Sandbox Clone Script

Create an 3D Metaverse NFT Marketplace like SandBox

A metaverse NFT game clone script with all integrated features and functions of Sandbox. For different games, NFTs are available in this platform. Radin Provide an NFT marketplace like SandBox for its clients.

Sandbox Clone Software

Sandbox clone script is a metaverse NFT game clone script like the original sandbox where users can create virtual land. Millions of Gamers and artists can share their exclusive creations on the platform. Likewise, it offers the experience of a decentralized virtual gaming world. With the Sandbox clone script, you can launch the Game metaverse NFT marketplace faster for selling virtual land. Check out the OpenSea clone script which is also another NFT marketplace script that offer NFT services for users.

 A decentralized NFT Marketplace Script, which is rich in features is developed & deployed with advanced features and advanced gaming attributes as in Sandbox, with a customizable option to launch your own Metaverse gaming platform like Sandbox.


How does Sandbox Clone Script Make Revenue?

Voting rights

Users are able to use their SAND to participate in the Sandbox governance and community. It allows holders voting rights on key elements such as foundation grant attributions to conten and game.


The Sandbox marketplace is an NFT marketplace through which users can trade in-game assets with SAND, the native crypto token of SandBox.  Solanart clone script is another NFT marketplace.


VoxEdit is a software for players and artists through which they can create rigs and animate their voxel based NFTs.


In this virtual environment on the Ethereum blockchain users can create, control and sell their game experience using SAND which is the platform’s utility. The fundamental goal of LANDs is for game designers and developers to be able to post experiences.

Game maker funds

Game maker allows players to build and test some unique 3D games within the sanbox metaverse. players can design and organize various elements and objects that includes the NFTs created with VoxEdit that is called Land.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is a process in which crypto holders lend assets to decentralized exchange in return for rewards. In exchange for their contributions, the participants are rewarded with a share of the platform’s fees.

Features of Sandbox clone script

Crypto-tokens are divided into three categories: Assets , LAND , SAND

This complex toolset can be used to generate avatars and NFTs.

The copyright of creators is safe for the duration of their life.

A decentralized gaming platform 

Innovate tecnology is used to create a sandbox game.

Benefits of Using Metaverse SandBox

one of the fast-growing NFT Gaming Platform

Sandbox has spiked its popularity on the Metaverse gaming 

NFTs converted from games made in the SandBox Metaverse.

enabling functions like a store, sell, and game creations

Testing performance and Speed

Benefits and awards you earn in this world has real value

What Features of SandBox Clone Script Radin Provide?

New games 

Entrepreneurs can gain more income for launching new games created by players who are interested.

Liquidity Mining fees

 Liquidity Mining fees and minting charges for the creation of new artwork, equipment, and wearables.

Auctions and Bids

Auctions charges and gas fees for processing Ethereum based transactions on this platform.


The admin can collect the fees for a user using CATALYSTs and GEMs, which are needed to create Assets tokens


listing charges for the sale of non fungible tokens and new cryptocurrencies available in the platform.


the owner can collect the registration fees for participating in the sale of LANDS in the sandbox clone.

Sandbox Clone Script Price

The SandBox development cost to build an NFT marketplace may vary from $10,000 to $18,000 based on the Work it should be done on the platform.
If you want to add some extra features and security features, the SandBox clone script cost may vary. You can check the Binance clone script that Radin provides to see the cost of developing a Binance-like platform.

Extra Functions

Security Levels & protection

The Unique UI/UX

Programming language

Metaverse Capability

The service provider Company

SandBox Collectibles


Lands refers to the digital fund available for sale on sanbox clone script. Lands represent plots that can be seamlessly bought, leased, and sold.


Assets are used to create different elements in the Sandbox Game Maker. Assets and Lands can be exchanged on the online platform for getting more Sands tokens. 


The native currency of Sandbox, helps the hassle-free purchase of assets. Sand tokens also contain decision making powers and voting rights. 

Why Choose Radin?

Expert Developers

Radindev has a team of expert NFT developers who are highly experienced in creating successful NFT cases.

All kinds of blockchain

Our team of experts are highly skilled in creating an NFT marketplace on trending blockchains like Solana.