What is Huobi Clone Software?

Huobi is a p2p cryptocurrency exchange software that we offer to companies and businesses. Huobi Clone Script is the readymade script has the existing functionalities, benefits, exchange options, security modules those who have present in the huobi crypto exchange. You can just integrate our huobi clone script to start cryptocurrency exchange website instantly and securely. Our Huobi clone scripts will ensure that you enter into your target market with a set of most essential features easily. We, Radindev- Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Development Company, develops and delivers the Huobi Clone Script with all the essential and advanced features at an affordable price. Get our Huobi Clone including the Huobi Clone Script and Huobi Clone App with attractive features and plugins.

Huobi Wonderful Stats


Crypto assets


Supported Countries


Global Rank


Trading pairs

$ 6.53 billion

24h Trading Volume




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Huobi Growth Path

Huobi is a global cryptocurrency trading platform providing users with spot and derivatives products. After securing investments from notable angel investors and Sequoia Capital etc.

This official cryptocurrency exchange website has 10 languages. The average amount of trading per day reaches 127,000 BTC, which makes the Huobi exchange the third-largest in the crypto industry.

Huobi Group quickly captured a large amount of market share and became a top crypto exchange worldwide. Founded in 2013, the exchange used to account for more than 60% of global bitcoin trading before the Chinese government officially banned crypto trading in September 2017.

Late 2017, Huobi removed all the trading services away from China and established Huobi Global and opened local trading platforms like Huobi South Korea and Japan. The firm entered the phase of global expansion with the Group’s cumulative turnover exceeding 850 billion USD.

In April 2019, Huobi Global’s 24-hour trading volume for spot market reached 1st place according to CoinMarketCap. Huobi has kept its research regulatory compliance arm of Huobi Group, has set up an office in Hainan Free Trade Zone, a frontier where China tests some of the most liberal ideas.

White Label Huobi Clone Software

A White label cryptocurrency exchange software is a ready-made product which is readily built with the primary features. With this, one can easily build their own white label bitcoin trading platform within a few days. When you use a White-label Crypto Exchange to start a crypto exchange trading platform, you can do it instantly. As you already have a ready-made software with you, building your exchange can be done at no time. If you have any urgent requirements, Whitelabel crypto exchange platform can be more beneficial one for you. We bring in a secure white label cryptocurrency wallet to store the cryptocurrencies and private keys safely. We have implemented security protocols such as Two-factor Authentication, Fingerprint recognition, etc. Our exchange supports both Hot & Cold Storage and people can choose the ones accordingly. Thus, to start a crypto exchange, it is important to consider these features.

We provide Huobi DEX clone script in which traders can buy/sell cryptos in a trading platform that omits the necessities of a middleman to execute the trade, just like Binance dex clone script.

Premium Features of Huobi Clone Script

Add-ons of Huobi Clone Software

otc trading

All trades conducted directly between two parties without the intervention of exchange is known as over-the-counter (OTC) trading.

Margin trading

If you are a margin trader, Houbi has a separate platform specifically for this. You can access this by going to the margin tab in the header.

Liquidity API

Liquidity API is the kind of Application program Interface integrated in the Cryptocurrency Exchange. This API lets start-ups use the liquidity of popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Referral program

Invite Friends. Invite your friends to register through the referral link or QR and get rewards when they complete trade every time.

Two-factor authentication

2-Step Verification (commonly known as two-factor authentication, or 2FA) acts as an extra layer of security for your wallet.

Trade engine

Crypto Trade Engine is the destination for your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and crypto trading needs.

Huobi Clone App

Since most of the proprietors & traders make use of mobile trading devices to perform trading, we turned them to reality. With our white label bitcoin exchange platform, one can instantly perform the process in seconds.Radindev has delivered a mobile app available on iOS as well as Android devices. Deposit, withdraw, and trade 24/7 on the mobile application for those who would like to be able to trade anywhere, anytime.Our mobile app allows the users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies with other users & also this app has all the features and same functionalities as the web platform.

Now that you know what features to include, the next important question is the cryptocurrency exchange development cost. we, radindev, try to make crypto exchange website development cost affordable for any start ups or companies to develop their crypto exchange software.

Features of Huobi Clone App

Fingerprint Unlocking

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

For biometric identification, the advantages of a fingerprint scanner include:

Improved security – Provides a secure and comfortable access control solution that doesn’t expose your information to cybercriminals.

Higher accuracy – As one of the most sophisticated biometric modalities, fingerprint scanners provide almost 100% of accuracy during authentication.

Faster access – Compared to typing a password, a fingerprint scanner can lock and unlock your workstation or device quickly. Plus, you will no longer have to remember complex passwords.

Time Out Session

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

Session timeout is a fairly popular option that needs to be used carefully. It is used to determine how long a device may remain authenticated on a switchport before it must perform authentication again.

When session timeout occurs:

Users are taken to the Login page with a message that the session timed out (or suspended) and that they must log in to start a new session. This approach is useful when the data available on the screen are sensitive.

Users are kept on the same page with a pop-up that indicates that the session was suspended and whether or not their data were saved.

Multilingual Support

Priority : Medium

Effect : Better User Experience

Multilingual support extends the customer support experience to people who don’t speak English, or who are more comfortable conversing in another language. After identifying their language preference, your customers will be transferred to a support person or content they can readily understand.

Language connects people and the same principle is applied to your app development also. When clients see their native language, it creates an emotional bond with your app which your competitors might still be thinking of initiating. This exhilarates your app and your business on the global level. This is a strategic approach which encompasses the maximum chances of the good results.

In app authentication

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

Performing the main authentication function, login and password have become two pillars of an overall login system and the core of information security. Additional methods of identifying a user and preventing an unauthorized access usually complement this “authentication pair”. Thus, a PIN code is considered as a good protection mechanism applied to support the classic scheme of authentication, but not to fully substitute it.

Moreover, we are more accustomed to logins and passwords than other authentication methods. First, every smartphone user has at least one pair of logins and passwords. Second, programmers often use “a password input-field” as a specific control component in each development environment that contains a password hidden under asterisks.

live chat with traders

Priority : High

Effect : Better UI/UX

Because we offer services globally we encounter clients from a number of different backgrounds who speak a variety of languages. Many of those clients will struggle to converse over the phone, so prefer to take their time using a chat service.

LiveChat provides quicker and more interactive support than emails and eliminates the cost of phone calls. Trades happen around the clock and you have to provide support constantly. LiveChat gives you tools that make continuous support across several time zones easy.

Crypto Widget

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

Native widgets give you easy access crypto, bitcoin prices and your portfolio. add widget to your home screen and stay updated. Simple Bitcoin Widget is customizable and can display the rates of multiple cryptocurrencies on your home screen.

If should any new coins and tokens be listed on the exchange, they’ll be immediately added in the future updates.

And also We, Radindev- support world’s most established cryptocurrencies. Such as: Bitcoin(BTC) Ethereum(ETH) Ripple(XRP) Bitcoin cash(BCH) Litecoin(LTC)

Business Benefits of Starting an Exchange like Huobi

Simple and easy deployment process

Fast and secure transactions

Advanced trading and security features integration

Multi-language support

Anytime and anywhere access

Wide range of transactions per second

Multi-cryptocurrencies and tokens supportive

Attractive and secured user-friendly interface

Why Choose RadinDev for Huobi Clone Development?

Radindev technologies is the top cryptocurrency exchange development company Company with recent up-to-date technology which has premium features and the ability to meet business needs. It is a prominent Defi Exchange Development with highly experienced in Decentralized application development that will assist you in developing your Defi Exchange like Uniswap. We have a team of highly skilled developers who specialize in developing decentralized protocols like Huobi.

If you are interested in launching a DeFi Exchange like Huobi, Reach us to get the expert’s advice at a free of cost, Get a Free consultation.

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Huobi’s User Experience is exceptional when compared to other altcoin exchanges, although not perfect.To conclude, Huobi Global has managed to build a successful exchange platform, operating in the space for a long time with its reputation steadilty increasing.
Huobi Pool Token,Huobi Pool Token (HPT) is an ecological sub-token based on Huobi Token (HT). A total of approximately 10 billion HPTs are issued by Huobi Pool, and the targets include HT holders, community users of Huobi Pool and others.
Huobi is one of the “Big Three” exchanges in the world, and it claims to have reached a record amount of 380,000 BTC traded daily on February 25, 2014. The company is accused of faking trading volumes numerous times, but these claims were never proven.
Based on the combined security expertise and technology development of the Huobi Group in the field of blockchain, Huobi Wallet guarantees the assets security of global users from multiple dimensions and provides Digital Asset Management (DAM) services that are simple, convenient, and secure.
As a leading digital financial service provider, Huobi has been believing that providing safe service to the users and Don’t Be Evil, ensuring your account and assets safe with professional risk control system.

The services we provide are: