Cryptopunks Clone Script

Cryptopunks clone script is a completely prepared NFT marketplace for digital collectibles that are traded as NFT based on ethereum network. Cryptopunks clone script became the most sold non-fungible tokens collectibles at the present.

Cryptopunks clone script

Cryptopunks clone script

The contemporary work is moving forward with all the evolutions occurred in technology and also recent inventions. This makes everything going digital specifically in the financial sector which the crypto assets are pointed out. People using cryptopunks can execute their beneficial transactions safely by NFT.Cryptopunks clone script is a completely prepared NFT marketplace for digital collectibles that are traded as NFT based on ethereum network. Cryptopunks clone script became the most sold non-fungible tokens collectibles at the present. It may be a fruitful develop to your collectible business.

Note: Check out OpenSea clone app to launch an NFT marketplace if you want to stand out among the competitors.

Cryptopunks clone script features

Store front

it helps you save some needed information like price history, bidding information and the creator’s data.

Advanced listing

easy listing facilities is an advanced feature that can save any tokens that go on a bid with no obstacles


it helps users tracking the whereabout of each cryptopunks has been sold, went on auction or listed.

Listing status

the details of a cryptopunks bid are available using listing status. Datas like number of views, bidding and auctions for a specific cryptopunks is listed.


use rating dashboard lets you to check the feedback for a particular seller and can make a reasonable selection about the listing’s credibility

Narrow marketplace

it has been made for a specific user case. Narrow marketplace accepts to have transactions in just one genre of collectibles.

Easy bidding

some flexible options are prepared on cryptopunks script. It makes bidding easier since it gives you option for bidding eligibility and in pricing.

Wallet set up

it lets you to store your assets and NFTs high secured. Using highly secured wallet solutions such as metamask will remove the risk of stealing.

Programmed with solidity

some complicated automated functions on the cryptopunks script can help you have a better user experience. Ux development is customized.

Cryptopunks clone script-overview

cryptopunks clone script-overview

Cryptopunks are an NFT projects that are simply images with 24*24 pixels that have unique avatars in them. So far, around 10000 cryptopunks have been created which all the avatars are made by a mixture of different components like female face, male face or even an alien. The faces in avatars can be used by some accessories like glasses, hats first these cryptopunks were for free but by increasing the number of enthusiasted collectors, the prices have skyrocketed.

Generally cryptopunks may look like simple artwork but surprisingly some of them may cost over a million dollars which is more than the cost to buy any physical and digital entities. To accomplish high revenue, here is the way you should start creating cryptopunks clone script.

Cryptopunks clone script growth path

Cryptopukens is an NFT based on ethereum blockchain and the project was launched in June 2017 by Larva Labs studio. The founder team consists of two Canadian software developers, Mat Hall and John Watkinson.

Cryptopukens was aimed to be a fun project and the purpose of the main project was to entertain people, but it became a pioneer project in NFT industry.

. This was also believed as a start for ERC721 token standards. When the cryptopunks launched, this token standard didn’t exist. Developers produce the project duo to the ERC20 token standards. So ERC20 was modified during this project process.

London punk scenes, electronic music artists Daft punk and the cyberpunk were the inspiration to launch the cryptopunks project.

How to start the NFT marketplce platform like cryptopunks?

How to start nft marketplace

Why create NFT like cryptopunks?

NFT cryptopunks were launched as an entertainment and it didn’t aim to be a serious digital project. Now the value of cryptopunks NFTs has reached millions. This is a reason why you should create NFT like cryptopunks. The number of investors who are in to unique collectibles has boosted recently. So it’s the time to launch an NFT project like cryptopunks. Here are some enthusiasting facts about cryptopunks:

There are about 10000 unique cryptopunks that their value almost touched $400 million.

The most valueable cryptopunk is cryptopunk 7523, which worth $11.7 million.

Cryptopunks 3100’s transaction took the value around $7 million.

Cryptopunks clone script development

Cryptopunks clone script, similarly to cryptopunks is based on ethtereum blockchain. Cryptopunks script was created to provide a platform for digital collectibles. It helps users to have their own non-fungible tokens like cryptopunks that are unique, interchangeable and irreplaceable. Cryptopunks clone script was aimed to keep the punks unique and used to launch an NFT marketplace.

As you know non-fungible art tokens sold at high prices. Each day the cryptopunks space is growing and each digital artwork can be sold for millions. Cryptopunks uniqueness boost investing in cryptopunks clone script, so it’s a good chance to develop your NFT marketplace like cryptopunks script.

cryptopunks clone script development

how to create NFT like cryptopunks?

To create a NFT like cryptopukens, some basic steps you have to take. Mentioned below are the things you have to do:

Select your art

Get some ethereum handy

Select a marketplace

Develop your NFT like cryptopunks

Trade your cryptopunks transaction tokens

Choose the blockchain to create cryptopunks NFT marketplace

choose the blockchain to create cryptopunks

How to make buy and sell in cryptopunks clone script?

Cryptopunks clone script is where you, as a buyer can buy, sell and get informed of the last cryptopunk’s status. Tracking the NFT is available in this marketplace. It has the same functionalities as the cryptopunks script and has the three colors identification option. The colors can tell you about the last NFT’s status.

To start using cryptopunks clone script, you have to install matamask browser extension. This helps you to integrate your ETH wallet to the blackchain.

how to make buy and sell in cryptopunks clone script


Cryptopunks clone script is a completely prepared NFT marketplace for digital collectibles that are traded as NFT based on ethereum network

narrow marketplace, token search, easy bidding and traceability.

basic steps must be done for this includes: art selection, get ETH, choose a marketplace and develope your NFT cryptopunks.

Different blockchain concepts can be integrated in cryptopunks script such as: binance smart chain, ethereum based blockchain, Tron blockchain and polycon matics blockchain

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