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Pancakeswap Clone Script

The Pancakeswap clone script is a %100 similar crypto exchange to the pancakeswap exchange script. It enables participants to trade, swap, exchange, win, stake, and receive rewards.

Launch a reliable high-performance trading space for traders and crypto enthusiasts across the world.

The Sushiswap clone script is one of our top-ranked dex clone script solutions you can ask to customize one.

Launch your defi exchange script to the hype-worthy cryptocurrency market with our development solution. Get our free demo now.

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How to build a defi exchange like pancakeswap?

Creating decentralized finance like pancakeswap is a new business model to upgrade your crypto business. As the crypto era is growing rapidly, more exchanges are launched into the market. Pancakeswap as the best performed decentralized exchange is high used trading space among traders. You can launch a pancakeswap dex clone script for your business that is developed based on your requirements. 

Building a defi exchange like pancakeswap while pancakeswap clone script is the available solution, doesn’t seem a difficult process. Cloning a dex script like pancakeswap exchange script is to recreate the exact functionality and same features under your business brand.

pancakeswap clone software development is customizable. you as an investor can add any additional feature or remove unusable options to match the platform’s functionality with your requirements. you set your goal and segments, then request a well-prepared dex clone script to help you stand out in the crypto era.

what is pancakeswap- a defi exchnge script

What is the pancakeswap exchange clone script?

Creating a pancakeswap clone software is highly affordable and doesn’t require budget as much as creating a scratch needs. Specialization is one major advantage of crypto exchange clone script development including Binance clone script, you have various alternatives to function the platform according to your business requirement.

A dex clone script is a ready-to-market platform. In other words, it doesn’t take a long time from requesting a pancakeswap clone to deploying it for the public. buy a pancakeswap clone instantly by requesting a quote for us.

Reasons to invest in pancakeswap clone software

The crypto market has exploded recently which is the reason makes investing in them is a reasonable idea. Decentralized crypto exchanges are trustworthy and reliable. It ensures high revenue in return due to the popularity of DEXs like pancakeswap and their clone script. Investing in a dex clone script like pancakeswap clone platform is the best way to grow your crypto business. A clone script of pancakeswap exchange is an exact mirror of pancakeswap exchange. It functions similarly to the original platform.  So, a clone pancakeswap software, not only launches a new exchange to the crypto era but also achieves the accomplishments of the original pancakeswap exchange.

The constant revenue stream from trading fee

Pancakeswap exchange charges a small percentage of the fee as transaction fees. you as the admin of your dex clone can decide the amount of trading fee but remember that low fees attract more traders to your platform. by increasing the total trade volume, your constant revenue stream from transactions fee rises, too.

To find the right algorithm for your pancakeswap clone script fee trading, we can take a look at pancakeswap’s trading fee.

The total trading fee in pancakeswap script is 0.25%. 0.17% of it turns back as rewards to liquidity providers. 0.03% of it goes to the treasury of pancakeswap. 0.05 of trading fee in pancakeswap, facilitate CAKE buyback and burn

how can pancakeswap clone software benefit business?

High level of security

Depositing funds into smart contracts is not always bug-free even in audited projects but developing multi-layered security in pancakeswap clone script development ensures your users’ deposit funds with no bugs. Clone pancakeswap provides a higher level of security compared to other decentralized exchanges. But since all dex clone scripts can be developed as per your business requirements, you can ask for high-end security protocols in any dex script. Generally, decentralized exchanges are fast and secure. Check our decentralized crypto exchange script to read more about the DEX clone development. You can get our free demo of the pancakeswap template so, you understand the functional system.

Staking through auto-compound

Our pancakeswap clone protocols enable automatic staking. By auto-compounding feature, users need to re-stake their tokens to get the best APY. This is how users can stake in your pancakeswap exchange clone. By auto-compounding features and easy staking, users unlock more funds to liquidity pools. As a result of increasing liquidity providers, total trading volume was boosted. 

Backed by binance

Our clone pancakeswap script is built on the binance smart chain like the original exchange platform.  It’s a fast and inexpensive alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. The BSC is developed by Binance which is the largest crypto exchange script as you know. So, your developed and deployed clone pancakeswap script is backed by Binance.

Premium Features of Pancakeswap exchange Clone Script

Meta mask 

Login verification

Trust wallet

Multisign for contracts


Multi-language support

Binance chain wallet

Transaction history

Contracts time lock

Multicurrency support

White Label Pancakeswap Clone Software

white label pancakeswap clone software

White label pancakeswap clone script is a pre-made version of pancakeswap. A clone script exchange that functions like pancakeswap is a pretty valid long-term investment. Our white label decentralized crypto exchanges are customizable. white label pancakeswap works effortlessly on the binance smart chain through automated market maker engines. The launching of an incredible platform with hassle-free performance that is a blockchain-empowered crypto exchange. 

The functional system of the pancakeswap dex clone script is anonymous through smart contracts on liquidity pools. The participants can stake their tokens in the liquidity pools to generate more liquidity and also get rewards. 

Radindev has provided a white label pancakeswap exchange clone script containing all essential features and protocols of pancakeswap. It is completely similar to the pancakeswap exchange script that can be customized accordingly. We at Radindev offer premium white label pancakeswap clone development and NFT marketplace development like OpenSea clone script to entrepreneurs for developing a robust and secure platform.

Features of white label Pancakeswap Clone Software

Security Features of Pancakeswap Clone Software

In-built security A

Multi-layer security options

Advanced encryption

End-to-end SSL encryption

Protection against DDoS

Encryption bridging and more

Add-ons of Pancakeswap Clone Software


PancakeSwap launched Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) on the platform to help newly launched tokens open opportunities for yield farming.


Yield farming is just as important for many investors who focus on passive income, and yield farming is one of the basics of most DEX projects like pancakeswap clone script.


Project owners can launch their tokens using the Syrup Pools. Here they can commit a portion of their own tokens and distribute them to CAKE holders


Pancakeswap script works with an AMM (Automated Market Maker) to organize and control trading on the pancakeswap clone software.


Another offer that should not be neglected is the PancakeSwap lottery. There is also an option for users to enter the CAKE lottery.


Staking makes it easier for owners to earn returns on their assets, without reaping criticism for its environmental impact.

What is Pancakeswap Clone Script?

The clone pancakeswap script is a complete replica of the original platform, pancakeswap. it functions similarly to pancakeswap an exact mirror of its features. Pancakeswap clone software to recreate a trading space like pancakeswap and attract users who enjoy trading in such a manner to the platform. Pancakeswap clone script is an exchange platform where users can trade or stake their assets in liquidity pools. Users can win native tokens by locking their assets in liquidity providers. pancakeswap can be launched on the binance smart chain as the original platform is built over BSC. Since it runs over the BSC, it charges the lowest fee among the decentralized exchanges which is an appropriate advantage for crypto traders. With the same operating system of pancakeswap, developed on your exchange clone script, your users can trade anything hassle-free.

what is pancakeswap clone script

Is pancakeswap clone safe?

Pancakeswap clone is a decentralized exchange like the original exchange script. In decentralized crypto exchanges, users trade with no third-parties intermediator. It was aimed for DEXs to eliminate the role of central interference to rise the security. So, it’s obviously safe through smart contracts based on the binance smart chain. The automated market maker that works upon the smart contracts and BSC also function as the security protocols.

Automated market maker is an advanced security protocols running the transactions on the exchanges like pancakeswap. Developing such functional feature to increase safety is a crucial part of crypto exchange development. Our pancakeswap clone script is facilitated with high-end secure features. AMM feature makes trading fast, anonymous and unhackable.

Pancakeswap Wonderful Stats

2 million

In the last 30 days

55 million


Made in the last 30 days

$3.9 billion


Total value locked

Market-Making Bot

Significant Features of Our Market-Making Bot Software


For all trading pairs 24/7 support

Potentially raising your trading volume

Setting up and integrating Bots

Creation of liquidity

Supplying investors with algorithms of order types

Technical support for Bots

Simulation of active trades in the order book

Setting prices and gain on the spread

pancakeswap- market making bot

Pancakeswap Clone App

Creating a crypto exchange application for mobiles like a Uniswap clone script rises the interaction between users and the exchange. Thus a pancakeswap clone app is a big help for your exchange to attract more traders. we can embed all the features and operational systems of your pancakeswaap clone script into its application. developing a decentralized crypto exchange app can ensure the success of your crypto business along with the operation of the crypto exchange website.

So, we offer a pancakeswap clone app solution as a supplement to your business. We will develop your clone pancakeswap app like the development process of its script. it is customizable, similar to the functionality of pancakeswap, and ready to market.  The pancakeswap doesn’t have a mobile app so developing a website as a pancakeswap clone script with a user-friendly app will add value to your business.

We have also embedded this feature in our Coinbase clone app to make it more secure.

mobile mockup of pancakeswap clone app

Features of Pancakeswap Clone App

Fingerprint Unlocking

Priority: Low
Effect: More security

Unlocking the clone app by fingerprints is a verification method that is deployed on many dex clones like idex clone script. Fingerprint unlocking is a unique verification principle that can optimize the privacy and security of your users’ personal identity and transactions. 

Multilingual Support

Priority: Medium
Effect: better user experience

A multilingual website attracts more clients because people are more comfortable reading in their native language. also, it has been proved that users who read in their native language are more likely to purchase on the website. Due to this, you can attract more potential users.

Time Out Session

Priority: High
Effect: More security

In order to prevent any unwanted activity, time-out session functions. It closes the session for the user in case he was active for a specific time. The time period for each user is adjustable in the setting of the pancakeswap clone software. to reactive the sessions.

Pop-Up Notification

Priority: High
Effect: More security

Pop-up notifications are elements that appear on top of the platform to inform new activity that occurred in the exchange. They can be messages or graphical elements to attract the users’ attention. It reminds events, applied changes, etc immediately.

Possibility to trade offline/online

Priority: Medium
Effect: Better UX
Offline trading is when you don’t have access to the net and you hire a broker to do it for you it means you are completely dependent on the broker. with the possibility to choose online or offline trading you can always trade on pancakeswap clone script.

In app authentication

Priority: High
Effect: More security

To create an easy and incredible user experience for your users, develop in-app authentication in your uniswap clone app. Since in-app authentication is one of the security factors in decentralized exchanges, it will upgrade your app’s safety and users’ experience.

Benefits of Pancakeswap Clone App

Pancakeswap analytics

 Analytics in pancakeswap are used to provide accurate information about recent market prices on the BNB chain. Analytics can provide information for different periods of time like hourly, monthly, and weekly.

Transaction tracking

Transaction tracking is a well-functionalized feature in pancakeswap clone script. Transactions on the platform can be traded easily and this option presents history stats of each trade.

Sequential stats

Sequential stats define the performance of assets daily. It defines the number of tokens that can show large volume of trading, applicable, and availability.

locked staking

Locked staking in pancakeswap clone is the same as yield farming where the user gets a reward as the value of their staking. Staking pools will be active for a specific period of time. 

Fast speed audits

Rapid speed audits improve the number of audits at every moment. Best order completion is ensured by the rapid speed audits feature on every transaction. 

Integrated security protocols

Pancakeswap clone exchange runs by high-secured features that improve the maintenance of the platform. This script lays on operational secured features for the management firm with scalability.

Pancakeswap Clone working mechanism

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Wallet integration

The first step to start trading in pancakeswap clone is to integrate a crypto wallet. 


Liquidity audition

The platform accepts users' funds and promotes them as the platform's liquidity providers. 

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Token use case specification

The clone pancakeswap is improvising the token visibility as well as the token utability. 

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Possessed token specifications

The token that is going to be traded off must be specified by participating in the platform.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Verify the transaction process

Once the user specifies the token's type, trading is available.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Confirm the progress

To complete the process of exchange in the pancakeswap exchange clone script, the user will be made the volidity. 

How to create DEX like pancakeswap?

Develop from scratch: Creating a crypto exchange like pancakeswap is considered an efficient way but it is not economic. It takes so much longer to develop a crypto exchange that functions similarly to the pioneers of the crypto era. It also requires huge fund which is not affordable for most businesses. But the final crypto exchange is your own brand exchange. s the finest method but it requires huge funds and it will take a longer time to launch a clone pancakeswap exchange.  You can also invest in using scratch to make it beneficial for all commercial businesses.
Use a pancakeswap clone software provided by a development company: Pancakeswap clone script is a pre-made solution to develop a crypto exchange like pancakeswap. A clone dex script is created based on the functionality and features of one popular leading cryptocurrency exchange. It can be customized to fulfill your business requirements and users’ expectations.  In a conclusion, a defi crypto exchange platform is a cost-effective way of launching a cryptocurrency exchange. It will be ready to deploy for the public immediately for traders.

Why choose radindev for pancakeswap clone software development

Radindev is a provider of dex clone scripts that can customize your target platform based on your business needs developing similar functional features to the original platform. To lead your business with an excellent destination in Defi exchange we can create a top-notch decentralized exchange with the most unique features on Binance smart chain.

to develop a decentralized crypto exchange like 1inch clone script, sushiswap clone script, pancakeswap clone script, etc all you need is to find a reliable development team to create a high-performance exchange. Radindev development team is capable of creating a stunning decentralized cryptocurrency exchange like pancakeswap to perform an advanced and high-end security operational system. Our free demo is ready for you to get a better vision of our development process and pancakeswap clone price request a quote, and leave your contact info so our expert consultants contact you as soon as possible.

24/7 technical support

All kinds of blockchain

Economical solurion

On-time delivery

Pancakeswap clone script github

You can find the open source code of the Pancakeswap Clone GitHub on Github which is developed by the users of the GitHub community. The pancakeswap clone script download is also available on GitHub for free. Basically, an exchange clone script is a copy of an exchange with most features of its that. for example, we can name Paxful clone script which is a copy of paxful exchange.


developing a software like Pancakeswap with clone scripts will  almost take  7 days , but it may vary based on the changes you want to apply on the platform.

We provide cost-effective services for our customers. But different features that add to the platform will cost extra money.

Pancakeswap is full of new features and surprise for its client and could find its place in the market in the short period   , so simulating its feature and business strategy will save time and money.

Creating a dex like pancakeswap where users can trade, swap, and earn means to create a pancakeswap clone script. here are what you need to follow:

  1. market researching
  2. set a segment
  3. Ui design
  4. API and wallet integration
  5. front and back-end development
  6. deploy it for test
  7. deploy for public

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      If the pancakeswap is available on github you can use it to develop your website. But be careful of the malicious codes or Scam codes
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