Foundation Clone Script

The foundation clone script is a ready-to-market decentralized NFT marketplace. It enables auctions to lay a deep usable platform in the crypto era. Foundation clone is a superfine trading platform for non-fungible tokens. If you’re looking for an NFT marketplace with an enriched structure and functional system, then Radindev’s foundation clone software is an appropriate offer for you.

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foundation clone script
what is foundation clone script?

What is Foundation Clone Script?

The foundation clone script is a replica of one of the biggest NFT marketplaces, the foundation. It is an exact mirror of the foundation’s functionality that is a proper way to stand out in the crypto era. Users can buy, sell, collect, and mint their digital assets into NFTs.

By launching a foundation clone script, you create and launch a platform where users can collect, sell, buy, and bid digital collectibles. In a foundation clone NFT marketplace, this would cause a high revenue in return for your business.

The Foundation clone software has the best smart contract-enabled blockchain hosting a large number of decentralized platforms including Paxful clone script. To use these platforms hassle-free, investors need to get to know how to interact with each kind of crypto wallet.

Foundation script was launched in 2021. Since it has launched it became one of the most successful clone scripts among the other NFT marketplaces. It’s secure and functionalized, So most users prefer to trade through this platform. In recent years. Foundation script has gained over $250 million. Script Foundation Clone runs over the Ethereum blockchain. It’s multi-tested and customized. In recent years.

Foundation script Essential statics

Foundation script was launched in 2020 as an NFT marketplace. In recent years it became one of the most used marketplaces.







Features of Foundation clone script

performance tracking

Advanced asset organization

Decentralized organization

Tracking trade performance

Captivating front store

Create values for NFTs

Market visibility

Statistic analytics

IPFS storage

How does Foundation clone software work?

You can use the foundation script clone as a collector or a creator. No matter on which side are you joining the clone script, the process is not hard. Talking about the facilities, you get some specialized features as a creator or collector like the ones you get on binance clone script. Let’s take a look at the process of how the foundation clone script works.
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How does foundation clone work?

Foundation's clone workflow for the creators

As a creator, you can mint your artwork to NFTs so, you can put a price on it. You can put it in an auction and list bids. On foundation clone script creators will get 85% of the total price which is less than some NFT marketplaces like sandbox clone script. If the collector resells the NFT in the secondary market or in other NFT marketplace, 10% of the final price will go to the original seller. The marketplace considered this as royalty to the original creator.

foundation clone's workflow for community

Foundation clone is more than just being a platform to join, sell and buy. There are plenty of events and community-led initiatives that you can participate in, join, plug into, and also consider new possibilities. In the foundation clone marketplace script, usually people are encouraged to join groups and also create new bands based on their interests.

Foundation's clone workflow for collectors

Anyone can be a collector in the foundation script clone. You need a profile to launch collecting. You also need a wallet (Meta mask) and also Ethereum. Ethereum is needed to pay for all the transactions.

If you win the auction and claim the NFT the artwork goes to your Meta mask wallet. Now you can see the digital artwork on your profile in the foundation clone script. After this, you can display the NFT in the virtual gallery, share it on social media, championing artists in your collection, share a new approach to admiring digital art and you can also sell the digital artwork on the secondary market.

How does auction work in Foundation NFT marketplace?


Auction in clone NFT marketplaces like foundation clone auction and Rarible clone script is completely on the collector’s side. As soon as the NFT went live:

Artists make an NFT list for reserved prices. This process lasts 24 hours as soon as the first bid is fixed.

If a new bid price takes a place of a fixed bid price, the auction lasts for another 15 minutes and another 24 hours goes on. If any collector wins the bid, the NFT would be transferred to the collector’s wallet in the foundation clone script and 85% of the final price popped up in the creator’s wallet.

Promoting your auction on social media is available on the foundation clone platform. NFT collector discord channel is a good medium to share your artwork and promote it. When the auction is done, the fund emerges in your wallet. You can transfer the fund into your other cryptocurrency accounts to invest

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Features of Foundation clone app

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Users can verify their digital artworks into NFTs in a process called minting. In this process, your digital artworks become a part of the blockchain. Minting NFTs is the first step every user needs to take in order to complete their process of purchasing non-fungible tokens. This process needs authentication that increases the security of the platform. once a user enters an NFT marketplace, must mint their digital assets into NFTs.


After you mint your digital artwork, you have to pay a gas fee. Gas fee at expense of having interactions with Ethereum blockchain. The gas fee is the cost of having interactions with blockchain. to process all the information, a Gas fee should be paid once you make a trade. The gas fee is inconstant so have a plan ahead of time for it. Sales on the NFT marketplace are in listing format and it got two single-mode and multiple-mode.


The auction on the foundation clone is entirely on the collector’s side. When your digital work is minted, you can list your price. An auction format is where the NFTs are listed in the foundation clone script. Once anybody bid on the auction, it would go on live. Until no one has mint on the auction, you can change the price but in exchange, you must pay a gas fee. Creators can promote their auctions on the social platforms.

Foundation clone development process

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Select token type

Select operational framework

Marketplace highlights inclusion

Solidity compilation

set up token mintability

set up user configuration

security seed phrase inclusion

marketplace main file sourcing

token faucet specification

secondary file inclusion

configuring base URI

enhance network compatibility

Foundation clone

The Foundation clone is a replica of the foundation NFT marketplace that carries out a similar operation to the foundation platform. The Foundation clone marketplace contains functional features of the original medium. It is a superfine NFt auction script and it can be deployed according to your business needs. Foundation clone script is a well-designed marketplace for cryptopreneurs seeking to start their NFT marketplace to purchase digital collectibles. Creators can showcase their digital artworks in a decentralized marketplace like foundation clone and opensea clone script and buyers can trade via smart contracts.
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Security features of NFT marketplace clone 

How much does it cost to create foundation clone script?

The cost of creating an NFT marketplace-like foundation is based on the required function and features. Integration of API and the total time spent on developing the clone marketplace affect the price. Designing the marketplace’s interface is also effective, creating an attractive logo and a user-friendly UI will also affect the final cost. The main important factors like the framework used and the blockchain technology influence the cost of deploying. According to the topics mentioned, the final price of the NFT marketplace can be estimated between $10,000$18,000. The basic package of the NFT marketplace includes the following items:

Features of Foundation nft marketplace Clone Script Development Cost
Storefronts and advanced filters In the main Package (No Cost)
Integrate with Crypto Wallets In the main Package (No Cost)
Lazy minting In the main Package (No Cost)
Multi-chain Interoperability Two Multi-chain Support is in the main package (No Cost)
Any additional EVM Blockchain network Development cost increase of $2,000
Customize Smart Contract 1155 In the main Package (No Cost)
Unlimited IPFS Storage In the main Package (No Cost)
Community Governance In the main Package (No Cost)
Import NFT from other Marketplaces In the main Package (No Cost)
1 Month Full Cover Support In the main Package (No Cost)

Create an NFT marketplace like foundation

Foundation clone script is an NFT marketplace. The same facilities and security as the foundation platform run the foundation clone. On the Foundation clone app script you can mint, organize the auction, and get informed of the open bids. Generally, it has the same functionalities compared to the foundation marketplace script. Your digital artwork can be sold several times on this clone script. NFT marketplace makes transactions safe. Collectors, creators, and even the community can make a profit by using this platform.
Read the below parts of the text to see how the creation of the clone script works in detail. What are the benefits? Why choosing a foundation clone is a good idea? Also, you can read about OpenSea clone app , which is one of the other successful NFT marketplaces.
So, launching an open NFT clone marketplace like the foundation is a great long-term investment with a perfect high ROI.
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Foundation NFT auction script is a well-featured platform that provides tons of non-fungible tokens of many artists which users can bid on them in auctions. It’s an open NFt marketplace creator that can put value on their digital artwork and collectors can surf among a large range of various users, and also all kinds of users can join the NFT enthusiast community.  NFT clone marketplace bridge the gap between collectors and the original creators of arts and the users are rising each day.

Benefits of building Foundation Clone Software

High ROI

Instant market launch


Rewards section

Attractive dashboard options

Superior storefront design

NFT bid and auction feature

Integrated referral options

launch nft marketplace clone

launch your NFT marketplace

Foundation script is one of the top successful NFT marketplaces. Foundation executing sell, buy, bid, and creating digital artwork. It was created over the Ethereum blockchain network. The Foundation clone script is specially designed for users who are seeking a separate NFT marketplace. So, they can auction and trade collectibles. it aims to reduce the gap between collectors and authors.
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How to start an NFT marketplace?

Percise kind of NFT market you're going to launch

Confirm supported tokens and the blockchain

Use a framework for your NFT market place

Set up creator and collector configuration

Incorporate InterPlanetary File System to upload in NFT market place

Integrate token minting features

Integrate payments gateways

incorporate security features

Add UI/UX features and attractive logo 

mainnet launch

ERC token standard supported by foundation


This Token supports the creation of NFT, fungible and semi-fungible tokens


This Token cornerstone for billions of NFTs and is most commonly used for digital artwork


This standard is a basic guideline for any new token in the Ethereum network

Types of artwork in Foundation Clone NFT marketplace


Video clips and Gifs

Fashion design


Avatars and PFPs

Video games


Fondation clone is an NFT marketplace and since the NFTs have became trends of the crypto sphere in recent years, the number of aspirants of non-fungible token is rising rapidly. So, based on the static analytics 

The cost of starting Foundation clone script is up to several factors in development process. It depends on the total time allocated, sources allocated, UI/ UX features, framework used, and the blockchain technology. 

White label foundation clone is a pre-loaded NFT marketplace with superfine features like advanced asset categorizing, monitoring, well-featured admin dashboard, and auction process. It takes less time to start an NFT marketplace using white label nft auction script. 

Foundation clone NFT marketplace charges creators and collectors for different activities like minting NFTs, making trade, listing NFTs, and reselling NFTs. 

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