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Create p2p Marketplace for NFTs

Radindev helps your business to build a Peer to Peer NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. OpenSea Clone Script is a White label NFT marketplace that functions similarly to the OpenSea platform. Developed to mint and list the NFTs for sale. With advanced web3 features based on your business needs. Radindev also provides NFT marketplace app like Opensea as Opensea clone app.

Opensea Clone Software

Opensea Clone Software is a Ready-Made replica of the OpenSea NFT Marketplace, where users trade NFT Collectibles on any platform. With Opensea Clone Software, you can expand your business based on NFTs minted by Opensea. Opensea Clone Software can import NFT from NFT markets like Opensea or Rarible. With this feature, users can trade all NFTs in their wallets. Different companies offer Opensea clone for entrepreneurs, but without importing feature their business is limited to the small sphere.

On the world wide web, you can find Opensea clone script free. Some developers provide source code by searching Github. You may find some free source code for Opensea on GitHub, but they are not safe for users.

Radindev also provides NFT marketplace development services like the Rarible clone script and other crypto exchange clone scripts.

Opensea Clone Software Features

Market Offer Tracking

Search engine and Filters

Escrow Activity


Wallet Preference

User Tracking

White label Opensea Clone Script

There are two ways to design and develop an NFT market platform. Build a platform from scratch, or use white label script. One of the advantages of the white label NFT market platform is that it is faster than you build your own from scratch. 

Another distinguishing trait of the white label Opensea clone is that you can order the features you want and get them through our software developers.  Our 24/7 Technical Support for NFT marketplace development is another benefit that white label Opensea clone software has.

Radindev provides a world-class NFT marketplace like for entrepreneurs and startup owners, with all the features and functions a marketplace should have and even more.

White Label Clone script Features

NFT aggregator Development

Smart Analytical Dashboard

Clone app Development on PWA technology

Customized NFT marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace development on Polygon

Real Estate NFT tokenization

Opensea Development Process

Opensea Like App Development

Opensea clone app is a customizable NFT marketplace app functioning like Opensea app, it is developed with blockchain networks and with different tech stacks. Radindev will bring the features that is needed i the eye of NFT seeker. This will be easier to launch an app with Opensea clone app.

We offer mobile apps for IOS and Android with all the entire functionalities of the Opensea.

This NFT app is developed with high-security features that prevent any cause of hacks or lack of information. 

The NFT marketplace app holds NFTs of various blockchains and bring creators and their followers together.

opensea clone app development

What Extra Features for Opensea Clone Script Radin Provide?

Store Front

NFT marketplace is developed with the best storefront that provides the needed information about NFT.

Multiple currency support

 Multiple currency support comes under customization entirely based on clients needs and requirements

Royalty Payment Support

This royalty payment support is for the purpose of rewarding creators for a lifetime.

Metaverse Capability

Metaverse feature allows you to list your virtual assets and virtual land for trading.

NFT minting

Instant, easy and straightforward NFT minting process lets creators to upload their art work without any hurdles

P2P Transaction

The feature of the peer-to-peer transaction indicates the transfer of unique and rare NFTs.

Native Token Governance

Native token governance to create your own native token for your NFT Marketplace

Auction feature

Users can filter out between the auctions, and fixed pricing listings and can sell the NFTs accordingly.

NFT Wallet Integration

NFT wallet integration lets users store all sorts of NFTs in their NFT wallet, hence they sell NFTs later.

What crypto wallets can be used with Opensea?

Crypto wallets that can be used with OpenSea

MetaMask: Has a Browser extension and mobile app. MetaMask is web3’s most popular wallet and one of the oldest one in this industry. ETH is purchasable via third-parties in some regions.

Coinbase Wallet: The Coinbase wallet app allows users to explore the decentralized web with a dApp browser. You don’t need Coinbase account to use the Coinbase wallet app its easy to use.

TrustWallet: A non-custodial mobile wallet that stores the private key of the user with an additional layer of security.

WalletConnect is a protocol supporetd by many different dAPPS nad various walletts. 

Venly: A non-custodial mobile wallet that stores the private key of the user with an additional layer of security.

BitSki: An easy to use wallet that allows users to sign up with an email and password.

Phantom: is popular crypto wallet which is available only on Solana, that let’s you do more than something like deposit and send cryptocurrency.

Discover new creative work

NFT filter option

What’s New in Radin’s Opensea Clone Script?

Plus all the features you can have some extra features that come with Radin’s Opensea clone script. New features will be added to the platform developed by Radin’s team based on the changes and  new updates in this market.
For now let’s see what is new in Radin Opensea clone script.

Opensea clone Script download is another way to develop an exchange with paying no price but then you will not have access to the new features that your developer company provide.

Store your favourite one

Search filtering option

Create Opensea Clone

Developers plan the OpenSea clone script development on various blockchain networks as per the client’s requirement for that platform. The experts start their process with UI development and finish off with testing the developed clone script.

Development of Smart contracts

Most of the NFT marketplaces are decentralized. Cause most of the features are implemented on Smart contracts the first part of NFT market development is its Smart contracts.

Wallet integration

After the development of the functions and features for the Opensea clone, The fourth step is to integrate NFT wallets with the marketplace to make it easy to access for the users.

Determine the blockchain

The choice of the blockchain network is made before the Opensea clone development because choosing a blockchain network wisely will determine the future growth of the platform.

UI development

User interface is an important step in Opensea’s development. Designers design the most attractive user interface for the clone script to attract the user to the platform.

Coding of necessary features

After the development of the marketplace multiple features are added to the platform which attracts various aspects of users to the platform.

Testing & deployment

Blockchain experts analyze the vulnerabilities, bugs of the developed platform and fix those issues and deploy Opensea clone on the client’s server.

Which Blockchains Does Our Opensea Clone Support?


Ethereum was launched in 2015 it is an Open-Source Blockchain including smart contract functionality. The Native Cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain is ETH.


Opensea clone script is built on the Solana blockchain that helps NFT transactions which are low gas fees, efficient energy usage, and fast transactions in the largest NFT marketplace


Polygon is a unique blockchain that provides secure instant transactions with ETH, DAI and USDC.  The Tokens are similar to Ethereum but blockchains have differences.



Tron is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. Tron uses blockchain technology to operate a global system of content

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain’s smart contracts support and are compatible with Ethereum dApp. As a result, the BSC network enables developers to create and migrate DApps, tools, and other ecosystem components.


Cardano is a public blockchain platform. It is open-source and decentralized, with consensus achieved using proof of stake.

Opensea Clone Script Cost

The Opensea development cost to build an NFT marketplace may vary from $10,000 to $18,000 based on the features and functions implemented in that marketplace. 30% of the base price is added to make an Opensea mobile application.
If you want to add some extra features and extra security features, the Opensea clone script fee may vary.

Extra usability Functions

Security Features and protection

The Unique UI/UX

Native Token Governance

Metaverse Capability

Multiple currency support

Features of Opensea Clone Script Development Cost
Storefronts and advanced filters In the main Package (No Cost)
Integrate with Crypto Wallets In the main Package (No Cost)
Lazy minting In the main Package (No Cost)
Multi-chain Interoperability Two Multi-chain Support is in the main package (No Cost)
Any additional EVM Blockchain network Development cost increase of $2,000
Customize Smart Contract 1155 In the main Package (No Cost)
Unlimited IPFS Storage In the main Package (No Cost)
Community Governance In the main Package (No Cost)
Import NFT from other Marketplaces In the main Package (No Cost)
1 Month Full Cover Support In the main Package (No Cost)

Platform of our Opensea Clone Script

Mobile PWA

Is essentially websites that display like mobile apps. They can perform the same functions as native programs, but via Internal browsers.

Web Portal

A web portal is a specially designed website that often serves as the single point of access for information. portal collects information and services about a certain theme.

Window Software

Window software is a program that is designed to run under the Microsoft Windows operating system,  this kind of software, is also called a “Windows app”.

Why Choose Radin?

Expert Developers

Radindev has team of expert NFT developers who are highly  experiencedf in creating successful NFT cases.

All kind of blockchain

Our team of experts are highly skilled in creating NFT marketplace on trending blockchains like solana.

High Speed Development

choosing the best strategics and approach with flexible deployment method to quickly deploy a p2p marketplace.

24/7 Technical support

Radindev offers technical support for customers that need our technical experts’ help instantly. 


Radindev provides custom Opensea clone script so that you can choose things from blockchain technology to additionmal APIs and we will deploy you the fully customized script based uponyour business requirements.

Of course!

The front-end of OpenSea clone script is designed in a unique way and if it is not what you want, you can add your idea to the design. The UI/UX team will design the front end based on your suggestion.

It completely depends on the expectation you have from the platform and if you want to customize it with your desired features, then it will take the required time.

Utilizing the OpenSea clone script, you can trade ERC721 OR ERC155 assets for free and make money through the secondary sale of the items.

  • StoreFront 
  • User Profiles 
  • Advanced Token Search 
  • Multiple Filters 
  • Creating Listings
  • Ranking
  • Activities
  • Ratings
  • security features
  • Admin Panel

We used Next.js for our front-end framework and Node.js for our backend.
on our Opensea clone app, we work with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and also can work with native apps, depending on your choice.

Yes. We used the Interplanetary File System Protocol in our development path. IPFS makes your NFT marketplace platform safe and secure.

Your app can have every Gateways you want.

RadinDev designed the Opensea clone script on a decentralized platform. Unlike centralized apps where hackers can breach their server and steal users’ information, decentralized apps can’t be hacked.

the base standard we use is Erc 1155. but we can provide a clone app with Erc 721 and Erc 998 standard.

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Other Services Radin Provides

Kucoin is one of the best p2p trading platform in the has high rank according to the  number of user it serves, trading volume. with our premium Kucoin clone script launching a powerful website like Kucoin and its application can be done in a matter of days.

coinbase clone mockup in laptap and mobile smartphone

CoinBase is one of the other crypto exchanges that has stolen the heart of many users. This exchange is one of the oldest exchanges active in this market. Coinbase offers a secure way to invest and trade with cryptocurrencies.

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