Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Development  in Turkey

Radindev is a Cryptocurrency Exchange website Development  company which provides customizable, user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange website in turkey. Radindev provides the best cryptocurrency exchange. We recommend you to request a demo  and choose your desired platform.

crypto exchange website development in turkey

Radindev Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Features

2FA or two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security system that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access something.

two factor authentication
user verification in exchange website

User verification

it is a real-time online verification method allowing new users to verify their accounts and start trading without limits in less than 5 minutes. Quick ID verification technology allows users to verify their accounts by taking a picture of their ID cards and their faces.

Crypto wallet

one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency exchange-trade websites is a Cryptocurrency wallet also known as a Bitcoin wallet.  A crypto wallet is a tool that lets you buy, sell, store, and spend your cryptocurrency funds.

crypto wallet development
lunch a cryptocurrency exchange software in turkey

The API security

API (Application Programming Interface) is the most common way that allows a separate software to interact with a component or resource. The most basic operation of API is that they act like a door or a window into a software program and allow other programs to talk with each other without the need for a developer to share its complete code.

Crypto Currency  Exchange Software Solutions Provider In Turkey

The professional team at Radindev provides a versatile set of cryptocurrency exchange scripts, from which customers can choose their preferred variant. Approach our team to purchase centralized, decentralized, or hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development.

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development (CEX)

In centralized exchange platform  most of the control over your account remains in the hands of the third party which runs the exchange

The centralized  platform that we have developed has advanced features with high security:

Multi cryptocurrency support

Multiple Order Types




Powerful Trading

Payment Gateway

DDoS protection
and X-XSS-Protection

Multi-Signature Wallet

CSRF & SSRF Protection

Elliptic-curve cryptography wallet

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development (DEX)

  A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform is a market place that let the buyers and sellers to interact with each other directly with out any third party to control the transactions.

Our  decentralized  platform includes advanced features :

Robust Smart Contract


Liquidity Management

On-chain Governance


Referral Programs


Advanced Reporting


Atomic Swap

Multi-Sig Wallet

High TPS and Scalability

Multi-crypto Support

Blockchain Platform Stack

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Hybrid exchanges  are the mixture of centralized and decentralized features. It addresses the pitfalls of both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. he hybrid cryptocurrency exchange is performing fast and transparent crypto transactions. 

List nearest Buyer

Accurate Trade Matching Engine

Dispute management system

Reporting and Analytics

Multi-Language Support

Advanced Admin Panel

Smart Contract- Powered Escrow

Atomic Swapping

KYC Verification

Private messaging

Need any help for  developing cryptocurrency exchange  website?

 Decentralized exchange vs. centralized exchange

Centralized exchangeDecentralized exchange
Most likely to be attacked by hackers.High security (no chance of being hacked
fees (using a third party platforms will charge you fees)Charges no fees or very minimum
The third party has the control of transactionsUser has the most control over the transactions
high speed transaction  ( done in milliseconds)Can take up to some minute for transaction to be done
Easy to regulate and make rules.Complicated to regulate
has variety of featuresDoesn’t have variety of features

Why Chose Radindev Company for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Radindev, a well-organized cryptocurrency exchange development company in Turkey , tries to provide the best services with high quality for its customers in a way to help their businesses to stand out among all the others. We put our effort into understanding the need of our customers to fulfill their wishes, as a result, we have become a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange development software company in the market. Our company has proved itself by developing different exchange websites and various demos with different features. Here are the Radindev premium cryptocurrency Exchange development Features in Turkey.

Best crypto excchange development company in turkey

SEO enabled

Affordable Price

User Friendly Design 

Advanced CMS

market order , limit order and stop order

free customer service

Margin Trading & Lending

responsive design

Synced mobile application 

Multiple language market 


Pre-Post Lunch Support

Cryptocurrency website Development cost 

The cost of developing a crypto site is different for each website. It depends on various items like the number of its users, the features it has, and also the features that are going to be added to the website.

Are you ready to develop your crypto exchange website?

If you want to view our ready-made demo websites , Fill out the form below and our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company in France
cryptocurrency exchange development company in France

Is it Possible to Develop and Add Extra Features to the Platform?

Our team has considered the possibility that some extra features may be added to the platform after the development of the business. So of course you can contact the developers and add  the desired features to the website . Each different features has impact on the Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Development Cost.

Technology Stack

crypto exchange services company in turkey

Crypto Exchange Development Services in Turkey

White label Exhchange

Crypto payment Development

P2P Exchange Platform

Crypto MLM Software

Need any help for  developing cryptocurrency exchange  website?

White Label Crypto Currency Exchange Software

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a script that supports trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It supports all major currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The UI and UX can be customized easily due to the requirements of each brand. Our company has developed practical white label platforms.

Top queries Clicks Impressions white label cryptocurrency exchange software

Benefits of Using a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

cryptocurrency website development company in turkey

No Need for Technical Expertise 

Low Development Cost 

Lunch a Brand Faster into Market 

Supports multi Cryptocurrencies 

Easy to Customize 

 Bug–Free Platform

crypto payment development

Crypto Payment Development

It is a platform in which users can receive, send, and transfer money to another person or user, using different kinds of cryptocurrencies. An updated crypto payment getaway software can allow your user to trade cryptocurrencies within a second. If you want your business to stand out among other businesses, develop your crypto payment software and make the transaction easy and fast for your clients.

P2P Exchange Platform

P2p exchange platform or peer-to-peer platform is the marketplace that individuals can directly trade crypto with each other. In  P2P Crypto Exchange Software Development, there is no need for any trusted third party to process the trade.

p2p cryptocurrency exchange development
cryptocurrency mlm software

Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a form of sales in which independent representatives sell products or services from a company to an end consumer. The cryptocurrency MLM software development allows users to expand their networks, bringing in an unlimited number of referrals.


If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you and solve your problems  about  developing a cryptocurrency  exchange software in Turkey

we have to tell you that p2p crypto exchange platforms are considered the safest and secure way of trading between users.

Crypto margin trading or crypto trading with leverage is a way of trading that allows traders to gain greater benefit from a specific asset by borrowing capital from other traders to invest in something such as cryptocurrency. Unlike regular trading in which traders use their capital to fund trades, margin trading allows traders to multiply the amount of capital they can trade. In other words, margin trading allows you to make larger profits when you make successful trades and I have to mention that the amount of loss might be greater. “Leverage” is the amount by which a trader can multiply their Profit. 

Though crypto asset and trading are available in turkey it is not recognized by Turkish law. No legislation particularly refers to crypto exchange so it’s not possible to exactly declare cryptocurrency lawful or unlawful.

A cryptocurrency exchange software or digital currency exchange platform is a platform that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin with fiat currencies, or other digital currencies.

The time of lunching depends on the type of the platform that you choose. A white label crypto currency exchange can be developed in 7 days. But if you choose to build a website from scratch it may take longer according to different factors.

Crypto exchange platforms are likely to be hacked or exposed, to reduce this problem, we make sure our crypto exchange software to have security integrations. The software we provide is 100% tested before handing it to the client. We will ensure you that our security team has 24/7 tracking to prevent any attack on the platform.

It is different for each site because it depends on different factors such as the design and the options that each site is going to have.

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