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Advanced Features of Radin crypto Exchange

OTC  Order

OTC order  or the direct exchange enables users to make a fast transactions directly from the exchange.

OCO  Order

The user will run the stop-limit and limit-order simultaneously, in a way only one of them will be executed.

Trading Bot

when the number of users in the platform is low the trading bots will fill the gaps for users to execute their transactions . 


an order which user set the limit order for buying and selling  and execute orders without siting Infront of the computer.

You can also request for: Binance Clone App Development.

Our Services

P2P Crypto Exchange Development

WhiteLabel Crypto Exchange platform

MLM Crypto Software

P2P Crypto Exchange Development:

In P2P Crypto Exchange Script buyers and sellers can settle trades on their own terms.

White Label Crypto Exchange Platform:

white label cryptocurrency exchange software is a platform that allows companies to build an exchange website in a short time.

MLM Crypto Software:

Multilevel Marketing gives the opportunity to both the enterprise and the users in the network to earn passive income and grow financially.

Features of a Good Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Powerful Trade Engine 

trading engine matches buy and sell orders with minimum latency.

High transaction speed

Higher HTPS provides  better trading experience for users and traders.

multi-currency wallet

providing secure storage transactions for various types of crypto.

liquidity Option

Secure API connection with other exchanges to provide liquidity.

Security features of our cryptocurrency exchange

Supports: 180 days of free support will be provided for bug fixes and maintenance

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What is a White label Crypto Exchange Software?

 A White label software is a piece of technology that one company sells to another company.

It is easy for the organizations who have bought the software to customize it according to their own business goals and aesthetics. White label software can be easily given a unique identity, like adding the brand, logo, and color scheme of the buyer company. Besides, it can be injected with new ideas that the organization would feel necessary for it to possess.

You can purchase white label crypto exchange software from the cryptocurrency development companies that provide white label solutions. we also provide all the white label solution for startup and entrepreneurs.

Mobile friendly

Advanced Admin Panel

Faster entry to Market

No need for technical knowledge

Smooth Customization

Low Development Cost 

Wallet Development Features

Supports general blockchain

supporting 20 different blockchain networks available in this market.

Different Types of Wallets

possibility for implementing hardware, software, or the full node wallets.

Add tokens easily

Possibility to add tokens in a hassle-free manner especially ethereum-based tokens

In-Network  Wallet

Various tokens available on any blockchain networks can be stored on this wallet.

Deposit digital currencies

Possibility to deposit or withdrawal of different crypto currencies that are trading in the market.

Dockerized & Micro services

It can be implemented on various servers and in numbers because its dockerized and also a micro service

Exclusive User Interface

Light and dark theme

Introduction Tour at 1ST launch

Full Feature Admin Panel

Radin exclusive user interface

In-App notification

Exclusive Front-End Design

Draggable Features

Exchange Development Features

Order Book

an orderbook is an electronic documentation of an asset’s buy and sell activities on a trading platform

SPA Pages

Developed for numbers of simultaneous and asynchronous online users

WordPress Seo Features

WordPress based blog for launching a SEO-friendly website. That cover the standard features.

Transaction Speed

platform with high speed transaction for faster and hassle-free transaction.