Foundation Clone Script

Foundation clone script is among the most successful NFT market places. For entrepreneurs can be the best growth path.

What is foundation clone script?

Foundation clone script is an NFT marketplace. The same facilities and security as the foundation platform run the foundation clone. On Foundation clone app script you can mint, organize the auction, get informed of the open bids. Generally, it has the same functionalities compare to the foundation marketplace script.Your digital artwork can be sold several times on this clone script. NFT marketplace makes transactions safe. Collectors, creators and even community can make profit by using this platform. 

Read the text through to see how foundation clone script works in different parts? What are the features? Why choosing foundation clone script is a good idea? Also you can read about OpenSea clone app , which is one of the other successful NFT marketplaces.

Features of foundation clone script

performance tracking

advance assets organization

decentralized organization

tracking trade performances

Captivating front store

Create values for NFT

Market visibility

Statistic analytics

Foundation clone script-overview

Foundation clone script is a non-fungible token market place. If you’re seeking for a marketplace for auctions and listed digital artworks, script foundation clone is a proper platform.

By using foundation script, you display digital artworks on a virtual gallery. Collectors can start sanctions from visionary sellers. There is an endless listed artwork to buy.

Non-fungible token market places like foundation are decentralized. They only accept crypto currency for payments. Foundation clone  has the best smart contract-enabled blockchain hosting the large number of decentralized platforms. To use these platforms hassle-free, investors need to get to know how to interact with each kind of crypto wallets.

foundation clone script-overview

Foundation clone development process

foundation clone script development process

How does the foundation clone script work?

How does foundation clone script work?

You can use the foundation clone script as a collector or a creator. No matter on which side are you joining the clone script, the process is not hard. Talking about the facilities, you get some specialized features as a creator or collector. Let’s take a look at the process of how the foundation script works.

Foundation script growth path

Foundation clone script is one of the top successful NFT market places. Foundation executing sell, buy, bid and creating digital artwork. It was created over the ethereum blockchain network.

Foundation clone is specially designed for the users who are seeking for a seprate NFT market place. So,they can auction and trade collectibles. it aims to reduce the gap between collectors and authors.

Creating NFT marketplace like foundation clone is a process of developing full featured non-fungible market place, where creators and collectors can make stronger connections.

Clone Foundatin script was launched in 2021. Since it has launched it became one of the most successful clone scripts among the other NFT market places. It's secure and functionalized, So most users prefer to trade through this platform.

Script Foundation Clone runs over the ethereum blockchain. It's multi-tested and customized. In recent years, foundation script has gained over $250 million.

How auction works in foundation clone script?

Auction in foundation clone script is completely on the collector’s side. As soon as the NFT went live:

Artists make a NFT list for reserved prices. This process last 24 hours as soon as the first bid is fixed.

If a new bid price takes a place of a fixed bid price, the auction lasts for another 15 minutes and another 24 hours goes on. If any collector wins the bid, the NFT would be transferred to collector’s wallet and the 85% of final price popped up to creator’s wallet.

Foundation clone app feature

foundation clone script-listing


After you mint your digital artwork, you have to pay gas fee. Gas fee in expense of having interactions with ethereum blockchain. Gas fee is the cost of having interactions with blockchain. to process all the information, a Gas fee should be paid once you make a trade. Gas fee is inconstant so have a plan ahead of time for it.

foundation clone app feature-minting


The process of verifying your digital artwork is called minting. minting is how your digital artwork become a part of ethereum blockchain. Minting is needed for authentication. Minting is the way that your non-fungible token become a part of ethereum blockchain. Blockchain is a public network that you can’t change it or tempera it. Once you created your digital artwork, you mint it.

foundation clone app features-auction


When your digital work is minted, you can list your price. An auction format is where the NFTs are listed in the foundation clone script. Once anybody bid on the auction, it would go on live. Until no one has mint on the auction, you can change the price but in exchange you must pay a gas fee. Promoting your auction on social media is available on foundation clone platform. NFT collector discord channel is a good media to share your artwork and promote it. When the auction is done, the fund emerges in your wallet. You can transfer the fund in to your other crypto currency accounts to invest.

Foundation clone script fee

Foundation clone platform takes 15% of the final NFT’s prices a fee and it might cause you to pay the Gas fees. So be prepared to pay gas fees and to be informed, gas fees might increase while a lot of people making transactions at once. The artworks in script foundation clone might not be at a reasonable price rate and also the fees may spend in counterproductive ways.

foundation clone script fee

Types of artworks in foundation clone script

graphic design



video clips and GIFs

avatars and PFPs

video games

How to start an NFT market place


Foundation clone  is an NFT marketplace which is based on ETH blockchain and users can build a clone script using this.

It is the best NFT marketplace. there a lot of users to make transaction through this platform. be sure your assets will be safe during making transactions.

15% of the final price is platform’s fee and also it may cause you gas fee.

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