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cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular in recent years. Digital currencies cannot be counterfeited, which is why many investors tend to exchange digital currencies. We are a cryptocurrency exchange software development company that provide any type of crypto exchange such as P2P cryptocurrency exchange software White Label crypto exchange, crypto MLM software and so on. We offer high quality services at an affordable price.

What is Decentralized Exchang?

A decentralized exchange is exactly the opposite of a centralized exchange. A decentralized exchange is a trading market that does not rely on any intermediary service to maintain and manage customer assets. Instead, transactions are conducted through a peer-to-peer, fully automated network directly between the exchange’s users.

In other words, these decentralized platforms leave control of assets and transactions to users. And in this way eliminate the intermediaries. Therefore, by removing intermediaries, problems such as hacking are less likely to occur. In addition, in such platforms, no tax is levied on traders’ capital. Removing intermediaries will help eliminate attacks such as phishing and hacking and promote security.

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Decentralized Exchange features


Trading in decentralized exchange software is done instantly, without intermediaries, as long as there is sufficient liquidity.


Many DEXs have the ability to minimize cryptocurrency trading and they allow their users to exchange their assets as much as they want.

Transparent transactions

New DEX trends are transparent, all users have access to the history of these transactions, and everything is recorded on the blockchain platform.


In DEXs, users can easily connect their wallet to the system to start exchanges. For exchanges, no profile information or additional information is required.

Global access

Most DEXs do not require any registration. Therefore, any user from anywhere in the world who has access to the Internet will be able to trade in a decentralized exchange.

No change of ownership

In a DEX, the ownership of the assets never changes until the transaction is complete and there isn’t need to transfer the assets to a third party or exchange account.

The Difference between Centralized and Decentralized Exchange


In a centralized digital currency exchange, most of the control of your account is in the hands of the exchange operator, while in a decentralized digital currency exchange, the control of the account is completely in the hands of the person himself.


Liquidity in centralized exchange offices is more than decentralized exchange offices. This is one of the most important differences between centralized and decentralized exchanges Which is one of the disadvantages of decentralized exchange.


Unfortunately, in centralized exchanges, a fee is charged for each transaction. But the fee rate is fixed in decentralized exchanges. It can almost be said that the fee is low and insignificant in decentralized exchange offices, but it is almost high in centralized exchange offices.


In terms of facilities, centralized exchange offices are different from decentralized ones. In centralized exchanges, there are features such as management tools and several types of advanced orders. But decentralized exchanges offer a limited number of types of orders.


It is easier to set up transactions in a CEX than in a DEX. CEXs require a license from their own regulatory organization. In contrast, DEXs don't have special rules, because they use blockchain. This means that even if the government bans the trading of digital currencies, it will not affect the work of DEXs.


Centralized encrypted exchanges are now more popular than decentralized encrypted exchanges. Better infrastructure and more speed and high liquidity are the reasons for the popularity of centralized exchanges. Even if decentralized exchanges offer better benefits, they will still not reach centralized exchanges in terms of popularity.


Decentralized exchanges operate more slowly than centralized exchanges. According to documented statistics and analysis, a transaction in a centralized exchange takes an average of 10 milliseconds. In decentralized exchanges, this time may increase to 1 minute.


In DEXs, your property is more secure than in CEXs. Digital currency transactions have always been exposed to hackers. In CEXs, which are controlled by a third party, if the same third party is hacked, all your capital Will be lost. But in DEXs, there is no risk of being hacked in cryptocurrency transactions.

What points should be considered when choosing a platform?

It is very important to consider the two points of security and credibility in choosing an exchange office. Of course, there are other points that are important to consider, but the following two points are much more important. In the following, we will talk more about security and credibility.


When the security of an exchange office is high You can make your purchases with high security or sell your cryptocurrency. Because sometimes you store some of your currency assets in an exchange, it is very important that the exchange you choose is secure.


When an exchange is valid, it is definitely secure. The validity of an exchange helps you to better trust that exchange and store your currencies there or buy and sell them there.

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Positive aspects
of Decentralized Exchange

A decentralized exchange is free of requirements, regulations, or oversight government. In these platforms, users communicate directly with each other and there is no intermediary between them. Only the user has access to his private keys and only he can manage his assets.

One of the main features of decentralized exchanges is the anonymity of users. There is no user authentication process. And they do not require any evidence from their users. It is usually sufficient to have only one personal address in the relevant blockchain. Users’ personal information is not exchanged between the exchange and any reference authority. Our crypto exchange website development cost  is very affordable compared to anywhere in the world.

Negative aspects of Decentralized Exchange

Trading in decentralized exchanges is usually much slower than in centralized exchanges. Of course, the speed of operations varies between decentralized exchanges. Because every transaction must be approved by the miners. Decentralized exchanges are not a good trading platform when traders have to react to changing market conditions. An important factor that is the key to the success of an exchange is its liquidity. So the exchanges that have the most liquidity are more popular among users. The implication of this is that decentralized exchanges are new and emerging, this means that fewer traders are active there. As a result, their liquidity is less than centralized exchanges. Their interface is very complex, especially for newcomers to the field, which is very confusing. In addition, in decentralized exchanges, some features such as limited orders, loss limits and margin contracts are not active for most traders.

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Advantages of Decentralized Exchange

Anonymous identity

No third party

Low fees

High popularity

Proper security

Access to  projects

Disadvantages of Decentralized Exchange

Low trading volume

Speed limit

No backup

low liquidity

Lack of trust


How does a Decentralized Exchange work?

Decentralized digital currency exchange is active on the blockchain platform and transactions on this platform are based on smart contracts. This system takes advantage of blockchain features and works decentrally without the presence of a server and central controller, as well as through user-to-user or peer-to-peer transactions. A smart contract is a contract coded on a blockchain platform that will be executed definitively if all its provisions are created and cannot be returned or stopped.

In these platforms, after connecting the user through his digital wallet to the exchange, Registers her purchase or sale order. And after registering an order from another user that matches his order; The transaction is done in a smart contract without the need for an intermediary.

Best Decentralized Exchange

Binance logo

Binance DEX

In February 2019, the well-known Bainance Exchange launched its decentralized system. Binance DEX uses the Binance Exchange processing core, or Binance Chain, to trade; Therefore, the speed and power of transactions is no different from a centralized Bainance exchange. The fees in the platform of this platform are reasonable and appropriate (Bainance fee is 0.1%). Decentralized Bainance Exchange supports most hardware and software wallets. High security and simple user interface are other features of Binance DEX. we also develop binance clone script and every single fearures and platforms for you.
Uniswap logo png


In November 2018, the decentralized exchange Unicap was launched based on the Atrium blockchain.The transaction fee on this platform is 0.3%, which can be paid through Atrium-based tokens such as ERC20. The fee of this exchange is lower compared to the competitors. The volume of transactions on the Uniswap platform is constantly increasing and it is currently one of the most popular decentralized exchanges for digital currency.

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