What is Poloniex Clone Script?

Poloniex Clone Script allows users to buy, trade, and sell a large number of different cryptocurrencies, including popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as less popular coins.

Poloniex clone also has a very good selection of tools. This includes 5-minute to 4-hour charts, stop-limit orders, and the ability to zoom in or out on the charts. This is not to say that the platform is not suitable for beginners, the interface is actually very easy to use.

At Radindev we offer cryptocurrency exchange software development services to have acrypto exchange like Poloniex or p2p exchange similar to Paxful using Paxful Clone Script and more.

Our Poloniex clone software can exchange and trade digital currencies with advanced security features and trading features to ensure that traders can trade smoothly.

In addition, you just need to do the necessary customization and apply the features you want to launch your cryptocurrency exchange. A characteristic also that can be found in our other services such as Coinbase Exchange Clone Script.

Our Poloniex Wallet Development Features

Ability to Add Tokens

The Possibility of adding tokens, particularly ETH-based tokens.

Nodejs & Oracle
To facilitate Crypto-Secure Data Management.

Data Encryption

Inaccessibility to user’s security information.

It allows you to pack your microservices and simplify management of those.

We Build Your Own Crypto Wallets

In order, to use cryptocurrency, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency wallet that we build you with all you need to launch your cryptocurrency wallet.

Web3.0 Wallet

It Lets You Access a Given Cryptocurrency’s Network.

Blockchain Technology

Our wallet supports 20 various blockchain networks.

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Poloniex  Growth Path

Tristan DAgusta grew up in a small fishing village in Maine. He spent most of his time writing, reading, astronomy, composing and programming. He founded Poloniex in the United States in 2013

poloniex was hacked in 2014 and lost more than 12% of its bitcoin assets. But then he paid all the damages caused by the hack and showed that he will do justice in certain circumstances.

In 2016, Tristan was one of the first to list Ethereum. In 2017, rumors of Poloniex bankruptcy were published. Other issues, including the blocking of accounts, also fueled the rumors.

In January 2018, Poloniex experienced problems with customer account balances on the exchange platform. In February 2018, Poloniex was acquired by Circle and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, shutting down services to the US market.

In October 2018, Poloniex suspended its margin trading offer due to US law. In April 2019, Poloniex moved to Bermuda. In May 2019, the altcoin CLAM fell in price, causing huge losses for marginal lenders.

White Label Poloniex Clone Software 

Radindv offers white label poloniex clone script with security and commercial features similar to Poloniex that can be used by traders around the world. We provide tested software that meets the needs of users.

Radindev White label poloniex clone script allows you to customize the features according to the current digital trend and it allows you to change brand name, logo, theme, and design according to your business needs at that moment. This applies to our other services including Binance Clone App.

On the other hand, do not worry about the price because we provide an affordable cryptocurrency exchange development services cost for startups and entrepreneurs.

Premium Features Poloniex Clone Script

Two-step authentication

DNS cache protection

Security against robots

Registry lock

Email Verification Step

Secure data encryption

Users Authentication

IP lock

No unauthorized changes

Anti Denial of Service(DoS)

Add-ons of Poloniex Clone Software


You can earn passive income from your funds by lending without the need for business. You can choose the type of coin, the duration of the loan and the amount you receive from the borrowers.


Is a cryptocurrency futures trading platform that offers regular bitcoin exchange transactions. Futures products may suffer from high turnover and stock portfolio rebalancing.


In margin trading, you can trade borrowed loans instead of trading your assets. The funds in your margin account will only be used as collateral for these loans and settlement of debts to lenders.


Decentralized trading refers to asset systems, smart contracts, and DApps. Its purpose is to create an open and accessible financial system that eliminates the need for a central reference.


When trading with DEX, users can exchange assets P2P without the need for trust or third parties. DEX is another title for decentralized exchanges.


The important thing about P2P exchanges is that you buy directly from the person who specified the price. This means eliminating intermediaries and reducing prices, and in most cases you do not pay for sales on the platform.

Market-Making Bot

Significant Features of Our Market-Making Bot Software


For all trading pairs 24/7 support

Potentially raising your trading volume

Setting up and integrating Bots

Creation of liquidity

Supplying investors with algorithms of order types

Technical support for Bots

Simulation of active trades in the order book

Setting prices and gain on the spread

poloniex- market making bot

Poloniex Clone App

We also offer a Poloniex clone app with support for both the iOS and Android operating systems. Both versions are highly regarded by mobile app users, who may use them to access many of the same features and functions as the desktop site. It helps you to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The poloniex app clone offers more than 20 cryptocurrencies, and it has some unique features.

Also at Radindev we have a completely updated p2p cryptocurrency exchange software for your encrypted trading clone that has all the features you need and your exchanges and transactions are done in the best possible way. You can change it based on your business and make a great version of this all-security exchange.

Features of Poloniex Clone App

Fingerprint lock

Priority : High

Effect : More Security

There are benefits to running a fingerprint scanner in the app: Your fingerprint is for you only, and when you put your fingerprint as a password in an application, you increase security so that your information is not exposed to the use of others. More accuracy of this space, which is authenticated with the highest accuracy and recognizes your fingerprint. It speeds up your access and you can log in to your account with just one move. We may all forget our password. This feature ultimately completely solves the problem of forgetting the password.

Multilingual Support

Priority : High

Effect : Better UX

Multilingual support allows you to provide services to a wider range of people from different countries, and this will make your program attract people from all over the world, because of course everyone can more easily communicate in their native language and Customer comfort is definitely one of the most important and determining principles in attracting customers. In addition, the ability to speak a common language enhances your interactions with customers.

Moving Trade

Priority : High

Effect : Higher Trading Speed

Radindev offers its services on web applications, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, which increases security and speed, and anyone with any type of application can install it on their mobile phone or computer, and from this There is no limit to the view so users can easily perform transactions at any time and place. In addition, we have other custom features that help you create an encryption exchange and you can choose them based on your needs and tastes.

Live Chat With Traders

Priority : High

Effect : Better UX

Chatting with users is much better than using email and phone calls because it speeds up the conversation and you can easily communicate with the buyer or seller and speed up the customer acquisition process. Since it makes it difficult for users from different parts of the world to communicate in different languages, chatting is a good way to communicate with users. There is the ability to respond to the user 24 hours a day due to the constant support and ease of chatting.

5 Steps To Start A Business Of Poloniex

To get started on Poloniex, you need to follow these steps one by one.


Register Account


Complete Verification


Deposit Cryptocurrency


Buy Cryptocurrency


Explore Binance Products

Request For Demo


Poloniex clone script is a completed cryptography business with advanced auto-enhancement and security features to help you build your cryptographic conversion platform.
Our company is one of the best and leading cryptocurrency exchange website and app development solutions providers and is essentially focused on clone scripts of crypto exchange websites. So you can use our Ready-Made scripts for saving your time to develop it.
Secure and Instant payment transaction- Latest technology stacks- User-friendly dashboards for crypto traders- Supports Multiple Payments- Multi-lingual Supports.

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