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At RadinDev, we offer one of the best Cryptocurrency Exchange P2P software development. This platform has been designed by a group of top programmers and experts. You can personalize this software completely according to your company’s needs and change its features. We will provide you with this dedicated software with all the features you want in the shortest time and at a reasonable price. We assure you that Radin Company offers the best cost of developing a p2p crypto exchange website compared to other companies. Radin’s experienced team is ready to provide you with their cryptocurrency exchange development services.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that is increasingly known and used in the world. Digital currencies, like the dollar, are a special form of cryptocurrency. Most digital currencies use the Chinese blockchain to take advantage of key features such as decentralization, transparency and immutability. Some of these currencies, such as bitcoin, are created by mining, and for others, all coins have already been mined online. Digital currencies have no geographical or political restrictions and transactions can be made from anywhere in the world. The positive point of using them is that they have high security and stability.

Types of Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies come in many forms and are categorized according to their functionality. Types of digital currencies include cryptocurrency, virtual currency, and central bank digital currency. When it comes to digital currency exchanges most people think of complex tables and centralized exchanges. But did you know that there is an easier way to exchange digital currencies than not having any of these problems and being used by thousands of people around the world to make money? As of April 2021, there are over 10,000 different types of cryptocurrency. Some of the best and most well-known digital currencies are listed below.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

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What is P2P cryptocurrency exchange software development

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges are simply done when two people interact directly with each other to buy or sell digital currency. In this type of exchange, buyers and sellers register on a website (also known as a P2P crypto exchange, a P2P marketplace, or a P2P platform) and they register their commercial ads to buy or sell digital currency in a certain price range.

P2P crypto exchanges software creates direct interactions between buyers and sellers without the involvement of a third party, but if a dispute arises, a third party helps to resolve the dispute. P2P crypto exchange sites development is our profession. We can help you to develop p2p crypto trading. Decentralized Exchange software is a peer-to-peer (P2P) online service.

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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange software development Features

Complete admin panel

Complete admin panel

Multiple cryptocurrency

Multiple cryptocurrency

Anti-Denial of Service

Multi-layer Security

Multi-layer Security

Bitcoin atomic swaps

Bitcoin atomic swaps

KYC and AML Verification

KYC and AML Verification

Escrow System cryptocurrency

Escrow System cryptocurrency

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

Preferred trader selection

Preferred trader selection

Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

Advantages of P2P cryptocurrency exchange software development

Diverse Payment Methods

P2P crypto exchange software support a variety of payment methods, such as Credit Card, Bank transfer, PayPal, Visa Card, Mastercard and Digital coins.

Global Marketplace

P2P crypto exchange development enables trading with local or even international customers that is an online digital currency trading being available worldwide.

Low Cost

Although all types of exchanges make money by receiving a commission fee, P2P cryprocurrency exchange development get less commission fee .

More Security

Another significant advantage of P2P exchange platform is its high security. You don’t need to transfer your cryptocurrencies to another person’s or company’s wallet at all.

No Government Censorship

Since none of the user's cryptocurrencies are stored in a P2P exchange, it is less likely to be legally interfered with in an exchange. So the speed increases.


P2P cryptocurrency exchanges don’t require a third-party operator to execute transactions. Buyers and sellers are directly connected. In fact the government cannot enforce those rules on P2P crypto exchange offices.

Trade at preferred prices

One of the advantages of P2P exchanges is trading at arbitrary prices. At P2P, you can buy and sell your favorite currency according to the available offers


One of the most popular methods in the stock market is volatility. In this method, the shareholder makes a profit by buying in the valley points and selling in the peak points.

Disadvantages of P2P cryptocurrency exchange software development

Longer trade times

To complete trading on P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform development must find an actual buyer and seller. The transaction If the number of traders increases in the system, it will be easier to find the other side.

Liquidity challenges

Professional traders look for fast trades. One of the problems of P2P crypto exchange software is the long liquidity. Due to this, the transactions were delayed. Attracting more traders can solve this problem.

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How does it works?

The trading software of this type of exchange is programmed in such a way that it connects the buyers and sellers of digital currencies automatically without the need for a third party and provides the same conditions for their purchase and sale.
In this way, users set the purchase or sale price of their favorite currency and their request is automatically searched in the order list through an exchange office. Then the order with the price desired by the user is selected by the platform and the transaction is done. The user can also purchase their desired digital currency from the list of available orders. This order list helps all users to make their transactions faster.

Best P2P Crypto Exchange Software

More information about Best P2P Crypto Exchange Software

Binance logo

Binance P2P

One of the best P2P software is the Binance platform, which allows you to buy bitcoins and other digital currencies. Zero Fees, Multiple Payment Methods, Escrow Service, High Liquidity, … are some of the advantages of Binance P2P. we also provide you Binance clone app development with your customized and favorite features.
Localbitcoins logo


LocalBitcoins is one of the oldest crypto exchanges that offer a P2P marketplace and connected buyers and sellers directly. Most of its customers are in developing countries. In 2012, it was the most popular Bitcoin exchange for many customers. The purpose of making it was to facilitate bitcoin trading.


Kraken is a p2p exchange and has also operated as a bank. It currently operates as one of the top exchanges and is the choice of many Gran deals. This platform removes third parties from your transactions and allows you to trade different currencies with Fiat. Serves worldwide and of course most US states.
Paxful logo


Another P2P exchange software is the Paxful platform, which allows its customers to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies over 350 payment methods. Paxful operates in more than 100 countries. The software is friendly for beginners, but the customer support is not so good. The name of this exchange means peace and it was acquired in 2014. You can find Paxful Clone Script in our company..
Remitano logo


Remitano is one of the best software that supports the buying and selling of cryptos. Remitano provides secure environment for investors cross the Remitano network. This platform is very fast and easy to register. The platform also has good customer support with fast response.


Undoubtedly, it ranks first in the world in terms of its exchange rate with its KuCoin counterpart. This exchange offers its services to the whole world and has no restrictions. It supports a large number of Fiat and digital currencies, which helps you to do a lot of transactions automatically without the need for a third party.

Why should people prefer P2P cryptocurrency exchange software?

People prefer to develop a P2P digital currency exchange website over a centralized exchange because it offers faster transactions and more payment options. In this software, any feature you want is executed. You can buy it at a low crypto exchange development cost from Radindev.
P2P encryption software development not only protects users’ digital assets but also connects people. This way, users can experience a safer transaction more easily and no longer have to worry about offering their capital to a third party. This system is designed so that both parties can easily trade without the need for a third party. Such transactions are exactly like a transaction outside the virtual world and face to face.

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P2P crypto exchanges software create direct interactions between buyers and sellers without the involvement of a third party. P2P exchange software allows you to find and trade something at the right price.

Complete admin panel, Multiple cryptocurrency, Anti-Denial of Service, Multi-layer Security, Bitcoin atomic swaps, KYC and AML Verification, Escrow System cryptocurrency, Preferred trader selection, Multi-factor authentication, Multi-language Support and … are some of the features of P2P platform.

The development cost depends on the features that you want to integrate into your exchange. However, the development cost and time required to build a white label exchange are comparatively less than that required to develop a custom exchange from scratch.

Diverse Payment Methods, Global Marketplace, Low Cost, More Security, No Government Censorship, Privacy, Trade at preferred prices and … are some of the advantages of P2P platform development.

Our P2P crypto exchange website development has the ability to customize for any need and you can expand it at any time and increase your profitability.

Users set the price for buying or selling their favorite currency and their request is automatically searched in the order list through the exchange. Then the order at the user’s desired price is selected by the platform and the transaction takes place.

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