary according to your customization needs. Please feel free to ask for an estimation.


Cryptocurrencies remain largely unregulated in France, with two ordinances on blockchain technology being the only legislative action taken so far. However, the French government is actively studying the cryptocurrency phenomenon and moving towards establishing a regulatory regime.The EU Commission has introduced a directive on ‘Markets in Crypto-assets’ to regulate trading in crypto-assets and support digital finance in all EU states

Unfortunately not, We provide a trial only after you purchase the exchange. But we are happy to show you the demo we have developed or on the platforms that are working.

we have to tell you that p2p crypto exchange platforms are considered the most secure way of trading between users.

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