What is Kucoin Clone Software?

KuCoin Clone Script is a Crypto Exchange script that involves every one of the properties and highlights of the crypto exchange KuCoin with world-class security and execution. Radindev is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services company that provides a readymade crypto exchange clone software solution for all startup and enterprise. Also is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company and is an expert in building crypto exchanges like Kucoin clone. We develop cryptocurrency exchanges with highly skilled blockchain architects, the latest tech stack, advanced features, and functionalities. We, Radindev- Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Development Company, develops and delivers the Kucoin Clone Script with all the essential and advanced features at an affordable price.

kucoin clone and binance clone script are very same exchange platforms to launch and both of them have same features.

Types of Orders Of Kucoin Clone Script?

Kucoin Wonderful Stats


Total Volume

$ 1.25B

24h Trading Volume


Cryptocurrencies Listed


Website Visits(weekly)


Global users







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Kucoin Growth Path

An analysis of one of the brightest realities in the world of cryptocurrencies: Kucoin, an exchange that has been operating since 2017 and has grown by taking a good share of the cryptocurrency to good credit. Kucoin was one of the most popular exchanges in 2017 and consolidated this growth trend, increasing it considerably in 2018.

It was founded by a group of blockchain experts, the CEO is Michael Gan, and is led by a team of experts who they have an international experience with large companies in the Blockchain and Bitcoin world such as GFSecurities and ANTFinancial.

It recently launched its App for Android and iOS devices. It currently has a record daily volume of 10,000 BTC, which is 150 million euros, a gigantic amount if you think that this exchange is relatively new. In addition to being present on the market with its own cryptocurrency, it offers the classic markets of BTC, RETH and USDT and has one of the few NEO markets.

The KuCoin platform achieved significant upgrades in 2019. In February, the exchange upgraded its interface to Platform 2.0, which gave it a facelift, more advanced features, new order types, new API, and other functions. In June, KuCoin also launched KuMEX, which then became rebranded to KuCoin Futures. Later that year, they introduced margin trading with up to 10x leverage.

To date, KuCoin has executed 810 million transactions and the accumulated transaction volume attained a value of $400 billion. Over the past year, the average daily trading volume has grown by 791% and now stands at $4.3 billion.

Kucoin In Terms of Numbers

KUCOIN INFOGRAPHIC in terms of numbers

White Label Kucoin Clone Software

A P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script – is ready-made peer to peer software that is designed, developed, tested and already available for deployment. With this software, one just needs to make the preferred customizations and can get started with his own digital asset exchange business. Such platforms are secure, fast in deployment and cost-effective in comparison with built from scratch ones. Using a white-label Kucoin clone script, you’ll quickly customize the features and functionalities consistent with the present digital trends. This script offers a platform to start your crypto exchange platform. We bring in a secure white label cryptocurrency wallet to store the cryptocurrencies and private keys safely. We have implemented security protocols such as Two-factor Authentication, Fingerprint recognition, etc. Radindev, offers the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Cost compared to other companies.

Premium Features of Kucoin Clone Script

Add-ons of Kucoin Clone Software

Fast Transaction Process

a definite limit of withdrawals can be processed within seconds whereas larger withdrawals can take up to a maximum of 10 minutes. In case of Deposits can get completed within just two minutes.

Wallet Integration

The process of putting your money in a digital wallet is just like making a purchase on a website.Wallets within Kucoin clone script have multiple security levels to ensure the safety of funds.

Customer service

Cryptocurrency customers are tech-savvy and highly demanding. the exchange provides 24/7 support through mail, or directly on the website. .


Kucoin exchange clone script has implemented with a series of security levels to protect users’ funds. It’s backed by security experts and keeps your private keys offline.

Trading bitcoins Online/Offline

Traders need to trade the bitcoins both online/offline. In online trading, traders exchange bitcoins without meeting the partner. In offline trading, traders meet straight and exchange bitcoins.

Multi-Currency Support

It supports multiple sorts of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON (TRX), Litecoin (LTC), Stella (XLM), ENJIN (ENJ), Qtum, Cardano (ADA) and so on.

Kucoin Clone App

If your business idea is similar to a Kucoin exchange, then purchase a secure source code from us. Create a mobile app cryptocurrency exchange services. Our promising team that has a great dedication for their duty calls believes in understanding the exact demand to accurately work on it right from the beginning. A complete list of customized white-labeled development for Kucoin Clone App Development. We ensure complete assistance to execute the on-demand business requirement and work with extreme zeal and hard work. also, Our KuCoin clone app is considered to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, & it is a simple and safe platform in the world. It is an easy-to-use trading platform for digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), etc.

kucoin clone app

Features of Kucoin Clone App

Advanced UI/UX

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

Integrating UI/UX design in your development process will highlight and give you the opportunity to address most of the usability issues you’d have encountered during and after the development of your solution. Our UI/UX designers can anticipate the users’ needs before going to production, and ultimately ensure that the design is both flexible and scalable so that they can grow with users in the future. Adopting a user focused approach with UI/UX design will save you considerable resources, time and money.

Push Notifications & Alert

Priority : Medium

Effect : Better User Experience

Push notifications are one effective way at bringing back inactive users and can increase the retention rate by 3-10 times if implemented correctly. Push notifications can be used to send users personalized offers, like discounts, thoughtful reminders, as well as news about the app.

In addition to increasing user retention, having a solid push notification strategy in place for your mobile app can work to increase user engagement. Not only will push notifications help bring users back in to engage with your app, but it can also give them a call-to-action that will drive conversion rates, like offering a discount to get users to make a purchase.

Multilingual Support

Priority : Medium

Effect : Better User Experience

Multilingual support extends the customer support experience to people who don’t speak English, or who are more comfortable conversing in another language. After identifying their language preference, your customers will be transferred to a support person or content they can readily understand.

Language connects people and the same principle is applied to your app development also. When clients see their native language, it creates an emotional bond with your app which your competitors might still be thinking of initiating. This exhilarates your app and your business on the global level. This is a strategic approach which encompasses the maximum chances of the good results.

In-app Authentication

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

Performing the main authentication function, login and password have become two pillars of an overall login system and the core of information security. Additional methods of identifying a user and preventing an unauthorized access usually complement this “authentication pair”. Thus, a PIN code is considered as a good protection mechanism applied to support the classic scheme of authentication, but not to fully substitute it.

Moreover, we are more accustomed to logins and passwords than other authentication methods. First, every smartphone user has at least one pair of logins and passwords. Second, programmers often use “a password input-field” as a specific control component in each development environment that contains a password hidden under asterisks.

live chat with traders

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

Because we offer services globally we encounter clients from a number of different backgrounds who speak a variety of languages. Many of those clients will struggle to converse over the phone, so prefer to take their time using a chat service.

LiveChat provides quicker and more interactive support than emails and eliminates the cost of phone calls. Trades happen around the clock and you have to provide support constantly. LiveChat gives you tools that make continuous support across several time zones easy.

Customer Feedback

Priority : High

Effect : Better User Experience

In-app feedback is an easy way to interact more with your customers as using and giving feedback occurs in the same place. Empathy is the key to understanding user needs. When you interact more with your customers, you recognize their perspective and their needs better. When you understand them better you build products or features your customers love. Activity-based feedback data can be collected so that if a user stops the onboarding process, you can ask them why. Or, you can wait until they complete the whole process and ask them to rate their overall experience. This is a very simple, yet effective form of collecting feedback.

Security Features of Our Kucoin Clone App

SQL injection prevention

Anti DDoS

Un-Hackable Trading Platform

HTTPS Authentication storage

Data encryption

Jail Login System

Escrow Bound Application

(CSRF) protection

Why Choose RadinDev for Kucoin Clone Development?

Radindev is one of the best companies in the Cryptocurrency Exchange script developing world. We have expert developers who are knowledgeable in evolving a platform for cryptocurrency exchange platform. Before placing an order, you can get your free live demo from the technical team. From design to deployment full service is provided by our support team. We are offering the best customer service with 24/7 support. You can get bug-free scripts with 100% source code.

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Kucoin clone script is an alternate set of source codes of popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Kucoin. The main aim of the Kucoin Clone Script is to help entrepreneurs to start crypto exchange businesses rapidly with popular and unique features and minimize startup costs.
Customizable and scalable- Quick and easy launch- Cost-effective- Instant Solution- Save time
The KuCoin Clone app is very efficient which satisfies every business’s needs of the entrepreneurs or owners, and the code we used is licensed completely. We provide Ready-made app solutions which help in faster development and also cut down the costs. KuCoin Clone enables you to launch your KuCoin App with all top features in a short period of time. Also is compatible with both Android & iOS platforms.
Kucoin Clone Website development is very cost-effective as it already has all the base components required for the development. You can make customization to it or rebrand it easily, which is not time-intensive and thus gives you a faster turnaround time.

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