Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Development in India

Radindev is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Development company which provides customizable, secure and fast cryptocurrency exchange in India. Our services include all the core functions for a hassle-free and fast crypto exchange. We have developed plenty of demo websites and also lunched crypto exchange websites that are working. Contact us and request a demo there are plenty of crypto website available you can choose the one that fits your needs.

cryptocurrency exchange development in India
cryptocurrency exchange development in India

The Importance of cryptocurrency exchange website development

As time passes technology is becoming more important aspect of our lives. Many users search through the Internet to gain knowledge of the latest news about the cost of digital currencies or even the sell and buy different things through internet. So as a businessman, this is so important to develop the suitable services for these users by a cryptocurrency exchange software development. The digital currency business continues to grow and as a result,  a secure and safe  platform is needed. 

Most Important Features of a Cryptocurrency Exchange website Development

Customer Support


User Friendly

Developing Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Supported Coins

Payment Methods


Cryptocurrency Exchange Software development Solution Provider In India


The professional team at Radindev provides various set of cryptocurrency exchange scripts, from which customers can choose their desired variant.  Our team provides different kinds of centralized, decentralized, or hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform development.

developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform India

Radindev Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Features

developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform India

2FA or Two Factor Authentication

is extra security layer added to your password. An example of this kind  of password can be the password you choose for yourself and the one -time code that Google Authenticator sends it to you.

cryptocurrency exchange software development company

Crypto Wallet

one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency exchange-trade websites is a Cryptocurrency wallet also known as a Bitcoin wallet whose function is similar to traditional wallets but this one holds digital cash.

developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform India

User verification

it is a real-time online verification method allowing new users to verify their accounts and start trading without limits in less than 5 minutes. Quick ID verification technology allows users to verify their accounts by taking a picture of their ID cards and their faces.

cryptocurrency exchange software development company

The API security 

API (Application Programming Interface) is the most common way that allows a separate software to interact with a component or resource. The most basic operation of API is that they act like a door or a window into a software program and allow other programs to talk with each other without the need for a developer to share its complete code.

Do you Need any help for  cryptocurrency exchange platform development in India?

Cryptocurrency exchange development services

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development (CEX)

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In the  “centralized cryptocurrency exchange,” the idea of centralization refers to the use of a  third party to help conduct transactions.

Here are some features of our centralized exchange platform:

Multi cryptocurrency support

Multiple Order Types




Powerful Trading

Payment Gateway

DDoS protection
and X-XSS-Protection

Multi-Signature Wallet

CSRF & SSRF Protection

Elliptic-curve cryptography wallet

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development (DEX)

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are a type of cryptocurrency exchange which allows for direct transactions. Unlike centralized echange  In this type of exchange traders can interact with each other directly without any need for a trusted third party to control the transaction.  

Our  decentralized  platform includes advanced features :

Robust Smart Contract

Liquidity Management

On-chain Governance

Referral Programs

Advanced Reporting

Atomic Swap

Multi-Sig Wallet

High TPS and Scalability

Multi-crypto Support

Blockchain Platform Stack

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Hybrid crypto  exchanges are the Combination of good features of both CEX and DEX. It was developed to cover the shortcomings of centralized and decentralized exchanges. They have  the usability and liquidity of centralized platforms and the anonymity and security of decentralized exchanges.

List nearest Buyer

 Trade Matching Engine

Dispute management system

Reporting and Analytics

Multi-Language Support

Advanced Admin Panel

Smart Contract

Atomic Swapping

KYC Verification

Private messaging

 Common Order Types of Cryptocurrency Trading

Using different order can result in various outcomes, so it is important to realize the difference between different orders. Here we explain some of the most common orders:

cryptocurrency exchange development company

Market Order

A market order means to sell and buy a stock at its best available price in the market at the moment.

These orders are the most basic buy and sell trades, where a broker receives a security trade order and then processes it at the current market price. This order is the fastest way for trading and mostly used when you want to buy or sell stocks immediately.

cryptocurrency exchange development company

Limit Order

A limit order allows you to set your price to buy and sell a stock. In a way that you set your limit price and when the market reaches your limit price, the order will be executed. For selling your assets, you set the limit at its highest value that you think it may reach and for buying, you set the limit at the lowest price you think is appropriate.
 A limit order may be appropriate when you think you can buy at a price lower than—or sell at a price higher than—the current price.


cryptocurrency exchange development company

Stop limit

A stop limit order is a mixture of the advantages of limit order and stop order. After the limit order becomes active, it will execute any trades that are available at the limit price or  better price. In stop limit order, the execution doesn’t happen at any lower price than the value you have set for the stop limit to sell stocks. And the act of buying, the execution only happens when the price in the market is lower than the specified price.

Radindev Team Provides you the best crypto services

white label cryptocurrency exchange software demo
white label cryptocurrency exchange software

Is it Possible to Develop and Add Extra Features to the Platform?

In the first step Radindev team will understand your needs and expectations. in the next step, they our team will import your required features into the platform and turn raw ideas to an usefull platform, as you wished for. Also, you can add your exclusive options and extra features to the software. Read about crypto exchange website development cost  factors in Radindev.

Technology Stack

Crypto Exchange Development Services in India

P2P Exchange Platform

What is p2p trading?

P2P exchange is the act of selling and buying crypto currencies directly between users. p2p crypto exchange software development gives you more control over who buys your cryptocurrencies and who you buy from, the pricing and settlement time.

p2p crypto exchange software
payment gateway clone

crypto payment getaway

A crypto payment gateway is a platform for online transactions that helps users to receive, send, and transfer money to another person or user, using different kinds of cryptocurrencies. A crypto payment is essential for international businesses, it enables trading different kinds of coins and also processes transactions without any intermediaries or third parties. 
Our crypto payment gateway development services ensure ease of usage and high security and safety.
By developing a crypto payment you will gain some advantages such as:


  • convert fiat money to digital currencies and vice versa 
  • no chance of being hacked or rubbed
  •  transaction fees will be lower

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

in general, ‘White Label‘ refers to a customizable product and/or service that is developed by one company and sold to another.  White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange is a ready-to-lunch solution with market-ready back-end and easy-to-customize front-end.  The UX/UI can easily be customized based on the requirements of each brand.

white label crypto exchange software development
crypto mlm software

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

cryptocurrency MLM software development is used for marketing crypto coins like Bitcoin and high secured money transferring. Using Cryptocurrency MLM software will ensure efficient and smooth running of your MLM business as well as delivering positive results in today’s competitive market.

Do you Need any help for  cryptocurrency exchange software development in India?

Business benefits of a white label cryptocurrency exchange development in India

cryptocurrency software development company in india

Supports multiple languages for international exchange

Eliminates the hours of developing a software and it helps  to save money

Enables you to launch a readymade exchange website and enter the market faster.

 White label crypto exchange comes with anti-phishing features and two-way authentication.

A white label cryptocurrency exchange doesn’t need all that  development, time and money required for creating a  exchange platform from nothing.

Why Choose Radindev for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development in India?

Radindev has a team of professionals who can develop safe,  and user-friendly exchange solutions for convenient trading. Our services include all the main functions for a secure and fast crypto exchange.  We put our effort into understanding the need of our customers to fulfill their wishes, as a result, we have become a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange development software company in the market.

Synced mobile application

Multiple language 

24/7 support

Pre-Post Lunch Support

Affordable Price

User Friendly Design 


Here are some frequently asked questions:

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment  or contact us.


we have to tell you that p2p crypto exchange platforms are considered the most secure way of trading between users.

The exchange with standard functionality can be deployed within 7 days and go live. The deployment time may vary according to your customization needs. Please feel free to ask for an estimation.

Unfortunately not. We provide a trial only after you purchase the exchange. But we are happy to show you the demo on the platforms that are working.

After lunching your Cryptocurrency Exchange software, we will be by your side and you have our support for 1 year. And after 1 year if you are pleased, there will be a chance for a support contract for another year.

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