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What is Remitano Clone Software

create a p2p crypto exchange like remitano

Remitano was established in 2014 and is an escrowed p2p marketplace where people buy and sell bitcoin easily and quickly. It has a simple UI, 24/7 friendly customer service, and the lowest fee in comparison with its competitors. They have a team of professionals in the field of financial products, e-currencies, payment system,s and agile software development. The platform allows users to buy and sell cryptos with either crypto or fiat currencies.

Remitano clone script is exact replica of all the features and aspects of the successful p2p cryptocurrency exchange software Remitano. It has all the options for p2p trading that enables the sellers and buyers to trade any major currencies without the participation of a third party. By using Remitano clone you can start a trading platform similar to Remitano. It is 100% customizable for each business’s requirement. You can completely customize it based on your, goal location, clients, and their needs. You can also get these items in our other clone scripts such as the Binance Clone Script.

Why Choose RadinDev for Remitano Clone Development?

Radindev one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange development services company provides white label solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs both in the NFTs market field like Opensea Clone Script and in the CEX and DEX fields. we have a team of blockchain experts that provides a secured platform to keep excellent performance. During the process, we keep a close connection with our clients to customize the software exactly based on their requirements. we do all the necessary research and include all the exceptional security features to make it stand out from the others. Develop your Remitano-like exchange script with the Radindev blockchain developer. If you are looking for a reliable company to develop a website like Remitano we recommend you request a demo from our company and order your website.

Remitano Wonderful Stats


Cryptocurrency exchanged


Customers served


Annual revenue 


Countries supported


fiat currencies


new member daily


app download 


in 8.1 k rating

Remitano Growth Path

Remitano, this bitcoin exchange platform, was established in 2014, it's a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrencies. The purpose of remitano is providing a safe and easy experience for users. So as you can see they have added more features to their platforms through years.

Remitano exchange developed a centralized exchange with pair BTC/USDT for all our verified users. it also has the decentralized exchange possibility.

Remitano introduced Invest feature in aug 2019. and also launched Remitano Forum for crypto lovers to share their knowledge. they Enhanced security with TouchId and FaceId.

in april 2020 New multi-level referral program added to the remitano platform.Remitano have deployed the feature that allows users to deposit and withdraw USDT with TRC20 format (USDT on TRON network)

at the end of the June 2021, Remitano presented the first token of the exchange RENEC. All the Remitano users can own RENEC for free by mining in Remitano app.Remitano has added the feature that sends mining notification to all the users every 24 hours.

remitano exchange infographic

White Label Remitano Clone Software

whitelabel remitano clone

Our white-label Remitano clone software includes all the features and functionalities of Remitano exchange. The Remitano white label clone script is completely customizable for each business’s requirement It helps you to launch your website In a shorter time and increases the speed of branding. We offer you our white label cryptocurrency exchange software simulation scripts like our White Label Kucoin Clone Script to develop a robust and bug-free exchange platform.

The ready-to-use White-label Remitano Clone Script has all the necessary and leading exchange business features that are key to running the cryptocurrency exchange platform successfully. launching a secure crypto exchange platform faster and with fewer efforts. The Remitano white label clone is a ready-made platform so it needs less time for development than developing from scratch. Developing a website with a white-label clone script will help to save money and time. if you want a platform like coinbase, go to the coinbase clone script page and read about that.

Add-ons of Remitano Clone Software

OTC Trading

Over the counter exchange happens between two partners. the process of securities transacted in a decentralized platform.

Margin Trading

is the process of using borrowed funds from a broker to trade a financial asset, to gain more revenue.

P2P Trading

p2p trading is the act of trading directly between traders with out the presence of a third party to control the transaction.

Limit Order

the limit order will only be executed when it reaches the specified price or better. or buy an asset at or below the specified price.

Trading Bot

Trading bots work by reacting to the market.Trading bots collects the data it needs in order to execute a trade based on analysis of the trading platform.

Atomic Swap

Atomic swap enables the trading different cryptocurrencies with out the need for centralized intermediaries

Market-Making Bot

Significant Features of Our Market-Making Bot Software


For all trading pairs 24/7 support

Setting up and integrating Bots

Creation of liquidity

Saving time and money

Technical support for Bots

Setting prices and gain on the spread

Simulation of active trades in the order book

Potentially raising your trading volume

Supplying investors with algorithms of order types

Premium Features ofRemitano Clone Script

Feedback system

Dispute resolution

Proximity match

Escrow account

Invest & swap option

Merchant  system

synced mobile app

Escrowed trade

Private chat

KYC verification

Our Remitano Wallet Development Features

Ability to add Tokens

The Possibility of adding tokens, particularly ETH-based tokens

Nodejs & Oracle
To facilitate Crypto-Secure Data Management.

Data Encryption

Inaccessibility to user’s security information.

It allows you to pack your microservices and simplify management of those.

We Build Your Own Crypto Wallets

In order, to use cryptocurrency, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency wallet that we build you with all you need to launch your cryptocurrency wallet.

Web3.0 wallet
It Lets You Access a Given Cryptocurrency’s Network.

Blockchain Technology

Our wallet supports 20 various blockchain networks.

Remitano Clone App

You cannot restrict your user to only use the software only through the website. using mobile phones is so widespread these days. Remitano clone app will enable your clients to use the features of the cryptocurrency exchange via their smartphone and they can use it anywhere that they want. So it will increase the number of people or traders because nowadays the use of mobile phones Is increasing day by day. The mobile app clone that we provide is compatible with all the platforms like IOS or Android with a user-friendly admin console and user panel. The users have access to all the actions connected to trading such as buying, selling, staking or the cryptocurrency pool with our crypto app clone.

Features of Remitano Clone App

Fingerprint Unlocking

This can increase the security of passwords. Advantages of it include: Improved security, Higher accuracy, and Faster access

Session Logout Timing

session log-out timing refers to a security method that will close the session of a user after some time of being inactive.

Multilingual Support

by developing a multi-lingual platform you can achieve a vast range of potential customers. And increases financial productivity.

Escrow Security

An escrow service is a mediator service that keeps the money for a transaction in safe keeping until the assets are handed over.

Pop-Up Notification

Pop-up notifications are messages that appear on your target customers’ platforms like smartphones or tablets.

In app Authentication

In-app authentication is one of the security layers in this method The sends a request with the user’s credentials to the backend server.

How Does Remitano Clone Script Work?

Working with the Remitano clone script is easy. The user will be asked to provide some required general info such as username and email ID. After registration, he will receive a verification mail and after complete verification, the user is free to sign in to his account.

After that user sign in was successful now the user can provide the other necessary info like the phone number, verification documents like the Driver’s license, etc. After successful verification of those KYC details, now the user can trade or exchange on the site.

Remitano is a peer-to-peer exchange platform so the number of the potential buyers and sellers will be listed and the payment options would be added to exchange the currencies. In case the seller accepts the buyers request then they can chat and start trading.

After they came to an agreement the buyer must send the payment to the seller according to the payment options and as soon as the buyer receives the payment it will notify the platform that he has received the payment and the crypto must transfer to the buyer.

Advantages of Our Premium Clone Script

Premium Clone Script

Expert Consultation

24/7 Customer Support


Experienced Team

Agile Methodologies

On Time Delivery

Easy Customization

The Benefits of Using Remitano Clone Script

For Admins

  •  As an admin you have the access to the users’ profiles, history of the transactions, and can take preventing action from any suspicious activities
  • Admin can verify the KYC and approve the account.
  • Admin can generate profit from some fees like trading fees, listing fee, commission fee, and ETC…
  • All the activities in the platform will not get into the process without the admin management.

For users

  • Traders can trade without any regulation or interruption because it is a p2p platform
  • Traders are able to enter the affiliate program and earn revenue
  • Traders can leverage IEO with our crypto platform.
  • Traders can list their own tokens on the exchange website by simply filing the form.
  • Tracking the crypto market trend using the trading bot.
  • Become an investor with an initial exchange offering.
  • Remitano can be a useful way of cheaply sending money all around the world

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developing a software like Remitano with clone scripts will  almost take   7 days , but the time may vary for each website due to extra features you want to add to your platform.

The cost may vary for each site based on the features or options they want to enbed in their platform .

Remitano is popular exchange website  due to its security and ease of use , so simulating its features and business patternstrategy will save time and energy.


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